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( May. 14th, 2015 09:41 pm)
Mixed bag entry. Good news first, I suppose.

Had another follow up regarding my ankle/tibia/stealth staph infection this afternoon. Another round of x-rays. EXCELLENT NEWS. The site looks clear AND! The bone has actually grown back a little. So I have most of my feeling back around the incision, no returned staph infection, and some regrown bone, which I was warned would probably not happen, since, you know, late 20s and all. I was not scheduled for another appointment. Doctor figures if it was going to come back, it'd be there by now, so unless the pain starts up again, I'M CLEAN.

Aaaand the other news.

Relatives drama. )

So that's the news.
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( Nov. 13th, 2014 10:05 pm)
Sooo, on Tuesday, which I had off, I (finally) got a new x-ray form and took myself up to the hospital to have my stupid right ankle looked at. For those just coming in, my ankle likes to randomly burst into excruciating pain for no apparent reason, and it has been doing this on and off for at least, um. At least eight years.

I sprained it (quite badly) in first grade, then again in fifth grade, and then a few other times since, and I'd figured for a while it was maybe just because it was weak and hurt from the trauma it endured when I was, you know, seven or so. But two years back I asked my doctor about it because GDI IT HURTS and she suggested we try physical therapy for it, see what that brought. What it brought was not much, really. In the end, my therapist said that there wasn't much of any improvement being made and, judging by the nature of the pain I described, possibly I had something called "joint mice." So my doctor wrote me an x-ray form aaaand then I started my job at the bank and had no time whatsoever and the form expired and I was too embarrassed to ask for a new one UNTIL MONDAY when I went in for a physical (traumatic).

Back to Tuesday.

For my x-ray, it cost a lot of money up front and will probably cost more later, because lolhospitals. And I heard NOTHING yesterday aaaugh and then late this afternoon at work my doctor called me HEY WE GOT YOUR ANKLE SHOTS GOOD NEWS!! There is definitely some lesion thing that we don't know what it is in there!

She thinks it's probably a benign bone tumor and, having read up on them a little now, I do find myself wondering about that osteoid osteoma, especially on account of that "gets worse at night" bit. The number of times I have woken up in agony... Sharp and deep aren't too far off the mark for the pain, either. Also, those look pretty treatable, so, so, so maybe...?

Anyway, they want me to go back for an MRI so they can get MOAR DATA, which kind of makes my wallet weep, but fortunately I should hit my deductible soon, which means maaaaaaybe I won't have to pay for it all? Freaking health insurance. So expensive. So useless.
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( Mar. 17th, 2014 11:05 pm)
I probably owe an entry or two to confirm that I survived February again, but for now, Things happened and I appear to have a twitter account now.
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( Jan. 17th, 2014 07:14 pm)
Sooo, cat had a UTI scare right before Christmas. And it's back. Aaaand she peed on my roommate's favourite chair, which, as far as I know, she never even looks at, much less sits on. But so now I need to pay for that to be cleaned, because my cat, my money. And also there's a puddle on my bed. Which she also peed on LAST TIME. I love having my winter bedding full of cat pee and thus unusable. I especially love having to pay to have it cleaned.

I know it is not her fault, so I am not taking it out on her, she's in enough obvious discomfort as it is, but AAAAAAAAAAURGH.

So it's BACK to the vet tomorrow, to spend MORE MONEY that I don't really have. Thank god I get three paydays this month.

Also just found out both my roommates are moving out in May. GREAT. Now I get to either hunt for two new roommates OR hunt for a new apartment. ... and still need new roommates.

Who wants to move to Vermont.
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( Dec. 5th, 2013 10:16 pm)

Late posting this, oh god make the calendar slow down what is happeniiiinnnngggg

Anyway you probably know the drill! If you want a card, please leave a comment or drop me a message! Comments are, of course, screened. I wanted to do something cool this year but that's not happening. Maybe you will get a doodle or a lot of words, though?

I am going to try and catch up with DW this weekend! Wish me luck!

PS [personal profile] dragondancer5150 resized this for me and its first use is even relevant to the image! Yay, mail!
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( Nov. 7th, 2013 10:10 pm)
Sooo. My brother! He almost exclusively runs Linux. He's got an actual copy of Windows, but he also has a Windows emulator, which is mostly what he uses to run things that don't work on Linux. He is pretty proud of himself and his virus-proof computer.

Last night, he sends me a file, which I attempt to unzip, and my computer pitches a fit because lolvirus.

