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( Feb. 21st, 2012 12:49 am)
WE DO NOT DO SMALL-SCALE DISASTERS IN MY DEPARTMENT. uuugh. Two of our full-timers are out again, our cake decorator is having crazy pregnancy complications and is probably gonna be put on maternity leave early (not like she's been in the last few days, anyway), and the two other part-timers are never available when we need them. Also our oven/proofer is malfunctioning again, and customers are being even more lunatic than usual. This was day three of my five 8+ hour shifts in a row. I am super tired already and really don't wanna go in again, because NOTHING'S GONE RIGHT THE LAST THREE DAYS WHY WOULD IT START GOING RIGHT NOW? Also I am sick of people yelling at me about there not being any cakes they want in the cake case IT IS NOT MY FAULT I am only one person and I have to finish all the last-minute special orders people keep placing before I can set about working on the damn thing! D: Also the stress is dropping me back into depressionville, which sucks (and which is leading me to do stupid things that I know will only hurt me more in the long run, fuck's sake, self, stop stop stop stop stop).

So that was my venting.

(Please can today be a good day? Also thank god i have this and next weekend off for happy travel times...)

NOW. GAWD, PS3, do you really need to update every single time I put a new disc in? (Yes, yes, yes, I know, but it is a bit tiresome. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME ARGJHRKJLKSDADJEL)

ANYWAY AERINITY (who is not on DW and I can't be bothered to link to LJ) IS AWESOME AND AMAZING AND FANTASTIC AND also not reading this BUT OH WELL IT IS ALL TRUE.



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Also, another update on the cat! When they brought her to me, they told me she was not, and had never been, one to sit on laps, so I should not expect her to cuddle up or anything. But, turns out they were totally, totally wrong about that. I guess they just had subpar laps or something? Because, hee! KITTY ON MY LAP! ALWAYS! She is so cuuute omg I just want to squish her forever.
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( Jan. 25th, 2012 01:25 am)
Uncharted 2, chapters 1-5

and some bad mood-ing )

In closing, I've filled my phone with Final Fantasy (predominately XI, since it was a FFXI site I got them off) ringtones. Yay, me.
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( Jan. 22nd, 2012 10:25 pm)
I am depressed today.

I do not know why. This was very abrupt. Stress from work + anxiety about coworker + general seasonal doldrums finally all catching up with me, I guess. I almost had a throwdown with the broom Friday night after it fell over from where I'd propped it, then I nearly burst into tears yesterday just from being so overwhelmed by everything I needed to do, and then I got into work this morning and --.... was like all the energy had just been drained out of me by the timeclock.

So now I'm parked in front of the heater eating ice cream and watching Let's Plays of terrible, terrible games, because it seems like it should amuse me, since I found this particular one funny before (Sonic 2006, if you're curious. I do not understand how this game exists).

I read the Dirge of Gerbils Cerberus earlier. I was only marginally surprised to discover that it really is as terrible as I'd remembered.

blah blah work blah brain )

So, anyway, I hate winter and I hate my brain and I really shouldn't be eating this entire pint, and I should probably see about setting an appointment with my doctor to discuss possibly upping my dose, but that takes considerably more effort than I have energy for right now, so fuck it.

Also, I finally connected my PS3 to my Playstation Network account. I am JeccaAM there, if anyone else uses that and wants to add me. Maybe we could play co-op! (A friend and I were playing Borderlands last night, talking over Skype and destroying shit in-game. ...Well, she was destroying shit. I was just along for the ride, being just starting while she is level 50, and all. But it was a lot of fun, regardless. We were going to go again tonight, but, well. Rapid Onset Depression Issues. So instead you all get a pathetic journal entry.)
I've attended too many voice actor panels! Mom was listening to Terry Gross on the radio, and she has some voice / actor on, and I already knew all the answers to the questions she was asking. GET TO THE HIJINKS! (and then she did, and all was good)

Anyway, it's cold today. And it was apparently cold yesterday, but I wouldn't know, because I somehow spent the entire day asleep, because fifteen hours (UNTIL 5 PM) is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to be unconscious. And then being tired about eight hours later? Also normal. I am tired today, too. What the hell is wrong with me this time? Maybe I am just trying to hibernate through the season.

So, anyway, normally with sub-zero temperatures we'd have a fire going, buuut...

