It appalls me some days, the emails that supposedly professional individuals deem sendable.

Anyway, THINGS!

My brother greeted me over AIM the other day with, "I pulled a tubule out of my arm." And he continues to describe this, how he'd thought it was just some weird, tiny scab, except he couldn't pick it off, so he grabbed a pair of tweezers and pulled and puuuuulled and it just. Kept. COMING. So I'm picturing, like, this super long thing coming out of him and, really, feeling kinda creeped out, and then he finishes with, yeah, it was almost a whole centimeter long. ... Geez, dude.

My father had a bout of posterior vitreous detachment, which, I can't remember if I mentioned it or not, my mother experienced a while back. In both cases I had to talk them into going to see a doctor about it, because yes it is usually harmless, but you know, there's this thing called retinal detachment and it's kind of a big deal.

FFXIV ver2.0 launches on the 27th and they are still planning on having an open beta round. Guys. Kinda running outta time, here! Oh, Squeenix. BUT. I am pretty excited for it. New Eorzea is ... so, so different, but oh is it pretty (stop letting me forget to post screenshots, guys). And I want to know what's happened in the five missing years. And I want to know if people will ever remember us. Also I want to know if we're supposed to remember this stuff? Or did the aether burn our brains, too?

Speaking of FF MMOs, I am saddened that no one wants to play with us. It's not too late to change your mind!


Heeey, FFXIV ARR character creation benchmark!
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( Jun. 8th, 2012 02:56 am)
This is a pretty random entry. Some real life stuff, some fandom stuff, some musings on things, and a couple random facts about myself that I'm not necessarily ashamed of but am kind of embarrassed to admit. Possibly not in that order.

OH BUT FIRST: thanks to everyone who commented on my clothing crisis entry! Your opinions really helped. :D

Okay, go! )

la la la it is almost 3 am way past time to go to bed

... wait, did I create this "cartoons forever" tag or is someone messing with me? I am legitimately not sure. (The perils of allowing outside tag creation, haha.)
My computer is up and running again! Sort of! My father and brother, using phones and the internet and free time, were able to take the beast apart and poke at it or something until it remembered how to work (I wasn't there and my father is not the best at describing things). It is a bit precarious, and I definitely need to get a new computer now, but at least it is sort of working!

Meanwhile, I somehow injured my back and have been experiencing Super Fun Muscle Spasms for the last, er, two weeks, now. They're not near as bad as they were, though, just sometimes I'll do something that aggravates them (like, uh, sweeping, apparently! Which is bad news when I have to close the department at work).

Also, my wheelchair-bound cousin (the one who's wife was unfairly jailed) has been getting worse and worse since the sentencing, and that sort of (hopefully?) hit its peak when he went into ORGAN FAILURE last week, that was awesome. They got him stabilized, and he's responsive again, but aaaaaugh.

Also some other stuff but none of it comes to mind, whoops.

ALSO I HAVE BEEN SPENDING WAY TOO MUCH TIME PLAYING FFXIII-2 so here is A LOT of that. ('s about 18 pages in Word.)

Up to Augusta Tower 200 AF, if that means anything )

So, there's that.

Anyway, yeah. I am back online, but, as stated above, it is a bit precarious, so I will probably still mostly be absent.

OH WAIT YES I see that they've announced when Korra will start showing! COME ON, APRIL 14th! whoooo \o/
Awesome: I have 31 hours next week (and despite this, I am only closing once! Which is very exciting) and the first two days of November off! I did not ask for them, they were just GIVEN TO ME. So I at least have the option of getting a good start on NaNo. And I am feeling a lot better than I was! AND WE GOT THE NEW GLOVES AT WORK YAY YAY YAY they are so much nicer than the ones we've been using oh my gooosh.

Less Awesome: oh god nanowrimo. Also, apparently there are no interesting Halloween events anywhere near me, so I guess getting out from work early on Monday (and not working at all Saturday) doesn't really make any difference. And my NaNo region has absolutely nothing planned for write-ins or even a pre-November meet up. EVERY SINGLE TIME I DECIDE I WILL FIND SOMETHING TO DO TO BE SOCIAL... see, this is why I don't bother. Well, that and the fact that it never comes to anything anyway, 'cause I'm a loser.