It's just some stupid thing that took like 2 minutes to clean up (well, okay, more than that, and I'm running an extra check now just to be sure), but that has not stopped me from allcapsing at him with I BLAME YOOOOOOOOOUs and the like.

If I were a worse person, I'd never let him live this down, hahaha.

Meanwhile, after he sent me a clean version of the same file (??? neither of us have any idea how this happened) and I watched/read it (it was a .. what are they called, video novel or whatever with pictures and whatever. Inspired by his suddenly remembering it's November and I do that weird writing madness thing this time each yeah), I complimented him on his choice of pictures for the Goobbue army because, haha, one of the people his story was about (well, one of the members of the group of people) was front and center in the shot, and he was confused.

Turns out he had googled it. He hadn't even realised it was our server, haha. What are the odds of that?

Also, I cannot believe I failed to register this when I read this dialogue in-game, but my server has officially made Eorzean history. Excalibur was the first server to report the strange past time of people hopping on their Goobbue mounts and standing in a line all around the city of Ul'dah aaaand...

Relevant link!

(The image on that page is the same one he used for his little story.)

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( Jun. 7th, 2013 11:58 pm)
almost an hour in bed alternating between trying to fall asleep and trying to decide if the music coming from... wherever was really loud and irritating enough to warrant me looking for the source and asking them to turn it the fuck down when that would require getting out of bed

finally had enough, sit up, turn on light, get one step out of bedroom - shwoomp. it's off.

and now i'm awake


thank god tomorrow is saturday
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( May. 17th, 2013 11:09 pm)
Former coworker of mine, can't remember if I ever said much about her. She was nice enough, her husband was sketchy as fuck, the entire department thought something was going on with him. But she was always setting sick or hurting herself in weird ways, and eventually she really hurt her shoulder, supposedly at work but there was no proof of it, and she was told she'd have to get a doctor's note and stuff. And so she stopped showing up and got fired, and she called a while later to ask if she still had a job, and then they came in a few times and got busted for shoplifting but it was little enough that they didn't get in super big trouble for it. And eventually she got a job at another grocery store. And she seemed to like it there, but then she was complaining about stomach problems and then she was missing work aaaaand then she just kinda fell off the face of the planet.


When this happened.

It is probably not what you (and most of the rest of us) suspected.

Sooo, yeah. It is fucking weird seeing the mug shots of people you know on the evening news, I tell you what. o__O

They have a kid, too, who's a total sweetheart. I hope he's okay.

Anyway, I owe DW some attention, I'll try to get to it this weekend. Been super busy lately.
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( Apr. 8th, 2013 08:16 pm)
I survived all of last week without breaking anything! Yay! It is lovely. Anyway, now that I actually have started it, let me tell you what it is!


Yeah! )

My roommate is watching Supernatural now and oh my god they are so young, it's really weird.

But I am watching Adventure Time so, I mean, weird is kinda...
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( Mar. 15th, 2013 12:48 am)
Apparently BotCon pre-reg is live! I missed the same-day thing by less than an hour. Or not, I guess it's valid until like 3 this afternoon? 24 hours as a day, not midnight.

....Whateverrrrrrrrrr. I don't even really want the box set. (Does anyone? ... no seriously, if someone actually wants it, you can have mine, probably including the free figure, at less than what they charge. Maybe 300, tops. Since I'll be keeping the pin and attending the convention.)

OH, HEY, RIGHT. GUYS - if you're not a member and need to become one to register (since it's like 100 dollars cheaper, holy cow), ignore the message about having to wait until Monday. Just register using the club store, and then you can sign up for BotCon as a club member. It's what I did, so it definitely works.

I had surprise two interviews today.

It was stressful.

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( Mar. 5th, 2013 09:40 pm)
Life is, you know, hilarious sometimes. Last entry, ie yesterday, I created an "i hate my job" tag.

Today I suddenly get a callback from a job I applied to back at the end of January?

It's not at a hospital, it's just manufacturing. And it's 12 hour shifts every other day. But the pay's good and it has benefits. And it's not the job I have now, which, I just. I cannot.

I was at work, of course, and I wasn't able to return the call before things closed up for the day, but. But holy crap. The thing about this job is, since they've called me, I'm ... pretty much guaranteed the position if I want it (unless they were calling to tell me to go die somewhere)? It's the same company my father works for, and which my brother has previously worked for (and was offered a full time position, though he declined it), and they really, really like to hire from families. That has an actual word, but I can't think of it right now on account of freak out.

