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( Jan. 11th, 2014 02:41 pm)
Hello! How'd your holidays go? Are you surviving the bizarre weather? Are you enjoying the new year so far? Did your laptop power cable try to kill you this morning?


Aside, from that, though. My cat had a UTI scare, but she's fine. Fuzzy and fine, eee. Though she is on a special diet for the time being, and it is a little more money than I want to be paying. I will survive. And so will she! Which is, let's face it, the much more important part.

After a week of sub-zero weather, now it's 40 and raining and everything is covered in water. It's horrid. But yay for less ice!

Umm. Oh! I got a neat thing for Christmas. It's a lamp that slowly turns on to help you wake up better. I LOVE IT. And it does seem to be helping. I still drag all morning, but that's just because I'm not a morning person. MORNINGS. UGH.

Also I got a ukulele because ??? I haven't quite got the hang of playing it yet, but I can tune it like a pro. I guess youtube can probably give me a few pointers.


I want to take all my free company members and put them in a box so I can carry them around with me all the time. They are wonderful and I ♥ them. Actually, my brother and I tricked half of them into joining us in XI, as well, ohoho. Also, I am spending, like, triple the amount of time actually SPEAKING to people, because we have a voice chat channel. And there was only one creeper and we kicked him because, uh, he was a creeper and no one liked him. (That is just one of the many ways my FC is awesome. 'Hey, that guy's being a creep! GET RID OF HIM.')

STILL FIGHTING WITH HEALTH INSURANCE OVER THEM ACTUALLY PAYING FOR MY DAMN PRESCRIPTIONS. Have tried putting the reins in the hands of my doctor. Maybe they will make more progress? I am not optimistic. Why are these things so expensive, anyway? Stupid. Also I'm sick of these bats. THIS IS THE GRUMPY PARAGRAPH.

ALSO! BotCon was finally officially announced, and it was exactly where and when everyone already knew it was going to be, ie PASADENA A-FREAKING-GAIN. If it weren't the 30th anniversary, I would be sitting this one out. Shit's not cheap, man! And California is so far away, ugh. But! More exciting! TFCon will be holding a convention is October in Chicago, at - haha - at the convention center right across from the hotel I stayed in when I went there last December for the Distant Worlds concert. The trip where I left my camera at a friend's house and have never seen since (sorrow. sorrow forever). Super, super excited about that, and definitely not going to miss it. eeee.
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( Nov. 7th, 2013 10:10 pm)
Sooo. My brother! He almost exclusively runs Linux. He's got an actual copy of Windows, but he also has a Windows emulator, which is mostly what he uses to run things that don't work on Linux. He is pretty proud of himself and his virus-proof computer.

Last night, he sends me a file, which I attempt to unzip, and my computer pitches a fit because lolvirus.

It's just some stupid thing that took like 2 minutes to clean up (well, okay, more than that, and I'm running an extra check now just to be sure), but that has not stopped me from allcapsing at him with I BLAME YOOOOOOOOOUs and the like.

If I were a worse person, I'd never let him live this down, hahaha.

Meanwhile, after he sent me a clean version of the same file (??? neither of us have any idea how this happened) and I watched/read it (it was a .. what are they called, video novel or whatever with pictures and whatever. Inspired by his suddenly remembering it's November and I do that weird writing madness thing this time each yeah), I complimented him on his choice of pictures for the Goobbue army because, haha, one of the people his story was about (well, one of the members of the group of people) was front and center in the shot, and he was confused.

Turns out he had googled it. He hadn't even realised it was our server, haha. What are the odds of that?

Also, I cannot believe I failed to register this when I read this dialogue in-game, but my server has officially made Eorzean history. Excalibur was the first server to report the strange past time of people hopping on their Goobbue mounts and standing in a line all around the city of Ul'dah aaaand...

Relevant link!

(The image on that page is the same one he used for his little story.)

My computer is up and running again! Sort of! My father and brother, using phones and the internet and free time, were able to take the beast apart and poke at it or something until it remembered how to work (I wasn't there and my father is not the best at describing things). It is a bit precarious, and I definitely need to get a new computer now, but at least it is sort of working!

Meanwhile, I somehow injured my back and have been experiencing Super Fun Muscle Spasms for the last, er, two weeks, now. They're not near as bad as they were, though, just sometimes I'll do something that aggravates them (like, uh, sweeping, apparently! Which is bad news when I have to close the department at work).

