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( Oct. 20th, 2013 08:43 pm)
Had some bad times and hit a downswing. Have re-emerged and started taking the vitamin D supplements again. They help!

Work is still awesome, though one of my coworkers left at the beginning of the month. The new girl starts tomorrow. I wonder what she will be like! Hopefully awesome. I like awesome people.

Supernatural is back again, yay, and I have liked it so far (all two episodes) but also I am kind of worried there is going to be some secondhand embarrassment in the coming episodes. OH GOD SO AWKWARD. Aauugh, I can't watch. *hides behind hands*

I have just finally managed to detach myself from my Kindle and have started reading actual, physical books again! It's pretty exciting. But for the e-book readers! I read a series that I thought was really awesome! It had snark and action and adventure and an awesome female main character! It is sort of steam-punky, I guess? And the first book is free on Amazon! Check it out, if you want. :3

FFXIV check:

One of my friends in-game came after me a bit ago because I hadn't logged in for a few weeks and they were worried (we are all connected over Steam). ... that is one of those things that basically never happens to me. I was really touched that a. they noticed, and b. they went looking for me. That gave me just enough of a boost that I was able to start crawling back up out of the aforementioned pit and I started logging in again. And now I have completed the current story-line (the benefits of already being level 50!) AND earned my beautiful, beautiful relic sword and shield. s-so happy ;o;

My server is finally open for character creation. Or it was earlier. Maybe it's closed again. The point is that now it's been open. Yay!

ALSO. XIII's Lightning is coming to Eorzea! I AM READY.
It appalls me some days, the emails that supposedly professional individuals deem sendable.

Anyway, THINGS!

My brother greeted me over AIM the other day with, "I pulled a tubule out of my arm." And he continues to describe this, how he'd thought it was just some weird, tiny scab, except he couldn't pick it off, so he grabbed a pair of tweezers and pulled and puuuuulled and it just. Kept. COMING. So I'm picturing, like, this super long thing coming out of him and, really, feeling kinda creeped out, and then he finishes with, yeah, it was almost a whole centimeter long. ... Geez, dude.

My father had a bout of posterior vitreous detachment, which, I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, my mother experienced a while back. In both cases I had to talk them into going to see a doctor about it, because yes it is usually harmless, but you know, there's this thing called retinal detachment and it's kind of a big deal.

FFXIV ver2.0 launches on the 27th and they are still planning on having an open beta round. Guys. Kinda running outta time, here! Oh, Squeenix. BUT. I am pretty excited for it. New Eorzea is ... so, so different, but oh is it pretty (stop letting me forget to post screenshots, guys). And I want to know what's happened in the five missing years. And I want to know if people will ever remember us. Also I want to know if we're supposed to remember this stuff? Or did the aether burn our brains, too?

Speaking of FF MMOs, I am saddened that no one wants to play with us. It's not too late to change your mind!


Heeey, FFXIV ARR character creation benchmark!
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( Apr. 8th, 2013 08:16 pm)
I survived all of last week without breaking anything! Yay! It is lovely. Anyway, now that I actually have started it, let me tell you what it is!


Yeah! )

My roommate is watching Supernatural now and oh my god they are so young, it's really weird.

But I am watching Adventure Time so, I mean, weird is kinda...
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( Jan. 26th, 2013 09:07 pm)
fffffffff cold weather. Watch now, as I hobble uselessly about my life.

ANYWAY, I survived the flu. I do not know why I get flu shots since I always get the flu regardless. I also found my desk again (though I am in the process of rapidly re-losing it), and organised the drawer. Now there is nothing in it but computer accessories.

Also I am at war with the poster over my desk because holy crap it will not stay up. I even broke out the heavy-duty wall stick-ems, but IT STILL FALLS DOWN. I am at a loss. Half a roll of double-sided tape, sticky tack, poster mounts, and now scotch tape as well because I already have everything else up there, and just, what. Stop. JUST STAY PUT WHY DO YOU HATE ME. It is not even that large. None of the other ones have this problem. My bewilderment is eclipsed only by my annoyance.