EVEN LESS AWESOME: Square has apparently hit the bottom of their coffer for FFXIV, and so, sometime next month or perhaps in December (there is no information on this anywhere, other than that it is happening), they are going to start charging for the game. How much will they be charging? WHO KNOWS! THERE IS NO INFORMATION ANYWHERE! Hopefully not the full $13, because it is not worth that yet, and are they going to stick with their original plan of cutting fees if you play FFXI, as well? Basically I am really kind of freaking out (like, unreasonably so) because NO NO NO I don't want to have to pick one or the other and damn it, considering their plans for FFXIV v2.0 next year, I really, reaaally don't want to miss this once in a lifetime storyline (APOCALYPSE!! Or CATASTROPHE, anyway, since part of the plan for 2.0 includes completely reworked maps, so the entire world is going to be redesigned. And characters won't be reset, so it's not even like they're ending the world and starting a new one, this is really an actual thing that is going to happen in Eorzea. WANT TO SEEEE). So, uh. Damn it, what do I do? Other than cry over my current inability to afford both games, I mean.

LEAST AWESOME: I know I said I was done talking about the Family Drama, but adskjflgbfjdbhs my cousin's mother-in-law has had to quit her job and move in with him because she was the best option, and he's got to go back in for another round of spinal fusion surgery and either something else is going wrong or it's just psychosomatic but his vocal chords are beginning to not work so I DON'T KNOW I am resisting the urge to throw things across the room only because I know it wouldn't do any good. BUT I have her address, now, so I can write her letters, if I want.

OFFERED AWESOME: oh right speaking of letters - I do have a couple people on my mailing list WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT they probably know who they are, but I feel like bombarding the post office again (every time their state of NO MONEY AT AAAAALL makes the news, I remember I am supposed to be single-handedly reviving them), so if getting snail-mail interests you, check out this entry, here, please.
I guess I should post something of substance, it has been like a month, whoops. Between fatigue from either being ill or having autumn allergies, subject line-related family drama issues, and another dose of my brain's own patented abject misery, I have kind of fallen behind everywhere. Man, people with way more problems and things to do keep on top of this crap, what is my excuse? I am thinking of actually properly attempting NaNoWriMo again this year (instead of just using it to force myself to actually write anything like I've done for the last year or two), maybe that is my excuse. It is an obvious indicator of madnes, after all.

Talkin' 'bout my stupid brain issues briefly )

Aaaanyway, that all aside, here are some nicer things!

My mom bought her cat some pet mice. They are super adorable, and have made me think maybe I want a pet mouse / mice again. Except wow, haha, I had forgotten how smelly they can get, haha. I helped her clean their cage a bit ago when I was out there (we were doing our yearly trip to New Hampshire the next day), and, whew. Stinky mice! But they are still cute. And, since the cat has become one of the laziest things in the world (at least in regards to hunting small creatures) in her middle age, they are in absolutely no danger from her. The first night, she did press her paw up against the wires (yeah, it's not even a glass cage) a bit, and try to scratch at the bottom to "get in", but I think it was just because she wanted a better look at them. She likes to sit and stare and watch them. She sits and watches for hours. Here are a few pictures (the black mouse is Trill, and the gray one is Flit): Diana notices the new things!, watching, sniffing, waiting for them to emerge... And here is Flit on my right shoulder from the cage-cleaning adventure (shortly after, she ducked down into the hood and wasn't seen again until we fished her out to put back in the cage. She is very shy), and here is Trill playing peek-a-boo on my left shoulder. She was content to run around all over the bathtub for a while, but then she seemed kind of anxious, so I showed her where Flit was, and she calmed down again.

NH was a lot of fun, as usual. We saw cool things, did cool things, and hit up a couple pawn shops and bought neat things (well, thing, in my case. I snagged The Iron Giant on DVD for a buck, awesome! My collection expands. In the last month, I've managed to get a bunch of awesome movies on DVD for cheap from yard sales and the like). And also we ate tasty food, which is fun.

And at work, I'm finally being officially trained as a cake decorator. I already know most all of it (I had a few under the table lessons from a former coworker), but now it will be official, so they can actually schedule me as one. Here is (most of) a cupcake and cake platter I decorated! NO ONE BOUGHT IT, what the helllll. I was gonna buy it myself and stick it in the break room (I could not bear the thought of it being thrown out, because IT IS AWESOME), but when I asked the manager on duty if I just needed a paid sticker or what, he said, hey, I'll just shrink it out, so I didn't have to spend money, yay.