Also, my wheelchair-bound cousin (the one who's wife was unfairly jailed) has been getting worse and worse since the sentencing, and that sort of (hopefully?) hit its peak when he went into ORGAN FAILURE last week, that was awesome. They got him stabilized, and he's responsive again, but aaaaaugh.

Also some other stuff but none of it comes to mind, whoops.

ALSO I HAVE BEEN SPENDING WAY TOO MUCH TIME PLAYING FFXIII-2 so here is A LOT of that. ('s about 18 pages in Word.)

Up to Augusta Tower 200 AF, if that means anything )

So, there's that.

Anyway, yeah. I am back online, but, as stated above, it is a bit precarious, so I will probably still mostly be absent.

OH WAIT YES I see that they've announced when Korra will start showing! COME ON, APRIL 14th! whoooo \o/
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( May. 2nd, 2011 05:00 pm)
Went to the doctor again. They've put me on druuuuuugs. I have mixed feelings about this, but will spare you the paragraphs of doom. Also, side effect warnings are always hilariously alarming. (At least they are small enough pills that I will be able to swallow them? Advil gives me trouble a fair amount of time... I can't even swallow the round ones at all.)

And then I came home and spend hours making an Excel sheet of all my random gear in FFXI. What it is, what level it is, and, most importantly, which character has it. My god, do I get sick of shuffling through my three girls trying to find that one stupid item that I know I have. (Beeecause making an Excel sheet of it all is easier than just sorting it so you have Hisi and then GEAR MULE and OTHER STUFF MULE...? I wonder which character would do which... I mean, Kihara hoardes everything and Ayarei tends to only hang onto things that she'll actually have a use for... Damn my tendency to sort items onto them based on their characterisation rather than anything resembling practicality! AND HEAVEN FORBID I EVER SELL ANYTHING.)

30 Days of Video Games

Day 23 - Game you think had the best graphics or art style )

So, I toggle between web browsers depending on what I'm doing. (And, since I'm inordinately lazy, if I have multiple accounts, I keep myself logged into a different one on each browser.) One of these browsers is Google Chrome! It is not excellent, but it is not terrible, either. However, apparently it has eaten Facebook or something? I have looked for ways to fix this but have not found any. Has anyone got any ideas? Here is what it looks like on Chrome. (And now you all know which browser I use for "FFXI on Facebook." Whee!) (Actually, since I almost never check FB using Hisime's account, I am not entirely sure when this started. Sometime in the last month or so, I know that much, at least.) Cache-clearing solved it. Took me am embarrassing amount of time to find it, but now it is functional again. Yaaay!

Anyway, this probably doesn't matter to any of you, but because I'm super cheap and my phone is pay-as-you-go, I'm going to start being (read: trying to be) on Skype more / at all. I am JeccaAM there. So if anyone ever wants to poke me that way, now you can!
WE START WITH A SILLY STORY. Because it's Valentine's Day and I can pretend it's sort of related. I remember this every time Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Meee-eeee-heee" comes on the radio... The first time I heard that song, it was, I don't know, 4 am or something. I'd been woken up by something, so I was really groggy and not processing everything quite right, and that song was playing (I need some sort of noise going on, so I just leave the radio on really low - the volume didn't help). I heard a song comparing/contrasting herself to her girlfriend rather than a song comparing/contrasting herself to someone else's girlfriend. I was really surprised that it was on the radio.

OH NO A STORY ABOUT WORK NOW: CHEESECAKE FIASCO (AKA Cheesegate, AKA Cheesecake 2010). (I only came up with the first of those. My coworkers are responsible for the other two.)

Cut! )

I went with some people (some of them were friends, some of them were people I don't really know, though I did go to school with a few of them) to see The Wolfman on Friday after work! IT WAS ABOUT AS HILARIOUSLY BAD AS IT LOOKS. Oh, man, I laughed so hard.

I had yesterday off, so I really had wanted to sleep in a bit, but then yesterday was also the annual pancake breakfast (all you can eat pancakes, sausage, and bacon for five dollars and a non-perishable food item) fundraiser, so I didn't get to sleep in, after all. It was delicious, though. Then Mom and I ran around running errands and doing some other stuff before she dropped me back off in town! And the internet issues had been resolved while I'd been out. (Thursday evening - or maybe it started before that, but I was at work, so who knows? - the internet started flaking out. Friday, there was no internet. Late Friday night, my main computer - and only my main computer - had limited internet. Saturday afternoon, everything randomly fixed itself, but we still had it all reset by the provider, just in case.)