ON MONDAY MY LOVEY CUDDLE FURBALL WILL HAVE HER ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF HER BETTER LIFE awwww little kittyyyyy. She has made so much progress ohh, I am so proud of her. She is so good and cute and fuzzy. Have I ever told her story? Maybe I will do that on Monday. It is an appalling tale of distress and woe. WHAT BETTER WAY TO CELEBRATE HER ESCAPE OF IT??

Another thing I have done is MORE READING. A... geez, probably a few weeks ago, now, I read The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater and pretty much the only negative thing I have to say about it is that it ended? SO AMAZING. But then I am a terrible critiquer. THOUGH I WILL SAY it was quite obviously missing an epilogue in which spoilers occur ).

I AM REALLY MISSING FFXIV FOR SOME REASON? Rana, you are supposed to be suspended outside the time-space continuum, stop emoing at me about how everything you knew is gone and angst drama etc.

We started carrying Cake Boss cakes at work. They are 27 dollars and are not delicious. No one buys them. I fail to be surprised.


Keane is performing in town on Tuesday night and I have it off and I HAVE NO MONEY AND SO CANNOT GO you guys it is so depressing I HAD TO BORROW MONEY FROM MY ROOMMATES TO PAY BILLS why does my boss hate me and refuse to schedule me. DOES MY LOYALTY AND PUNCTUALITY AND HARD WORK COUNT FOR NOTHING? Obviously. Sobbing forever now.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2012 10:58 pm)
I am so. Tired. Work is actually killing me. Also I have joined the ranks of my coworkers in possession of a doctor's note limiting what work I can do, though mine at least has nothing to do with lifting. My back hurts so much. I am having muscle spasms near the middle. They have been going on for a little over six weeks. I mentioned them in an earlier entry. Basically: pain. Pain forever. I do not want to talk about work, though. It makes me angry. Also I am an emo twit who hates herself.

I did a bunch of other stuff in XIII-2 and had some final thoughts but oh my god I cannot be bothered to dig out the word document. Also, I no longer have it. I sent it on to its owner. It was a very sad day. Also game related, I got to play a little of the Diablo III open beta last night, and now I am sad the game is expensive, 'cause I actually had a lot of fun, and now I kinda miss running around smacking hellspawn to death.

So. They put the first season of Prime up on Netflix, so what the hell, I went and watched the whole thing, and then found season 2 on youtube, so I am actually all caught up! Actually, it was really exciting. We decided to spring for television (we have not had it, obviously), and the local provider has updated their stations listing since last I checked, which means we now get The Hub in Vermont, and also that I now get it in my bedroom. Haha! So Saturday, it was super exciting. First, I woke up and watched Korra! (... is anyone else watching that? I have not seen one single mention of it, though I admit I've been missing a lot lately on account of EXHAUSTED AND SORE. If you are not watching Avatar: Legend of Korra, YOU SHOULD BE, because it is amazing and wonderful and Korra, herself, is fantastic and oh my gosh) And then I tottered around a while and then I got to watch My Little Pony! And it ended up being two episodes, but that was okay because I didn't have to work until 2:30, so I have just enough time to make it in on time. AND THEN I got a ride home, so I got to watch TF: Prime! So it was a very exciting television day for me. Three shows! In one day! I cannot remember the last time I ever did that.

ANYWAY, the real point of this entry, BotCon is in like three days somehow (oh god, I still need to arrange transport from/back to the airport and find a place to stay Sunday night), so on Thursday I will get on a plane and fly down to Texas to be murdered by a tornado. (Actually, death by tornado is unlikely, if only because it might be somewhat of a blessing at this point.) I know most people I know are not going this year, so does anyone want me to look for anything for them? I'm not really shopping for myself this year, anyway.

