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Raging and Rambling

WE DO NOT DO SMALL-SCALE DISASTERS IN MY DEPARTMENT. uuugh. Two of our full-timers are out again, our cake decorator is having crazy pregnancy complications and is probably gonna be put on maternity leave early (not like she's been in the last few days, anyway), and the two other part-timers are never available when we need them. Also our oven/proofer is malfunctioning again, and customers are being even more lunatic than usual. This was day three of my five 8+ hour shifts in a row. I am super tired already and really don't wanna go in again, because NOTHING'S GONE RIGHT THE LAST THREE DAYS WHY WOULD IT START GOING RIGHT NOW? Also I am sick of people yelling at me about there not being any cakes they want in the cake case IT IS NOT MY FAULT I am only one person and I have to finish all the last-minute special orders people keep placing before I can set about working on the damn thing! D: Also the stress is dropping me back into depressionville, which sucks (and which is leading me to do stupid things that I know will only hurt me more in the long run, fuck's sake, self, stop stop stop stop stop).

So that was my venting.

(Please can today be a good day? Also thank god i have this and next weekend off for happy travel times...)

NOW. GAWD, PS3, do you really need to update every single time I put a new disc in? (Yes, yes, yes, I know, but it is a bit tiresome. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME ARGJHRKJLKSDADJEL)

ANYWAY AERINITY (who is not on DW and I can't be bothered to link to LJ) IS AWESOME AND AMAZING AND FANTASTIC AND also not reading this BUT OH WELL IT IS ALL TRUE.



She bought Final Fantasy XIII-2, because she had a gift card. BUT! Because she is BESTEST, rather than have it sent to herself so that she could play it, she sent it to meeee! So that I can play it! And then, once I have powered through it, I will send it to her. YAY EVERYONE WINS! :D



(This entry goes from the beginning of the game through most/all? of the Lake Bresha ruins - ie, the first time you go to after leaving New Bodhum.)


Oh, that's nice of them, they included the entire story of XIII in here, in case you're the confusing sort who buys the sequel before the first game and then wonders why nothing makes sense.

Also it is apparently narrated by some woman.

BUT WHATEVER LET'S START THIS GAME and forget any hopes of accomplishing anything else, ever, until we hit the end credits. YAAAAAA

holy shit autosaving

Oh, are we just gonna watch the pre-game scene again? Only this time with VOICES! Lightning, where are you? Valhalla. Okay, so how did you get there?

There's that guy and the mysterious dissolving girl. Caius and Yeul, apparently.

Caius, are you aware I am finding you hilariously melodramatic? I mean, are you listening to yourself? KICK HIS ASS, LIGHTNING. I have no real idea who he is, but you're awesome, so you must be in the right.

hahahahaha caius. Stealing all the pages from Vincent's book, aren't you? I might start calling you Vincent Jr. if you keep this up. (And man, we are talking Dirge of Gerbils Vincent, here. That is not a comparison you want on your head.)

WHAT IS THIS HORRIBLE COMPULSION, that I must always view the tutorials? ALWAYS. WHY.

Oh, shit, sorry, Light. Didn't realize there'd be a quicktime event, there. Christ. Well, now I know what "cinematic action" will mean, anyway.

Get lost, Vincent Jr. Or maybe you're more like Weiss. Either way. (Actually, either way, I need to not be making DoG comparisons. GOD DAMN YOU, CAIUS, WHY HAVE YOU MADE ME DO THIS. GET LOST.)

So I guess this "cinematic action" stuff is SE's way of dealing with the people who complained about TOO MUCH CUTSCENE in the first game, but I would rather just watch what is happened then have to instead be going WHAT AM I GOING TO HAVE TO HIT NEXT all the time. Maybe it won't be too common.

Seriously, though, how did you get here without resulting to genocide when the fal'Cie couldn't? (Is it because you disapproved of said genocide, perhaps?)

Lightning, did you change jobs when I wasn't looking? Your attacks are all different.

So, why do we need Serah? I am not judging, just curious. Also how does Noel know Caius? Is Caius from the future, too?

And why is Serah te only one who remembers? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND wow what. CLOTHING MUTATION MAGIC. I didn't hear no magical girl power cry!

Oh, that was nice of them to immediately offer to help you adjust the camera. I guess game developers are learning. INVERSION OR BUST, thank you very much!

oh god apocalypse

I guess Noel thinks he's a "big damn hero" or something.

Oh, sure, yell at Serah for wanting Lightning but then go on about how we need Snow.

Pff, don't worry, Serah. You've got it right, the rest of them just have some sort of weird delusion going on or something.