So, yes. Too much work, stupid customers (well, what else is new?), and then no internet = really, really long last week and a half. But is it over now!

Finally, here is that 5 Songs Starting With A Designated Letter meme! You know the drill. (MAN, lots of memes lately.)

My letter was R! There are more than five songs 'cause I'm bad with numbers. )

Whew! We're done now.
But either way:

Wallpaper meme!
• Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper.
• Explain in no more than five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
• Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

My current wallpaper!

The main reason that is my wallpaper today is because that's the one my wallpaper changer randomly selected when I started my computer up. Why it's on the list of potential wallpapers is because I like Kingdom Hearts and because it's pretty. It's called Passion 2.0 and the 2.0 is tacked onto the end because my new computer's screen is wider than my old one's, so I kind of had to expand the edges (and by, I kind of had to, I mean, I kind of got my brother to, because he has programs besides PAINT on his computer) and I didn't want to delete the original. That is one of my few fandom wallpapers and one of only two that aren't Final Fantasy XI or Transformers (THE OTHER ONE IS ECCO HAHAHA WHY). Almost all of the others currently in rotation are from Digital Blasphemy.

... That was only five sentences by some definitions, anyway...

Speaking of new computers, my mother recently bought herself a laptop, and she keeps calling me at bad times to ask me a million questions (or at least to take forever not actually asking the question she wants to ask). I don't mind answering them! But man, I wish her timing was even just a little better. And also that the conversations could be even just a teeny bit shorter. PLEASE MOM I WAS TRYING TO DO SOMETHING LET ME GET BACK TO IT NOW okay fine i will sit here for like an hour...

My cousin has left the state for - eventually - Australia (via sailboat). My father managed to endure being in my presence (I can't remember how much of this situation I've posted, beyond I AM FREAKISHLY ANGRY AND SO I AM GOING AWAY FOR A WHILE BEFORE I KILL SOMEONE. Anyway, he's no longer speaking to me and goes out of his way to avoid being in the same general area as me) to attend the sort-of farewell party we had. IT WAS AWKWARD.
No, Mirage. Go away. You never contribute anything these days, anyway.

Spider in footwear. This is, as far as I can tell, an open declaration of war. Okay, fine, spiders. War is what you want? War is what you get. I've talked my mother into bringing the vacuum out and I've started placing spider-killing objects strategically around the place. Get out while you still can.

I have written both of the requested letters and am now back to being bored. (Are you all sure you don't want one? Actually, it's turning into a group writing exercise, as one of the two has decided to write back, also as a character. Which is awesome in that, hey! More people writing! Yay! And also in that, ooh, mail for me that is not just people demanding money.)

If the water in my watch has not evaporated by now, it is not going to. I cannot go another day without a watch, I am losing my mind.

Oh, hey, this got longer than I thought. )

And, finally, half the keys on my keyboard aren't working. Jus fr fun, I won' g back ad add n ay o the mssing letts in this sntene. And half of those only turned up because I've started hitting the keys harder than normally necessary. TIME TO CLEAN. Or the spiders are also in the keyboard, in which I suppose it is time to nuke this place from orbit with pest killer. (SERIOUSLY, MY DAMNED SHOE? I HAVE A LINE AND THAT LINE IS, APPARENTLY, APPAREL.)

Have apparently forgotten how to make a cut.
I like sweet potatoes. Last time Aniko and I raided the local grocery, I picked some up, because I knew they were fairly simple to prepare and also yummy, and easily experimented with. I didn't do much in the way of experimenting this time around, because I have a few recipes... But they're kind of vague in places and we didn't always have all the ingredients. (No bell-pepper? Eh, it's not that important... No cumin. What does cumin even taste like? Oh, wait, this has cumin in it. Maybe this will work? Wait, it's already in the list... OH CRUD I BET THAT'S TOO MUCH CINNAMON. [It was] ... We don't have canned crushed tomatoes, either. ... Spaghetti sauce it totally crushed tomatoes.)