Also, does anyone have an interest in any of the box set figures (aside from Soundwave, who's spoken for)?
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( Feb. 21st, 2012 12:49 am)
WE DO NOT DO SMALL-SCALE DISASTERS IN MY DEPARTMENT. uuugh. Two of our full-timers are out again, our cake decorator is having crazy pregnancy complications and is probably gonna be put on maternity leave early (not like she's been in the last few days, anyway), and the two other part-timers are never available when we need them. Also our oven/proofer is malfunctioning again, and customers are being even more lunatic than usual. This was day three of my five 8+ hour shifts in a row. I am super tired already and really don't wanna go in again, because NOTHING'S GONE RIGHT THE LAST THREE DAYS WHY WOULD IT START GOING RIGHT NOW? Also I am sick of people yelling at me about there not being any cakes they want in the cake case IT IS NOT MY FAULT I am only one person and I have to finish all the last-minute special orders people keep placing before I can set about working on the damn thing! D: Also the stress is dropping me back into depressionville, which sucks (and which is leading me to do stupid things that I know will only hurt me more in the long run, fuck's sake, self, stop stop stop stop stop).

So that was my venting.

(Please can today be a good day? Also thank god i have this and next weekend off for happy travel times...)

NOW. GAWD, PS3, do you really need to update every single time I put a new disc in? (Yes, yes, yes, I know, but it is a bit tiresome. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME ARGJHRKJLKSDADJEL)

ANYWAY AERINITY (who is not on DW and I can't be bothered to link to LJ) IS AWESOME AND AMAZING AND FANTASTIC AND also not reading this BUT OH WELL IT IS ALL TRUE.



Seeeee… )

Also, another update on the cat! When they brought her to me, they told me she was not, and had never been, one to sit on laps, so I should not expect her to cuddle up or anything. But, turns out they were totally, totally wrong about that. I guess they just had subpar laps or something? Because, hee! KITTY ON MY LAP! ALWAYS! She is so cuuute omg I just want to squish her forever.
So, um, sorry about that hopelessly vague previous entry. This has been a long-running bit of drama, and now that we're so close to a potential end, I am more anxious than usual. I've tried to post about it before, but I've never actually managed to put an entry up. Maybe once a verdict comes down.

TODAY'S ENTRY features good things. FIRST: On Sunday, I was put in charge of decorating cupcakes! Which I always enjoy doing. We do seven packs of small cupcakes, which you can really go to town on, and then jumbo cupcakes, which can be a bit more tricky, but are still fun. And I made sixteen jumbos and three seven packs, and they got so many compliments. ("These cupcakes are badass" was probably my favourite, haha. Badass cupcakes, wtf.) eeee! And all sixteen jumbos were gone by the time I waltzed into work today – so less than 48 hours for them to fly off (which is pretty excellent). One of them never even made it to the floor. One of my coworkers walked past and was like, ohmygosh, that one is adorable and I must have it, so we left it on the back table and she bought it after she got out. The seven packs have moved slower – the Spiderman one sold, but then some jerkass dropped my space / moon and stars one!! I was able to fix it back up, since we still have some of the blue I'd custom mixed, but, man! I was so sad! But someone else ordered a cake with the same pattern as I'd put on another of them, which, yay. (It is a supercute pattern that only I do, and I like to make it on everything.)

Also, the pie I made is delicious. If you were wondering. And I am going blueberry picking (for the second time this month) tomorrow! So maybe I will make another pie once this one is gone! AND. One of my coworkers and I are engaged in a cookie trade-off, which is fun. I made her cookies as thanks for her staying late so many times to help me through the madness we've been seeing in the store lately, and now she is making me cookies for helping her out with some really tricky cake decorating and colour mixing. So. That'll probably keep going, just 'cause it's fun.

Also it is summerfest in Vana'diel yessssssssss video game world summer festivals you are the best thing.

AND. Since Mom's been out of town and remains out of town, I've been borrowing the Honda. Aaand, with reports of Masterpiece Rodimus showing up in Toys "R" Us stores, well… I knew it was silly, since we don't see store exclusives half the time, and Grimlock didn't turn up until months after release (and then I couldn't afford him, much to my sobbing dismay), but I had to check. Good thing I did, 'cause there were only two of him. But now he is mine! X3 Yaaay, Roddy! He is super pretty. I cannot wait to bust him out of his plastic and cardboard prison. (Just as soon as I get this entry up, ohohoho.)