And here are a few more designs I've made up (hee, my coworkers have started copying them) for the jumbo cupcakes we sell: one, two, three yes shut up that's a sugar cookie. I didn't have a lot of time, but I wanted to show one of my coworkers how to do it, so I had to make a small one on top of that (it's a cat. Its face is Not Quite Right, I know. The other ones have looked better, I swear). The pumpkins are my favourite thing to make, though the spiders are also kinda fun, and they sell well.

And - HEY, DID YOU STOP READING? COME BACK. Or, well, Transformers / Optimus Prime / Bay-verse aesthetic fans, come back, anyway. I HAVE SOMETHING? FOR YOOOOU.

It's one of those cardboard standee-things. Of our dear face-stealing Prime! There are two catches - the first is that he is/was intended to be part of a product (toys?) display, so it is not a perfect Prime standee. The second is that, though I am more than willing to give him away, I am not up for paying shipping. So you'll need to cover that. If anyone is interested, I will find a box he fits in and get a price estimate (probably parcel post, as it is usually cheaper, since he is not going to fit in only one flat-rate box. I could maybe fit him into two of the $10-ish range ones, though? Or, you know, whatever you wanna pay, I don't care. If you want priority mail, well, I won't stop you. This second catch is why I am offering him here, by the way, since the person I offered him to first did not want to pay for his transportation). I haven't assembled him, but I did take the bits out and unfold them, if you want to see what it'd look like (and, hey, if you want to adjust it so he's straddling something, or standing behind something so you can't see the spot where the BUY OUR STUFF things should be, that'd probably work fine)... one!, two! (he is a bit tall! I guess that should be less surprising), DotM logo*, and a grainy image of what the fully assembled thing should look like, from the instructions (yes, it has instructions).

So, yeah, let me know if you have any interest, there.

*Keyboard not included. Do you like how I have had to write the note names on the keys? I was taught in solfège when I was little and have had a heck of a time learning otherwise ever since. I can translate it in my head for singing, but I still cannot get around it for instruments. Guitar lessons were hilarious.
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( Sep. 25th, 2011 01:50 am)
I just endured the most amazingly passive-aggressive blame-denying apology from my father. I should've kept a tally of how many times he admitted it was all my fault. That has to be some kind of new record.

ANYWAY, FLIST, HI. Hello. I have two minor and unrelated questions for you!

The first is related to Transformers! I keep meaning to go catch up on all of the Prime episodes, but, uh. Iiii have no idea where to do this. Now, admittedly, I've not yet dug anywhere close to as far as I could. I am lazy. Does anyone know of anywhere (like a youtube user, or something? I know My Little Pony poooniiiiiieeees! has an individual or two who get fairly high quality vids of episodes up within a few hours...) where I could watch the increasingly-massive backlog of episodes I've accumulated? I am sure someone must have an idea, yes? Surely you do not all get the Hub...? (Friggin' station. NO ONE within our budget carries it!)

The second is related to VIDEO GAMES whoooo! And it is less easy and possibly more technical and I have tried finding answers for this one on and off over the years. SO LIKE. My television (which is not nearby so I cannot begin to tell you what it is which is kind of embarrassing right it is not like I have had it for uh eight or more years now) always - has always - cuts off the edges of the screen when I am playing video games on my PS2 on it. It is really irritating! It is not massive amounts lost, but it is enough to be noticeable. And apparently this happens with other televisions, too, it is not just mine (nor it is exclusively my PS2, because the one we tested tonight was a Toshiba MW24FM3 and we used my brother's PS2). We have tried adjusting the screen, itself, but that's gone nowhere helpful. Sooo... any of you game-players, have you ever noticed this? and if not what is your television and where can i buy one

Now to make up for that, here is a horrible story about BIRDS. Or, rather, a bird. A female goldfinch!

And the birdfeeder. Oh, the poor thing, oh, oh, it was awful.

poor little bird! )

... so, yay for birds!
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( Sep. 14th, 2011 12:44 am)
I'm clearly never going to finish the trip write-up (largely because FUCK HTML) and, honestly, who cares? Here are the (one, two) photo albums on Facebook, if you're actually curious. (Yes, yes, I did finally change my Facebook name to my name. It took less than twelve hours for people I was not friends with in high school to try to friend me. I will probably change it back soon if this keeps up.)