I've made sweet potato and peanut butter soup (it's good) and some sweet potato + a million seasonings + tofu .... stir-fry thing. "Skillet dinner," my mother calls it, apparently.

There are no more sweet potatoes now, though. TRAGIC.

Oh, wow, I have half of the instructions on how to make our Thanksgiving dinner. And a million other soup recipes. I just made soup. I don't want more soup.

...I am hungry and have no idea what I'm making for dinner tonight and so am browsing my cooking folder, could you tell? Next thing you know, I'll start posting the recipes I've been using.

Transformers: Animated is over now. This is very sad. I'm going to miss it, and I wish they'd had another episode to wrap things up in, but I'd probably be saying that even if they had. Here is where I'd go off on a million things about it if I weren't sure you're all beyond sick of hearing about robots at this point. (Haven't mentioned BotCon in this entry yet. Let me remedy that. BOTCONBOTCONBOTCON. Wait, where am I going, again? And when? I've forgotten somehow. Something about trans... transf... tansfers? I'm transfering? Oh, right. ROBOTS.)

...By the way. Printer. I love how you periodically decide to reinstall yourself. It is not the least bit annoying or inconvenient. Please, let us play this game again.
There's currently a spider stuck in/under a soup can on the floor in the kitchen. I really ought to get an envelope or something and move it outside, but... spider. Large spider. Also, it's dark outside.

Spring is the worst thing ever.

... I'm sure it will be fine there until tomorrow. But if you never hear from me again, know that it was probably the (that phrase has had a lot of use ever since I moved out...) spider.

TOMORROW I WILL ATTEMPT TO MAKE SOUP. With sweet potatoes. And onions. And possibly peanut butter. Hopefully it will be delicious. I'd make it tonight, but I have food left over from last night to consume instead, and the less time I spend in there with my eight-legged fiend, the better.

This last Tuesday, I ended up in line (t was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's, for all the good it does you to know this now) behind my high school chorus teacher. It was kind of weird, because I've been thinking a lot about chorus and how much I miss singing (just not enough to inflict my voice upon anyone, since apparently my singing voice is freakishly awful). I summoned him with my brraaaaaiiin. Or something. The weirdest bit about it was he still knew me - my face and my name. (I graduated five years ago and he was only there for my last year.) Go figure. Teachers have awesome face and name recall powers.

Transformers: Animated is amazing. I love spending twenty-someodd minutes gleeing over it on Saturdays. (The nods towards the older series and fans are the best thing. This week's episode had an especially hilarious one. I love everything about this fandom, even if half the time the people in it do befuddle me some.) Why do we have to focus on the movie again (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REAL QUESTION. I KNOW WHY, SO DON'T WORRY)? I would so much rather have more Animated. WHY IS SEASON THREE ALMOST OVER?
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( Mar. 15th, 2009 05:20 pm)
I don't think I mentioned that I finally finished setting up my room. So now all the lights are plugged in and working and the stereo isn't on the floor. AWESOME. And I taught my Dell to open .PDFs since teaching this thing to print is apparently outside the realm of possible things. VISTA. WHY. LEXMARK YOUR SITE IS SO USELESS. I can't get the Dell to connect to the internet, so I had to download Adobe's install on this machine, then transfer it to my old one. It was a bit annoying. I need a fax machine. A thousand curses upon Sundays.

Lately, I have found a new mind-numbing activity.


Yeah, that's right. Fishing.

No, not ice fishing. Online. FFXI. The usual.

It is the slowest skilling 'craft' in the history of everything. It really is. My brother's trying to get to 30 so he can try to catch a special fish to try and get a special item to try and fight a bunch of monsters to hope to get an extremely rare drop. It's taking a while. Aniko's fishing, too, and I, being bored and curious and mostly for lack of anything better to do, decided, why not? So now we all fish, but not all in the same places or at the same times. Aniko's collecting carp for a special item. I am also collecting carp, because that is what you catch at my level of fishing. Then I move on to ... also carp, but in a different area. All right!

Sometime in the last, uh, five years, anyway, they changed the fishing system! This is a good indicator of how much attention I pay to the updates and how well I keep track of what happens when. I have no idea. My brother only just noticed the boat time NPC in Mhaura (he's been there for a few years), and he asked me if there was one in Selbina and I couldn't tell him. Anyway, they changed fishing at some point, but I can't remember if the new way is really any better or worse, but apparently some people find the fatigue aspect of it annoying. Lemme tell you. I am sick of fishing long before my Mithra can't catch anything more.



my carp. let me show you them.