But for now, oh, look! Distractions! Five question meme, questions from [ profile] mininise28 and [ profile] naboru_narluin

- Comment with "Hit me!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you.
- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
- Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people.

Go! )

I am thinking I might go see Captain America. Has anyone seen it (probably a stupid question)? Will I suffer horribly if I opt to see it in 2D, 'cause it costs less and I don't need to wear glasses over my glasses? Or would it be better to do the 3D?
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( Aug. 5th, 2011 03:49 am)

Cats, work, trips, random fannish stuff, bad Brain, blahblahblah )

I am getting hungry. I guess I had better try to sleep.
aaargh lj. At least I've finally managed to log back in, even if I still can barely get anything else to load. Add me to the (probable) army of folks crying for them to fix it, already! (I wonder if I'll even be able to upload this entry, haha.)

It is still stupid hot here, so I have spent most of my free time continuing to avoid doing much of anything. At work, I am still frequently donning a parka before venturing into the vast and terrible wasteland that is the walk-in freezer. Ooh! But, also at work, I have been getting opportunities to decorate cakes! And it is a lot of fun. I am super proud of some of them. (One person even ordered one "exactly like [one I'd decorated] but gold cake instead of chocolate" because she has problems with chocolate. That was awesome.)

I have been having more weird dreams lately, but one was especially of note! I dreamt I was on a little boat with my brother and some friends and we were just puttering around through bits of a town that had been flooded over by the lake. One of them decided to hop out of the boat, but he didn't stop the motor, first (the boat was not moving fast at all), and then the propeller hit him and he started bleeding everywhere and we had to go back and take him to the emergency room for stitches. Aaand then the day after that, I was at work and one of my coworkers came in and she had a bandage on her foot, so I asked her, what happened? And she had gone out boating the day before with a friend and their family and they'd stopped to get out and swim a bit, and then when she went to get back in the boat she hit the propeller and split the top of her foot open and needed to go to the emergency room and get stitches. That was a bit odd.

(Have I ever told the story of the time I needed stitches? Man, that was a hell of a day...)

And on Tuesday, Final Fantasy was following me everywhere. (Well, for the first half of the day it was, anyway. It stopped when I went to work.)

I woke up to find myself staring down the Masamune. (Man, the sentences you never think you'll end up writing.) See, because, I have several of the Play Arts figures, and I've been rearranging my DVD and game shelves, so some of them are just hanging around while I figure out where to put them again. Most of them are perched on top of the video games. Sephiroth, however, kept falling (jumping?) off. I got sick of picking him up, so I moved him to the bookshelf. Aaand sometime in the night, he decided he didn't like that, either, and jumped from there, as well! And because it's been so damned hot out, I've removed my blanket and it's been sitting piled near the head of my bed / next to the bookshelf… And I guess dear ol' Sephy fell at an angle …sssssomehow(??) and landed on the blanket about a foot off from where he'd been and directly in front of me. So, yeah. Masamune in the face. Good morning!

(What a jerk. I knew I should never have let him in here, even if I did decree him a non-Genocidal Lunatic edition prior to opening the box. Not, of course, that deciding as much would make him not be a jerk, I mean.)

And you'd think that'd be the end of the Random Final Fantasy Encounters for the day, except then I went to meet with my therapist and, as I was checking in, I heard the victory fanfare, because someone in the waiting room (who'd decided to ignore the "please turn off your phones" signs) had it as his ringtone.

But then to make up for Tuesday being full of FF silliness and fun cake decorating, yesterday was some kind of hell. I ended up being 42 minutes late leaving work, and that is about all I am going to say about that!
Alternately: SE's Beautiful Billing System. sadjfhkdjgh

Whoops, meant to cut this. FFXI DRAMA! )

Other things: I apparently magically developed an allergy to sunlight (OF ALL THINGS) sometime during the winter. Yes, we have finally worked out why I have been so damned itchy lately. It is sunlight. Why. I had thought for a while that it was a reaction to different laundry soap but then that was disproved, and then I thought it was my bedding and that was disproved, and then I thought oh shit it is my pills except then I remembered I was scratching at my arms the day I got the prescription so okay no it's not that, either... I had noticed it got worse after I'd been outside, but didn't become an issue if I wore long sleeves or if it was raining or whatever. And then one day I wore sunscreen and - huh. No itch. And then one day after that, I forgot it, and next thing I know, I'm doing my whole AAAAAUGH MUST REMOVE THE FLESH IT ITCHES IT ITCHES clawing-at-arms routine. Not happy about this, but at least I finally know the cause.