I will tell the two crazy stories, though! )


(no wait one more thing. these are crazy awesome.)

Anyway, last night I was up forever because there was this stupid nasty spider hiding behind my headboard and it was playing peek-a-boo or something because I'd throw a book at it and come away dead-spider-less and it would disappear and I would side-eye the wall for a while, and then look away for a bit and then look back and THERE IT WOULD BE AGAIN rinse repeat and then around 4:15 I cracked and went into the kitchen and got the can of spider killer (last used to purge the baby spiders from the ceiling in the old place, ugh ugh ugh) and sprayed it all over the place behind the headboard and under the bed and everywhere.

And then I had to sit in the other room until it dried and I could go to bed finally at like 5am. It was not fun. And now my internal clock is borked. boo.
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( Aug. 5th, 2011 03:49 am)

Cats, work, trips, random fannish stuff, bad Brain, blahblahblah )

I am getting hungry. I guess I had better try to sleep.
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( Jun. 24th, 2011 12:42 am)
Hopefully the terrible tie lives up to any expectations you may have built up!

dramatic pause while the cut loads... )

AND NOW BEDTIME, because tomorrow? Chicago! *please no bedbugs, please no bedbugs, please no bedbugs*
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( Jun. 21st, 2011 12:08 am)
I do not have a picture of it. :< I WILL GET ONE! But for now, rest assured! It is hideous. And now we have proof. So, okay, see. My father has this awful tie that his mother bought him as a gag gift (thinking she'd raised him better than that. I'm sure on one level or another, she knew he would actually wear it, though...). It's white and orange and, I dunno, other colours. And fuzzy. It's the fuzzy bit that really sells its ... hideousity (new word!?).

Well, Periwinkles (a jewelry chain) had a contest for the ugliest tie over the weekend and, knowing he had a truly unfortunate tie, and tempted by the prize of ... some amount of money (apparently in the form of a gift certificate to the store and not just free money, which had been his hope), my father entered the thing and - as you've undoubtedly figured out already - his tie won! Which is exciting. So now I can say without doubt that my father has the ugliest tie in the area. Because, you know. Jewelry store contest is totally the standard, there. (It's still awesome, okay.)

Meanwhile, my head-cast is running away from me again. Rana has now joined Hisime in having her own Facebook page I NEED TO GET A LIFE. I really don't even know why I did that. Hisime there was at least had reasoning behind it. But now the two of them are going back and forth at each other even worse than before. XD (I've changed Rana's wall from "friends only" to "everyone" for the time being, just in case anyone wants to see some of the ridiculous things are going on. I can't edit the settings of the post Rana has, but you can see the other one. Maybe I'll get bored of it soon? We can hope.)

AAAA I LEAVE FOR CHICAGO ON FRIDAY MORNING I AM SO EXCITED. But also nervous. Mostly excited! (Kind of weird, though, haha, a month ago, I was more looking forward to Chicago, because I figured BotCon would not be as awesome as OH MAN YES FINAL FANTASY CONCERT, and then BotCon was basically the best thing ever, so I am now like, can Chicago even begin to hope to top Pasadena? We'll just have to wait and see! My money's kinda on no, though.)

dnsajklf Distant Worlds concerts, you are so close. Still, even if it is not as completely fantastic, I will still have attended both halves of the concert. And I have been wanting to attend one of these ever since they first announced it way back when. I mean, they had both "20020220 Music from Final Fantasy" and "Tour de Japon", neither of which I had any hope of attending, and then "Dear Friends" never came close enough for me to get to it, and then "Distant Worlds" has kind of made a point of not matching up with my money and availability limitations, but damn it enough is, apparently, enough, and so now I am throwing myself into a bed bug hotspot just for a video game music concert. (I am a goddamned lunatic.)

(Also I've had this Japanese song about frogs stuck in my head all day. I learnt it when I was 10! WHY IS IT STILL IN MY BRAIN and whyyyy is it rattling around all of a sudden?)

Guys, I spent 40 minutes this evening being told by my cousin, in great detail, why she thinks I need to do drugs, and why and how she has determined that the best one for me to try would be mushrooms. No amount of "I'm really not interested" was able to dissuade her, and I only escaped by promising I'd think about it because she had to go meet someone.

What is my life.