Ways to tell SquareEnix hates their player base: to get the super awesome fishing pole, you must collect carp. Oh, that is not hard!

Guess how many carp.

No, really. Guess how many carp.

50? No, not quite.

100? No, higher.

... 500. No, actually, it's a bit more.

..... 1000?? Nope, higher, still! Guess again!



If this entry weren't too long already, I'd talk about yesterday's Transformers: Animated, but as it is, I probably don't have anything to say that hasn't been said already.
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( Mar. 11th, 2009 05:54 pm)
I had a dream the other night that squirrels were actually time (and possibly dimension) hopping aliens who could take over human brains like some sort of parasite. Each squirrel had a little tree-like plant that they had to protect, because it served as their time-ship. I think killing the tree could also kill the squirrel.

I was going to go to the post office today, but somehow it's 6 in the evening. Seriously, how did that happen? I had things I had to do today. My internship-only-not (I don't know what to call it, but then neither does anyone else) is kind of messing up my sleep schedule, so I get six hours one night and then twelve the next. It is unbelievably frustrating.

Someday maybe I will convince my body that it can, in fact, fall asleep before 2 in the morning. I haven't managed yet, but someday...

Of course, I can still poke at my Dell in the dark, so maybe I can go figure out why it's not working. (It's not adjusting well to life in the "city" at all... It's obviously a country computer. Maybe I should just give it to Mom. But first I'd have to get all my files off it, so I still need to poke at it.)
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( Nov. 2nd, 2008 12:28 am)
My hard drive - the old one, rather - is beyond hope. It's dead, gone, not a spark of life in the thing. I wish like you wouldn't believe that it had given me any sort of warning that it wasn't doing so well. Four and a half years of flawless service (the one problem it had was totally not its fault and so does not count), then it just drops dead for no apparent reason and with no warning. Click-click-click-BEEEEEEEP.

I've ordered a new computer, but I was talked into also ordering a new hard drive as well, so I could, you know, do my schoolwork (hello, big project due on Monday) and also do my time wasting activities (hello, LiveJournal). And it decided to arrive quickly.

So... I lost most of my stuff. I'm pretty good about remembering to back up my photographs (which I count as 'stuff from my camera' and 'Final Fantasy XI screenshots'), and since I haven't been writing, almost none of my WIP backups were out of date (though I did lose all my NaNo notes). I recently backed up my music, so I only lost a little, there. Everything else, though? Gone.

My chat logs, icons, images, word documents, other people's stories I'd saved, all my bookmarks, half-composed reviews (THANKS A LOT, EX-HARD DRIVE, THAT STUFF'S HARD ENOUGH TO WRITE THE FIRST TIME), all my games (thank goodness FFXI's data is all stored server-side - well, except for the macros, but I can just rewrite those, even if it is a pain)...

The bookmarks are kind of a mixed blessing. I had a couple million of them, so it's nice to not have to go through and weed out the stuff I actually want to keep, but I had some stuff I wanted to read. ugh. All the apartment info I had saved....

I just spent the day reinstalling everything, and I've lost a bunch of programs, which is also depressing. I've recovered most of them, but...

Also, Thursday night my father recorded Grey's Anatomy (which he and my mother were watching, anyway) instead of Supernatural, which wouldn't have bothered me too much normally, but I was already upset about my computer and everything else that's gone wrong this week (but mostly the computer), so it all just kind of sucked. Short story: JECCA HAS HAD A REALLY AWFUL WEEK. :(

Anyway, just a note to say that it was as bad as I was afraid, but I'm at least back a lot faster than I expected to be (arrival date for laptop is like the middle of the month at the earliest).

I am exhausted. These Saturdays when I have my class take a lot out of me. So glad we "gain" an hour tonight. Extra sleeeeep.

THE GOOD NEWS IS, I SAVED A BUNCH OF MONEY ON CAR INSU-- *bricked* HAVE THE FIRST TWO SEASONS OF Doctor Who ON DVD NOW. AWESOME. Amazon had a DVD sale and I was feeling depressed enough about my life stupid computers to succumb to temptation. I do not regret it.
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( Oct. 28th, 2008 02:19 pm)
There is a very, very good chance my laptop just died.