Also, half my coworkers are being massive jerks and possibly trying to kill me or something, and corporate continues to make bad, employee-stressing decisions. Had a minor meltdown after work on the 3rd (no doubt the whole XI-account business related to that some, to be fair). I have really got to get out of here. C'mon, self. Start job hunting, already. Please?
The radio keeps blipping out because of all the storms we're having. It's kind of irritating and the here-gone of it is making me pay it more attention than usual. Background noise, you are supposed to only be background noise. You know, that stuff that keeps my brain just occupied enough for me to focus on things I want to focus on, ie, other things, ie, NOT YOU? Maybe it'll settle by the time I get to bed. For now? WINAMP.

I'm having a very, very hard time interpreting my own emotional state these days. It's very disconcerting and I don't like it a bit. I don't - I don't feel bad, or anything, I just - I do not know how I feel. Is this just an absence of angst? (If so, how sad that I don't know how to recognise such a thing.) Maybe I am not feeling at all. I don't know. I'm so confused. I feel like I need instructions, or a cheat sheet or something, which is ridiculous, because I shouldn't need a goddamn roadmap for my own brain.

(Possibly it is almost as disconcerting as the ending of tonight's episode of Doctor Who! Possibly. Maybe.)

I've been secretly learning how to decorate cakes. My manager is not aware of this. Nobody tell her! I've done a little bit of base-icing (not - not very good base-icing, erm), and I can make borders, and squiggles, and balloons, and rosebuds! And some other stuff, but nothing fancy, really. And the other night, I watched how to make a rose, but I did not actually make one, myself. But! hee! Tonight, while I was closing by myself, a guy came up, and he wanted to know if I could add a rose to a cake he wanted to buy, and he was nice about it, and I was actually running ahead of schedule (for once), so I said, um, if you really want, I can try! I have never actually made one before, but I have seen how it is done! And he was like, sure.

AND THEN I DID IT. SUCCESSSSS. And then I made another one, 'cause I could. I am so pleased. I mean, they were not, like, the best roses in the world, or anything, but they were roses and they were made by me, and I am kind of irrationally pleased with myself.

Man, this time next week, I'm going to be in Pasadena OD'ing on robots. Time flies. (In four weeks, I am going to be in CHICAGO. omg. So excited. Bummed that I'm going alone, too, but the excitement outweighs it by quite a lot.)

... Also I killed a huge spider with a DVD case the other night (I suspect the rain chased it - and the others I've encountered, though those weren't in my room - inside. TOO BAD. GET OUT), but I didn't smear it, just squashed it, and now I'm being too squeamish to pick up its nasty spider corpse, so the poor thing's body is just lying on the floor across my room waiting for me to, I don't know, fetch a vacuum or something and deal with it, already.

Actually, I bet the spider-grabber works just fine on spider corpses. Hmm.

Maybe I will go to bed early tonight. I'm tired. The heat and the rain conspire against me. (I had bizarre dreams last night. My normal dreams are usually pretty mundane, but the rare fandom-related ones I have are always really damned strange.)
Today was a bad day for my department, but a good day for justice. /overly dramatic

I went in at 10:30 and we were just... behind. Already so far behind. And we never really caught up. Yesterday was actually much of the same, which is why we were so far behind this morning. (Cupcakes. Everyone wanted ALL OF THE CUPCAKES for St. Patrick's Day...) So when I arrived, my manager was trapped at the cake station trying to complete a bunch of orders for pick-up later that afternoon. Also, several people showed up to place orders for same-day pick-up, which she agreed to do despite our not really having time for it (argh). I did get to help fetch and put away the load, at least, which was new and exciting.