Noel (damn, I keep typing it Neol and I have no idea why) is a hunter! From the future! I could make bad Supernatural jokes here, but I won't.

Man, Cocoon is super pretty over there. (Also, dear NPC: if we can't keep living on Gran Pulse, we are gonna be in one heap of trouble, since it's not like we can go back up there…)

… oh. Does Cocoon fall in the future, or something? That'd be a bad day.

Oops, following that jump circle just sent me back down to the beach. Oh, well.

Aaaaugh reality going wobbley again.

Noel, you're famous already? Um, wow. Colour me impressed.

I love how Maqui immediately jumps to the "pockets of unstable time" conclusion. Is there any evidence of it? Has it ever happened before? DOESN'T MATTER! Big fan of sci-fi, I imagine. Also, that is an impressive and bizarre meteorite. FREAKING VALHALLA ROCK.

… ooor, I guess maybe Cocoon just flipping VANISHED, perhaps. (Probably not.)

CONFESSION: I keep poking around in all possible corners because some part of me is still stuck in "treasure hunting in Uncharted" mode.


Also, dear squeenix; it probably would not have broken the budget to get more than one monster-roar sound effect for this thing. Gogmagog. THING.

Noel, we already said it was three years ago. You were right there.

… or, wait. Was that in one of the things where I had dialogue options? NOW I DON'T REMEMBER, geez it was all of five minutes ago

Technically 697, if that 700 years mark is exact. /annoyingly pedantic

I. What? This box had "Lebreau's Olive Tattoo" in it? … wtf?

Where is Snow, anyway? They keep saying he's not here, but they do not say where he is.

Oh, good, glad to see Cocoon popped back out of the space-time rift.

All right! Back to item hunting, haha!

Your memory's not playing tricks, time is just going all wibbley-wobbley. DO NOT PANIC.


Hahaha you named your female cat after your missing boyfriend/fiancé? Isn't that a bit weird…?

Lightning's Knife? OH NO. SAD FLASHBACKS. T_T

Wh… No, I don't feel like being bewildered by the sudden presence of Snow's necklace. We already know it's an artefact, and that explains enough for me.

Wait, he's been relegated to "good friend"…?

Ah, that's what's happened with Snow.

(I like that they are reusing musical themes from XIII. I can understand why they didn't in X-2, but I found myself missing familiar tracks at times.)

… Noel, I don't really know what to make of you. I mean. You're not a bad guy or anything, I'm not gonna stand around telling Serah you're a suspicious character (like everyone else is, hahaha), but. Eh? I do not have a very good grasp of you.

Also it annoys me that every time we pause for questioning, I am only allowed to ask one question. I WANT TO ASK MORE. LET ME TALK, DAMNIT.

Hm. They talk about a lack of provisions here on GP, but the fal'Cie were the ones who kept literally everything running on Cocoon, so lack of provisions would've been a problem there, too, eventually, wouldn't it?

Hell, since the whole thing is false, whatever they could manage to make on their own would still probably start falling apart eventually, wouldn't it?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, from where in time did you fall?

Artefacts are odd looking. (IT'S A FIRE CLUSTER!)

So, Noel, you have considered that, if you change the future the way you intend, you may well disappear from reality, creating a paradox?


I am supposed to look around town for it IT IS NOT HERE. Did it walk off? DARE I LEAVE TOWN TO FIND OUT?

What if I can't come back to town to return it to her?! THEN WHAT?! AAAAUGH.

Fuck it.

Ugh, again? Go away, Gogmagog. I THINK I HAD SOMETHING ELSE TO SAY? But Windows did that annoying thing where it makes Word 2007 the default and I didn't notice when I opened this document, and it doesn't let you edit it compatibility mode, so I had to go restore 2003. RARG.

Surprise chocobo!

Also, yay, medkit!

MORE YAY, you can enter town on a chocobo! And everyone comments on it! Yes, it does look fun, random npc!


Also dang, this is a huge bird.

YES, EVERYONE, compliment my pretty chocobo!

…okay, gate time.

Or not, first we must say goodbye to my friends/stalkers. Hi, everyone! Bye, everyone!

Uh, oh, looks like Caius was watching, too. Creeper. Go away.

Looks like our first jump is only two years into the future. Back to Lake Bresha! Though, I thought Bresha froze? Or where they unclever enough to name a lake on Gran Pulse Bresha, too? Somehow it would not surprise me. … oh, no, right. The Bresha Ruins. Duh.

Nope, we're on Cocoon, with its weird Land Sky. Noel is amazed.


Paradox Alpha… well, that's a reassuring name…


(Also, I'd kill for a synergist.)