But can I handle a 12 hour day? The schedule would be predictable, and I think I would be sitting down for a lot of it, but. But. I am afraid. I must call tomorrow, yes, I know, but. What the hell do I do?! I've been applying to places for over a year now and suddenly someone calls me and I am like. I don't know what to do. aaaaaa


edit: Anyway, you know that feeling where you have just finished an amazing book and all you want to do is READ MORE FOREVER except that book is done and the next book on the list is not that book and maybe it's a good book, too, but it's a different kind of good and DAMN IT I JUST WANT THIS AMAZING BOOK SOME MORE? Man, I hate that.
I wanna make this short because I'm dead tired and I've already been up about 40 minutes longer than I wanted to be, but I figured I should announce my having endured the previous month. Shortly after my last entry I kinda fell into another slump. I think maybe it's habit at this point.

I made a to-do list for the month and only got about half of it done. This sounds even less impressive when you know that one of the items on the list was "eat breakfast"... I did manage to get to the post office several times, but only once did I mail anything, and every other time I was looking for the flat rate boxes, which have apparently disappeared from the local one? I finally snagged a few from the small one near my work last Thursday. I have successfully sold a few robots. No one wanted any postcards. One of my roommates crossed a line with his joke insulting and now I don't want to be anywhere near him. I got older and my ankle hurt a bunch.

But it's March now and I've perked up a tiny bit, at least. I'm reading your entries, but I haven't got the energy to comment yet. I've eaten three meals a day for the past three days. FFXIV is running beta and anyone with an active account at the closing down back in October was automatically enrolled in it. /one of these things is not like the other

I need to remember to ask my therapist about anxiety and triggers and things, because my reaction to severely drunk individuals is really kind of worrying, and now I don't want to be anywhere near my other roommate, either.
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( Jan. 28th, 2013 10:43 pm)
My brother's current hobby is inflicting color tests on the family. Have an infuriating hue test.


The sad story of the saddest kitty )

IN UNRELATED NEWS I have just learnt that at some point in the recentish past, the original FFXIV servers went down FOR. EVER. Remember they rebooted them after the apocalypse for the people who said they still wanted to play, but I guess things finally dropped below a 30% log-in rate. I am... really weirdly sad about this. It's not like I've been logging in, but it was still, you know, that wonderful world I'd come to love was still there, even if it canonically isn't. It was kinda, I dunno, comforting, I guess. But now it's really gone, gone, and I can never, ever see it ever again. (yeah yeah chill the hug out it's just a video game jecca geez)... Also I still cry like the emotionally unstable lunatic I am when I watch the "End of the Era" video.

... also female roegadyn are hardcore badass and I find myself wondering if I won't have to start a second character just to play as one because holy crap.
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( Jun. 8th, 2012 02:56 am)
This is a pretty random entry. Some real life stuff, some fandom stuff, some musings on things, and a couple random facts about myself that I'm not necessarily ashamed of but am kind of embarrassed to admit. Possibly not in that order.

OH BUT FIRST: thanks to everyone who commented on my clothing crisis entry! Your opinions really helped. :D

Okay, go! )

la la la it is almost 3 am way past time to go to bed

... wait, did I create this "cartoons forever" tag or is someone messing with me? I am legitimately not sure. (The perils of allowing outside tag creation, haha.)
My computer is up and running again! Sort of! My father and brother, using phones and the internet and free time, were able to take the beast apart and poke at it or something until it remembered how to work (I wasn't there and my father is not the best at describing things). It is a bit precarious, and I definitely need to get a new computer now, but at least it is sort of working!

Meanwhile, I somehow injured my back and have been experiencing Super Fun Muscle Spasms for the last, er, two weeks, now. They're not near as bad as they were, though, just sometimes I'll do something that aggravates them (like, uh, sweeping, apparently! Which is bad news when I have to close the department at work).

Also, my wheelchair-bound cousin (the one who's wife was unfairly jailed) has been getting worse and worse since the sentencing, and that sort of (hopefully?) hit its peak when he went into ORGAN FAILURE last week, that was awesome. They got him stabilized, and he's responsive again, but aaaaaugh.

Also some other stuff but none of it comes to mind, whoops.

ALSO I HAVE BEEN SPENDING WAY TOO MUCH TIME PLAYING FFXIII-2 so here is A LOT of that. ('s about 18 pages in Word.)