About 2:30ish, some guy came and got his cakes, and I thought nothing of it because I was busy making garlic bread so I could be done with packaging and go on my lunch break. But when I finished and looked up, my manager had disappeared! Odd, but stuff comes up and if she doesn't say she's going somewhere she usually isn't gone long, so I waited. And waited. And then ran dishwater and started doing some other stuff because she was taking for ever. She finally showed back up a little after 3 and gave me a quick summary of events: after she handed the guy his cakes, she noticed he didn't seem to be walking towards the registers but rather through produce. So she followed him. And - sure enough! He walked straight out the doors! So she... continued to follow him! She had a pencil with her, so she wrote down his license plate number, and then, with the order forms in hand (which had a name and phone number), went inside, told store management what was up, and then called the police on his sorry ass. And apparently his plate number was unregistered. (Haha, shit, dude, you're really in it now...)

They tracked him down via the phone number and hauled him back to the store (heee, can you imagine the look on his face when he answered the door and it's a cop with a You Didn't Pay For Those Cakes, Bucko message? You can bet he never saw that one coming), where he insisted he'd totally paid for them when he placed the order!

Store manager asked him how he did that. WITH HIS EBT CARD! No, doofus, wrong "how". See, we don't allow people to pay early. You buy the cake when you pick up the cake, to prevent situations like this one. So he finally agreed to "pay again" and apparently spent the entire time griping that "it cost less than this when I bought them the first time" - since I guess we can randomly assign new prices to things on a whim (the idiot tax? Oh, how I wish).

Anyway, that was an eventually happy thing and we all had a lot of laughs over it. (Makes me crack up, still. There he is, thinking he's so damn awesome and smart, getting his almost $50's worth of cake for free.

... and then the police show up at the door.)
Guys, I spent 40 minutes this evening being told by my cousin, in great detail, why she thinks I need to do drugs, and why and how she has determined that the best one for me to try would be mushrooms. No amount of "I'm really not interested" was able to dissuade her, and I only escaped by promising I'd think about it because she had to go meet someone.

What is my life.

Meanwhile, SE's MMO player base is getting a little stir crazy on the forums. Some of it's aggravating so I backpage out, but it's not all bad. For example! This thread on the recently-launched official forums is amazing. and also completely true, oh god why why why I really like some of the proposed explanations people have come up with.

(Also today at work the proofer exploded water everywhere and all the customers were asses, though I guess that last one isn't really as unusual as I'd like it to be.)

Anyway, until I suffer another emotional collapse or there's actual news, I'm done talking about the loss of my cat, because every time I think about it, I get sad, and then I get angry, and then things start going wrong in my brain again and if I short out too many times the music therapy will probably stop working. But! My MOVING OUT quest has gone well (I think I mentioned it in one of the entries I posted that was unlocked, locked, unlocked, locked, unlocked, locked, etc?). I've found a new apartment and will be able to move in next month. Rent's a bit more, but utilities will be less, so it should come out about even (hopefully). And my new room faces more eastwards, so I should get some sunlight in, which'll be a lovely change, and maybe will help with the SAD next year!
A man called my department Friday evening! He wanted to speak to one of my coworkers! The "big, black, kinda muscular man". See, his wife had been in there the other day and met this nice man, and, while she hadn't caught his name, they wanted to take him out for drinks!

So, uh. The bakery staff? 100% white cis female. (The neighboring departments are not all white or all female, but there is still no one in either who even remotely resembles that description.) And he seemed to think he had the correct store.

I kind of began to wonder if he was speaking in some sort of code as the conversation went on. It was a little surreal.

AND NOW more Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 149 through 224 )

So, we've had a little bit of a thaw. Warm weather is nice. (40 degrees is warm now?) BUT! This means the spiders are crawling out of their creepy spider-holes again. I've pulled a couple out of the bathroom and if I think of it tomorrow, I'm going to just spray the room down with the ANTI-SPIDER CHEMICALS, since that did wonders for my bedroom and the kitchen.