I don't know exactly what the problem is yet, and I don't know how long it'll take to fix it, but I know it's bad, and I know that it's almost undoubtedly that the hard drive's failed.

So I'm not going to be around until we get it fixed. I still have e-mail, so LJ notifications will get to me, but I can't guarantee I'll be able to respond to comments.

Guess I'll catch everyone later. I'm going to go cry now.
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( Sep. 7th, 2008 10:25 pm)
So. I kind of collect journals. I don't mean to, but then I'm in the bookstore just browsing, and, oh, that's pretty, and next thing I know... Also, people buy them for me a lot. ♥! JOURNALS!

I actually do write in them. Sometimes they sit around a bit while I try to figure out what to use them for, but they all get used.

I've fairly recently discovered a new, uh, brand, I guess, of journals! Paperblanks! (ooh, look, they have a site!) Aniko bought me one like this (ha! I couldn't get a decent picture with my digital camera, but Amazon has it!) for my birthday/Christmas, and I didn't do much with it until June, but even before then it was very pretty and I liked the texture of the pages, and I liked the weight of it. Aaand I was in Borders on Wednesday (seriously, the second half of my first class was dedicated to browsing in a bookstore. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?). We were supposed to pick up a book relating to the class (which I did), and then grab a journal. I already have a journal for the designated purpose (dream recording), but I followed orders like a good little minion and went rummaging around in the journals section... and I found THIS, and it is so pretty and and and. I had to buy it. I HAD TO.


And I'm totally going back and picking up this one (edit: I went and purchased it. You're not allowed to be surprised) and this one at some point, too. (I HAS 5 DOLLAR COUPON FROM SPENDING MONIES ON BOOKS, ALSO, SO. SAVINGS! well, no, not really, since I had to spend quite a bit to get said coupon...)

(But, hey, if you like journals, too, see if you can find one for yourself. They're lovely~)

Anyway, I've been using it to record my thoughts on That Thing that's been eating at me, which I keep on mentioning vaguely (see, it's not that I don't trust you guys, it's just that this is a really sensitive subject for me, and I know I'll probably react poorly to almost any reaction - or lack thereof - to it, given time to mull over it, so I'm not going to put it up here. If you really want details, bother me over AIM or through email or something.), and I think it's helping, at least somewhat. I can at least get my thoughts out in a semi-coherent manner and sort them, without leaving it open for just anyone.

...Jecca, just anyone could pick it up and open it. Just because it isn't posted online... Oho, you underestimate me! I'm sure I've mentioned once or twice that I have my own writing... I've been using this. (I happen to think it looks pretty. It makes my handwriting - which, as some of you have seen, is pretty darned awful - look less ridiculous and illegible than it normally does. And it's not something just anyone can read. Unless you can read it, in which case I'm a bit off the mark, there.)

I finally allowed the stupid pop-up to update me to Firefox 3, and I'm not sure I like some of the changes they've made. The address bar, for one, thinks it is being helpful by drawing from the page title. NO, WHEN I TYPE "t" I EXPECT THE TOP OPTION TO BE MY JOURNAL, NOT ... whatever the heck it is this time! STOP IT. grrrr. (Oh, dear, I've just outed myself as an impossibly lazy web surfer, haven't I?)

ALSO: Potentially good news for me, less so for at least half of you scrolling past this. I think my bizarre and sudden NOT TALKING TO YOU bout with the Transformers fandom may be coming to an end. (I don't even know what brought it on. I just woke up one morning too annoyed at it to even consider dealing with any of it.)

Thank goodness. I have missed my giant robots. Also it's been like, what, two months? Surely something interesting has happened in my absence...

ALSO ALSO: crud, Jade and Okame are scratching at my brain. They don't bother me much, but when they do, I pretty much cannot ignore them. Normally this isn't a problem, because normally I can write. Unfortunately, I am not capable of such things at the moment. DAMN YOU, CREATIVITY.

ALSO ALSO ALSO: OH MY GOD I HATE TVTROPES you can tell i love you by my decision to not include a link to it in here MAKE IT STOP
I was about to go off about how it's very, very annoying that I'm out of episodes and Season 3 isn't out yet, but...

It is September 2nd.