Up to Augusta Tower 200 AF, if that means anything )

So, there's that.

Anyway, yeah. I am back online, but, as stated above, it is a bit precarious, so I will probably still mostly be absent.

OH WAIT YES I see that they've announced when Korra will start showing! COME ON, APRIL 14th! whoooo \o/
If any of you have done any business with the TFCC - and we're apparently talking in the scope of ever, here, going by some of the testaments - please do yourself a favour and (assuming you don't already) start keeping an extra close eye on whatever account you may have used for transactions. There seem to be some potential (well, we say potential...) credit card security problems. There's some info here, and there was supposedly an e-mail from the club about it (though it doesn't seem to have had much in the way of details. They also put out a .pdf), but members aren't all getting it, and non-members don't seem to be, at all. It looks to be pretty widespread, and is affecting people who say it's hitting them on cards they've only ever used in the club store (which, yeah, bit of a strong indicator of who is to blame, there).

So, you know. Be watchful.
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( Feb. 6th, 2012 10:12 pm)

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( Jan. 12th, 2012 10:12 pm)
You have probably all heard about the attempted "boycott Girl Scout cookies" nonsense already, right?

Well, just in case, here's a link or two for you.

Even putting aside such hateful nonsense as that girl is spouting, Girl Scout cookies are delicious! Why would you not want to eat them?

... Because the New Hampshire Council sucks.

"Why, Jecca!" you might protest. "Surely you know there's no such things as the NH GS council any longer!"

And you would be absolutely correct! I am, in fact, aware that they changed their name to GS of the Green and White Mountains back when they eradicated the Vermont Council.

... Is my wording too obvious? Basically the NH council is a pack of bullies. And they are the NH council! Almost every member of the VT staff was let go, they drove most of the remaining staff out through their passive aggressive behaviour and refusing to listen to our input, they only plan things to take place in NH, and, basically, have done everything in their power to pretend this entire state doesn't exist.

So I'm a bit sore with them.

And, since I still have a fairly alarming stockpile of cookies from last year (... there was a miscommunication between my mother and I, wherein we both thought we were ordering cookies for both ourselves and the other, and so we each ended up with a lot), and since I don't actually know any cookie-selling Girl Scouts at the moment, I was sort of planning on not buying cookies.

But now I have to.

But I don't want to support NH.


... also my day has totally sucked and work was hell and I still hate that one coworker, she stresses me out, and one of these days I am probably going to snap and punch a customer and get myself fired.

I've attended too many voice actor panels! Mom was listening to Terry Gross on the radio, and she has some voice / actor on, and I already knew all the answers to the questions she was asking. GET TO THE HIJINKS! (and then she did, and all was good)

Anyway, it's cold today. And it was apparently cold yesterday, but I wouldn't know, because I somehow spent the entire day asleep, because fifteen hours (UNTIL 5 PM) is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to be unconscious. And then being tired about eight hours later? Also normal. I am tired today, too. What the hell is wrong with me this time? Maybe I am just trying to hibernate through the season.

So, anyway, normally with sub-zero temperatures we'd have a fire going, buuut...

So, here's the Christmas entry )


Since then, I have not done much other than work and sleep for-freaking-ever. And play a little on my shiny PS3. FFXIV starts billing tomorrow, but I remembered to set everything up, there.

The Doctor Who Christmas special was kind of disappointing, I have not had a chance to watch Top Gear (FOR SHAME, JECCA), and Sherlock was goddamn amazing except when it wasn't (which was, at least, the minority of the time, and which I am working on mostly undoing by deciding to reinterpret things).

Also this afternoon my parents and brother tried to get me tipsy, but it didn't quite work because wine is awful.

(My brother is taking a wine class at school, and for his homework he had to do a little wine-tasting thing, so we were all sitting around sipping wine for like an hour. I didn't finish any of my partial glasses, but I still ended up consuming more than I had in all the rest of my life. Unpleasant!)
hahahaha holy shit our chimney was just on fire

We're fine! My parents put the titanium in there for a reason. Nothing exploded. It's going out. Slowly.

And now I'm sitting watch to keep an ear and eye on the fireplace (hey, saves me from helping in the kitchen) (though I'd rather have a nice, warm fire). (Chimney fires are really, really loud.)

So, uh, wow. That was exciting.


...Anyway, uh, here's Megatron singing a Christmas carol. Yay!