But, uh, I have at least had some revenge on the creepies? My cat apparently will eat them. HA! NOW YOU'RE CAT FOOD. Stay out of my home. >:|
Guys. Every single day, my work hits me with conflicting rules. No surprise, right? But! See, if you're on the clock, you must be wearing your nametag. You're not supposed to clock in without having it pinned on! In my department, we wear aprons over our red shirts. Our nametag must be pinned neatly through the little marks provided on the apron!

We are not allowed to wear our aprons outside of the department! The time clock is halfway across the store.

So, yes. My life are hard.

And apparently Final Fantasy XIV actually does have a Christmas-esque event. I am glad they thought to include that, but annoyed that you can only get materials to make the outfits and not the outfits themselves. Also, they're nowhere near as cute as the ones from XI, which is odd. They've gone out of their way to make XIV look better, and then their Smilebringer costume is... pathetic? Whatever. I'll log in and ring the bell, anyway, just to see. Also, SE released their "revised earnings forecast" and, wow, XIV's failure has really hurt them quite a bit.

Speaking of poor XIV's failures, here are two hilarious but depressing videos about some oddities in the terrain. (No wonder I get disoriented so easily. THAT FREAKING RIVER. Also, I like the song they play in the second video.)


ANYWAY, also, here is a silly little FFXIV-related comic (originally found here). (THE JOKE IS, Nobuaki Komoto is the new lead game designer.)
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( Nov. 23rd, 2010 12:08 am)
I didn't-sleep on the couch at my parents' for a few hours last night. Darn thing is uncomfortable, though, so mostly I went to bed around... what was it, midnight? And tossed and turned fitfully for a bit, sat back up and read for a while, and then tried to rest again until my father came downstairs at 3:30, and then I got up and drove my parents and brother to the airport. Then I drove myself home and tried to sleep in my bed, but by that point I was wide awake, and the cat knew it, so he kept dancing on my head. Ugh.

Also, Hellweek is going about as I'd expected, just in terms of DISASTER. Last year the oven was broken (and though I don't think the smoke-belching incident was around Thanksgiving, it wouldn't entirely surprise me). This year, the department manager is sick, so we're down one set of hands and a whole bunch of work hours, so I'm having to do a heck of a lot more than is generally considered reasonable. Tomorrow at least is a shorter day for me, which could be either a good thing or, if again I come in and nothing has been done yet, a very, very bad one. And then Wednesday I don't have to close, but I have to play with the TSA, which, uh, given a choice of the two, I'd take closing shop any day of the week...

Subject change! ..wait, are you talking about FFVII again? )

Or I could just write a really long, ridiculous LJ post about it! Whichever. (Seriously, self, come on. FFVII is so old news. No one caaaares.)

Also this is totally random and mostly not related but I really miss the ridiculously stupid little things SE used to put in all over the place, like that play in the Gold Saucer, or the opera in VI. We don't see much of that anymore, it feels like. Maybe I'm just tired and losing my mind, though.
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( Nov. 7th, 2010 08:43 pm)
Bit of a follow-up on this (now friends-locked) entry (the one about my coworkers making me go D: with bonus AUGH GOING TO CALIFORNIA).

I've since talked with Cake Person again and she was apparently also rather weirded out at how weird New Person was, with the OMG GAY PEOPLE and whatall. Apparently she's also made some other similar comments.

I am not remotely happy to hear that, of course, but I am very glad Cake Person is not... weird? I mean, she did call that woman a man, but after I called them on that, she stopped, and I wonder now if that wasn't just in reaction to what New Person said in the first place...

But, not happy with New Person (less happy, even, since she apparently keeps doing it, wtf!). And also, I am not sure she even does anything while she's at work. I mean, days we both work... \o.O/ She gets the bread in the oven (eventually), and then she packages some of it and... that's it. And she works eight hour days. (The bread needs to be baked by noon! Not GETTING IN THE OVEN at noon!) Our manager is aware (oh, so aware. We both closed Friday. A four hour shift! We had to do everything except first bake. Which is an unreasonable amount of work to do in four hours and so, of course, we didn't finish it all. Still, we came pretty close. I've had less busy full-day shifts, though) of the problem, at least, and is trying to figure out what the heck to do about it for now.