Ah, the pilot called it Atlas? (For half a second there, I thought they were talking about me when they said they'd found the target/hostile. I guess XIII really left its mark, haha.)

Ah, now they're aiming at me. SITUATION NORMAL.

Surrender? OKAY! …and that, in a nutshell, is how Lightning and Serah are different.

Noel, uh, look, um… no offense, or anything, but since you're supposed to be the last person alive in your time, what the fuck would you know about being taken prisoner? Did your grandmother routinely lock you up and force you to act through fake interrogations or something? Seriously, I'm at a loss, here. (… for that matter, I guess it's lucky we understand each other completely, though maybe traveling through the Historia Crux works kinda like the TARDIS).

(For that matter, Vanille and Fang are lucky they were only stumped by the written language. I guess Gran Pulse and Cocoon are just not prone to language evolution.)

…. IDIOTS. You just traveled through time, how does it not occur to you that the elevator could be finished?

OH NO TRIPPING OVER NOTHING. Why is that such a big thing in Japanese media? (Maybe it's a big thing in other media, too, and I've just managed to miss it.)

I want to know how she knows me! Maybe we meet her in the future. Well, currently it'd be the past, but it's still the future for Serah.

Hahaha, sorry, Noel, didn't mean to stick you against a wall, there. I'm running around talking to people, and he keeps trying to sit while I talk to this one person, but he keeps hitting the wall and standing up, and trying to sit again and hitting the wall and standing up… it's both distracting and amusing.

Aaaand he just moonwalked off the screen. Hahaha, that was amazing.

Oh, hooray! They allow you to change party leader in battle! No more instant game over if you suddenly find yourself murdered!


Serah, I approve of your honesty. I find her a little confusing and overwhelming, as well. CHOCO-BOCO-LINA, indeed…??

… oh, geez, I can't believe that never occurred to me. The datalog mentions that a lot of people who took refuge in the ruins were killed when buildings collapsed when Cocoon suddenly stopped.

THE MOOGLE FOUND A TREASURE HOW DO I MAKE IT APPEAR SO I CAN OPEN IT is it trapped in another ti- -- wait, no, it already said that doesn't happen, didn't it? It's out of phase with reality! Or something. I don't know. ANYWAY: boo. :(

Awww, Cait Sith is adorable! How am I supposed to be able to kill that? ALL IT WANTS TO DO IS CURE AND MAKE CUTE NOISES.

wtf mog is speaking

It sounds totally different speaking words than when it's just "kupo"-ing. WEIRD.

Anyway, I guess now I have monster friends. Cool.

… okay, so that's why I couldn't get that box open earlier. BUT I CAN OPEN ALL THE THINGS NOW!



Uh oh, the evil bugs are here.

Also so is Atlas again.

So, this is outta nowhere (been thinking a little), and just going on some of what Alyssa's said, I'm putting money down now on her either having survived through the Purge or having lost people in it. Not sure which it would've been yet.

OKAY, SO. Dual Fira bombs from a Cie'th will kill me. GOOD TO KNOW.

What?! After all that, Cocoon goes and crashes into the planet, anyway?! ARGH! (Well, it's a good reason for it not being there, anyway.) Maybe it just means Fang and Vanille woke up, and by "woke up" I mean, "were transported back in time to the present so that they could reform TEAM AWESOME with Lightning."

Oh, hey, I found that machine thing. (I was not specifically aiming for one over the other when I set out…)




Oh okay that wasn't so bad. Never mind, I guess.

ALL RIGHT, ANYWAY. Apparently that did something. So now I get to go find Atlas and hopefully kick it until it falls over.

… fortunately, the finding bit was easy, and he has super low HP.

HOW DID WE GET UP HERE. Noel also wants to know.

Hooray! All better! (MY VOTE IS CAIUS)

… well. Not the entire town. (Also, yeah, she's probably at least marginally aware of what happened, there.) ALSO OKAY SO IT WAS BOTH. FINE, GAME. BE THAT WAY.

Also, that's a creepy fucking dream.

(Maybe Alyssa is a Paradox victim!)

… also, while she's glad it's not her name on the marker, she wishes it wasn't my name, either. … Clerical error? OR…???

Whatever, it's time to grab this bird and find me some artefacts.


… actually, I lied. I think it's bedtime.

Also, another update on the cat! When they brought her to me, they told me she was not, and had never been, one to sit on laps, so I should not expect her to cuddle up or anything. But, turns out they were totally, totally wrong about that. I guess they just had subpar laps or something? Because, hee! KITTY ON MY LAP! ALWAYS! She is so cuuute omg I just want to squish her forever.

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