So, here's the Christmas entry )


Since then, I have not done much other than work and sleep for-freaking-ever. And play a little on my shiny PS3. FFXIV starts billing tomorrow, but I remembered to set everything up, there.

The Doctor Who Christmas special was kind of disappointing, I have not had a chance to watch Top Gear (FOR SHAME, JECCA), and Sherlock was goddamn amazing except when it wasn't (which was, at least, the minority of the time, and which I am working on mostly undoing by deciding to reinterpret things).

Also this afternoon my parents and brother tried to get me tipsy, but it didn't quite work because wine is awful.

(My brother is taking a wine class at school, and for his homework he had to do a little wine-tasting thing, so we were all sitting around sipping wine for like an hour. I didn't finish any of my partial glasses, but I still ended up consuming more than I had in all the rest of my life. Unpleasant!)
It has been over a month since we've had a day where the temperature's gone above freezing.


And February's getting the party started by dumping snow on, what, half the continental United States? Things usually freeze up again this month anyway, and we never even had our thaw! Wah.

(Also, my ankle still hurts! Only now my second toe also feels funny? It's a little malformed - maybe it's a mallet toe, I honestly don't know, but it does kind of look like one... - but it's never given me problems until about a week ago, and it's really getting frustrating. At least my left foot/ankle/LEG IN GENERAL still loves me.

Mom brought the SHINY BLUE DS out to me yesterday, so I spent most of last night screwing around in Pokémon SoulSilver getting used to the system, by which I mean "reminding myself to use the stylus and not, say, my fingers on the touch screen". I spent the rest of last night being excited about having my very own save file in a Pokémon game. (My brother had a Gameboy years ago. He would let me play around on his file, though, and I had friends who would also let me use theirs. BUT LOOK THIS ONE IS MINE.) So now I am noobing it up outside the first town and coming up with lists of Pokémon I want to catch so I can name them ridiculous things. (Also I started with Chikorita, but could not come up with a nickname on the spot. So she's still just "Chikorita".)

May start Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days tonight, or I may wait until tomorrow. Either way, I'll probably plow through it without quite meaning to (that is how Kingdom Hearts games seem to go with me). And then I will probably start on FFVII.
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( Jan. 29th, 2011 12:10 am)
Hi! I haven't made a proper update in over a month, so here is a brief summary of my life since then:

Snip :> )

Some other things are that - hey! They announced the BotCon theme! IT'S ANIMATED! They've posted Dead End (a Jazz repaint), and he is... so pretty. *_* Also, the people I was planning on going with have had to cancel on me. Does anyone want to go and need a room/mate (I currently have a double at the Sheraton, which is the hotel right next to the convention center)? I am not very loud or dirty!

(On the BotCon note, I am probably going to be selling the 2009 set figures, freebie, and Razorclaw. Is anyone interested in any of them, or should I just pawn the whole set off somewhere? I have the 2010 set, too, as well as Double Punch, but since I've never even removed them from the foam - or bag, in Double Punch's case - I'd prefer to sell that all together. These don't include the comics or pins, by the way. I KEEP THOSE.)

(Edit: minor clarification: the 2010 toys are going, that's a definite. I am still iffy on whether or not I'll be parting with all of the 2009 figures, but it's still a pretty decent chance.)

And, for those who are interested in that sort of thing - probably not many of you, but TOO BAD - [personal profile] rana_mehlota will now be posting pictures / videos of LIFE IN THE STILL-RATHER-SPARSE WORLD OF FFXIV. Probably not many or often, but there it is.

But! The biggest thing* is that I went and bought a Nintendo DS lite (with help from my mother - early birthday present, go)! It is not here yet, I ordered it from THE INTERNET. But, hey! I have never owned a Nintendo system before (though I did use my brother's Gameboy to play Pokémon when we were younger). Catch me up! What are the games to own for this thing? (I mean, I have my own list of potential titles to pick up, but hit me with recommendations, anyway, if you have any. Even if you think it may already be on the list! I LIKE RECS.) (The only thing worth noting is that I really don't like Mario - I know, I'm a bad person - so I'm pretty much discounting that entire series, unless there is one that I ABSOLUTELY MUST OWN OMG or something.)

Also, any accessories I should pick up? Screen protectors are already on the list.

* Not actually The Biggest Thing, but I don't feel like writing about that right now. (It's a good Thing, at least! :3)