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( May. 27th, 2010 12:00 am)
It has been stupidly hot out. Hot, humid, and miserable.

And then there's the actual stuff in it! )

Hopefully tomorrow is a little less ridiculously hot! The plan is to go bouldering. Hopefully I do not die.


OH AND ALSO for no reason I can determine, my brain is a day ahead! I spent all Monday thinking it was Tuesday, all Tuesday thinking it was Wednesday, and all of today thinking it was Thursday. What? Brain, why? I mean - I have Thursday off. And I know that. And I worked today! And yet I still thought it was Thursday all day.
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( Apr. 14th, 2010 01:17 am)
My hours at work this week are like... a real job? I had Sunday off, I have Saturday off, and I work the five standard work-week days. SO UNUSUAL!

Also, they bumped store hours another hour. Usually that doesn't happen until Memorial Day. You know, in May?

...But then, they have FOURTH OF JULY stuff out. IT'S APRIL. WTF WTF WTF was my approximate reaction to seeing that on display.

Anyway, though, it's back to heading home in the dark for me. (Well, not yet, haha! I've lucked out and managed to get a ride home so far, but tomorrow I'll probably be walking.)

Today was the last day of my yoga class! I am sad, as I will miss having yoga every week. But also a bit glad, because I will not miss getting up at 7:30 and then having to find time for a nap between the end of class and work. (And I did need to take naps. My body just... doesn't get up that early, or something.)

I CANNOT NAME CHARACTERS. Angst and frustration!

I wish I had something interesting to post about, but I am still feeling pretty brain-gone (at least I have an excuse for it now, hahaaar...). ANYONE HAVE ANYTHING THEY WANT ME TO GO ON AND ON AND ON AND OOOOOON about?

... dang it, I'll never get the "don't stop Besieging [...] Street fight people" parody lyrics out of my head for that song, will I?
WE START WITH A SILLY STORY. Because it's Valentine's Day and I can pretend it's sort of related. I remember this every time Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Meee-eeee-heee" comes on the radio... The first time I heard that song, it was, I don't know, 4 am or something. I'd been woken up by something, so I was really groggy and not processing everything quite right, and that song was playing (I need some sort of noise going on, so I just leave the radio on really low - the volume didn't help). I heard a song comparing/contrasting herself to her girlfriend rather than a song comparing/contrasting herself to someone else's girlfriend. I was really surprised that it was on the radio.

OH NO A STORY ABOUT WORK NOW: CHEESECAKE FIASCO (AKA Cheesegate, AKA Cheesecake 2010). (I only came up with the first of those. My coworkers are responsible for the other two.)

Cut! )

I went with some people (some of them were friends, some of them were people I don't really know, though I did go to school with a few of them) to see The Wolfman on Friday after work! IT WAS ABOUT AS HILARIOUSLY BAD AS IT LOOKS. Oh, man, I laughed so hard.

I had yesterday off, so I really had wanted to sleep in a bit, but then yesterday was also the annual pancake breakfast (all you can eat pancakes, sausage, and bacon for five dollars and a non-perishable food item) fundraiser, so I didn't get to sleep in, after all. It was delicious, though. Then Mom and I ran around running errands and doing some other stuff before she dropped me back off in town! And the internet issues had been resolved while I'd been out. (Thursday evening - or maybe it started before that, but I was at work, so who knows? - the internet started flaking out. Friday, there was no internet. Late Friday night, my main computer - and only my main computer - had limited internet. Saturday afternoon, everything randomly fixed itself, but we still had it all reset by the provider, just in case.)

So, yes. Too much work, stupid customers (well, what else is new?), and then no internet = really, really long last week and a half. But is it over now!

Finally, here is that 5 Songs Starting With A Designated Letter meme! You know the drill. (MAN, lots of memes lately.)

My letter was R! There are more than five songs 'cause I'm bad with numbers. )

Whew! We're done now.