And, ha, I already have plans to drive into town to drop some papers off at school. Just waiting on my mother to get back from her meeting. If I take an alternate route, Best Buy is pretty much on the way home from the campus.

Anyway, I'd like to restate Dean's phenomenal stupidity, but considering how he appears to have some ridiculous self-worth issues, I'm not going to, because reassurances of my own idiocy certainly wouldn't help me.


This is doubly important, because if you won't turn on so I can print, I have no excuse to go to town.

Wheeeeere is my mother? Maybe they did something to it and didn't remember to tell me. Maybe the computer is not actually broken.

Edit again:
According to my brother, neither of my parents have been able to get the thing on. So now I get to play "wedge self into tiny space and try to find where the printer is plugged in so that I can unplug it"! Joy.

Final edit:
Jecca was, indeed, wise enough to NOT uninstall her printer when it was moved downstairs to become the family printer. Laptop = day saver! \o/

Also, the DVDs came with a tiny Impala. I... am not sure why! It surprised me! So now I have a tiny black car I can push across my desk. Maybe I'll have it run over some of the other random stuff on my desk. ... RUN, MIRAGE. YOU'RE THE ONLY NON SCHOOL-RELATED THING ON MY DESK RIGHT NOW. (And considering the other car that moved itself was an evil ghost car... well...) (Also I have finally gone and added Supernatural-related things to my interests section. JECCA, CAN'T YOU LEAVE IT ALONE FOR EVEN JUST TWO DAYS?

Dear laptop power adapter;
Please, please, please continue working for the next few days until the replacement arrives.

... No, that's not what I would call working.

Breaking out the tape again,


Tape might be able to fix your racing vehicle. )

Tape won't save you from exploding. )

Almost at the halfway point, now.

I think the computer is clean.

If I never have to do that again... It's enough to make one want to swear off the internet.

I can't believe I made the Spyware wallpaper go away. And the pop-ups have stopped. And I took the liberty of installing Firefox on his laptop while I was there.

I think I might go to bed now. I deserve a long nap.
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( Mar. 23rd, 2008 08:46 pm)
Eight hours.

No progress. Not helping that he refuses to listen to me and keeps resetting the thing. Yes, father, I know Norton wants to reboot(! *beep beep*). It's been wanting to reboot all day. Ever since the initial scan found something. It couldn't fix it after the first five times, what makes you think the next three hundred are going to be any different? Though, hey, maybe after this you'll listen to everyone and either buff up your IE or use something else.

Taking hammer to laptop in five, four...

oh my god he reset it after the program i had him installed finished running and he didn't bother to let me look at the log or save the log or anything how can I fix your machine if I don't know what's wrong with it SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE

And now the internet isn't working for him.

If he resets one more time, I swear, I really will go get a mallet.
It is 4:30.

I have spent the last... almost four hours trying to fix the massive amounts of Spyware, Malware, and viruses that my father managed to get onto his laptop.


We have made almost no progress. I brought my brother in early through Instant Messenger, then he called and we had him on the phone for two hours or so. FOUR HOURS of my father's useless commenting and trying to poke around with things he shouldn't be poking around with. FOUR HOURS of the computer beeping at me and throwing up pop-up windows about spyware being on the computer and click here to fix it and did you know that there's an internet attack on your computer EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE TURNED THE INTERNET OFF SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE




I am going to go do something nice and calm and fun and relaxing while the hopefully-going-to-do-some-good fix-thing my brother managed to dredge up runs. Someone send happy thoughts or something. I am ready to scream.
jecca_mehlota: (!)
( Feb. 29th, 2008 09:39 pm)
aww, my parents love me!

Er, no. I do actually know they love me.

But tonight we (shut up, it's still February, anyway) went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday! And it was very tasty. Also, I got a box in the mail! It contained an external hard drive! IT IS HUGE. Not... not physically. It's actually small, there. But 250 GB!

That's almost five times my laptop. That is MASSIVE. Wow.

... Wow. I can... I can clear up my laptop a little! (I may or may not have been rather stupidly running with only a little over 2 GB free.) Without putting everything on CDs!


I need to stop SPEED EDITing my posts:
BotCon's put up the free exclusive, since they've sold out of the Shattered Glass sets (and are now offering the 2005 Primus sets, which they still have, hee) and want to give the people going for that at least a look at the one This Year toy they'll get special for going with the expensive set. It's Ricochet! Nifty.