Meanwhile, SE's MMO player base is getting a little stir crazy on the forums. Some of it's aggravating so I backpage out, but it's not all bad. For example! This thread on the recently-launched official forums is amazing. and also completely true, oh god why why why I really like some of the proposed explanations people have come up with.

(Also today at work the proofer exploded water everywhere and all the customers were asses, though I guess that last one isn't really as unusual as I'd like it to be.)

Anyway, until I suffer another emotional collapse or there's actual news, I'm done talking about the loss of my cat, because every time I think about it, I get sad, and then I get angry, and then things start going wrong in my brain again and if I short out too many times the music therapy will probably stop working. But! My MOVING OUT quest has gone well (I think I mentioned it in one of the entries I posted that was unlocked, locked, unlocked, locked, unlocked, locked, etc?). I've found a new apartment and will be able to move in next month. Rent's a bit more, but utilities will be less, so it should come out about even (hopefully). And my new room faces more eastwards, so I should get some sunlight in, which'll be a lovely change, and maybe will help with the SAD next year!
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( Feb. 17th, 2011 01:05 am)
So I guess an IMB computer won Jeopardy. I'd meant to watch, but then I forgot completely, so I got the story from my brother, who apparently did watch? My father was excited about it, because there's a reasonably decent chance some of his work is in that thing. (He doesn't know where everything he designs / builds goes, but he's very good at what he does and I guess not a lot of people do what he does, so...?) Anyway, that's exciting, and maybe a little alarming. XD

(And also, this weirdly reminds me, but apparently one of my coworkers - and I mean, not just in the store, but in my department - she works two departments - won the national bagging competition, which... apparently exists! Good for her! And then the newspaper people were in the store yesterday interviewing people about her, but I managed to escape their notice 'cause we had someone working the cake window. Ha!)

So I tricked my roommate into buying me Final Fantasy XIII figures instead of paying me back directly (I say tricked, but it cut something like 10 dollars off what she'd have owed me otherwise, so really we both won). And they arrived... at some point in the last few days! So now I have Fang and Vanille and I went and bought Lightning, 'cause I found her for a little cheaper than the usual price, but she's still wandering the postal service or something. But! Okay, I have heard some bad things about some of the FFXIII play arts figures, but these two look so awesome. *_* Their faces are not super weird or anything. My only real complaint is that, unlike previous play arts lines, they didn't really bother with heights, so they are the same (actually, and it might just be how and where I have them standing, but it looks like Vanille is actually a hair taller than Fang). BUT WHATEVER I CAN DEAL WITH IT. (The shininess of Fang's hair actually bothers me more, I think. It is REALLY, REALLY SHINY.)

TODAY WAS MY DAY OFF AND I spent half of it asleep, that was kind of depressing. BUT I did finish my taxes! And run a few errands around town! And even got a little more Kingdom Hearts in. Not as much as I wanted, but, eh. Win some, lose some.

AND NOW MORE 358/2 DAYS 94 through 122 )

And then some Pokémon MOSTLY THE NAMING THEREOF )

At the beginning of next month, Mom and I are driving over to New York to visit my brother (again!). Though this time, hey! It's in March! Instead of in February. We've pretty much done everything to do in Rochester at this point, though, so maybe we'll all go exploring. (Canada was suggested, but Mom's getting her passport renewed right now, so that's a no-go.) But I am still excited to be doing something. I get some kind of wanderlust or something, I just get so antsy if I don't go anywhere for too long - and okay part of it's just WINTER AUGH, since it does get worse this time of year, but still. And visiting California relatives apparently doesn't do anything for it (though, uh, since that wasn't even 48 hours on the ground, I guess I can't say I'm surprised). BUT YEAH. ROCHESTER. OR MAYBE THE AREA AROUND IT. WHOO. Only two more weekssssss.
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( Feb. 1st, 2011 10:20 pm)
AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT FEBRUARY MEANS! FUCK. MY. ANKLE. OMG, do you really have to start up the first of the month? It's earlier every year and adshfkjlg it HURTS and why can't anyone ever figure out why. I'll probably end up at the doctor's again by the end of the month, despite all past experiences proving it to be a waste of time and energy. WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH YOU, ANKLE AND FEBRUARY I WANT TO BE ABLE TO WALK AGAIN :(

Top Gear! I think we all saw this coming. I'm only surprised it took so long to turn up.

...MY ROOMMATE (who proclaims every year her hatred of cake mixes) IS EYING MY CUPCAKES (made from cake mix). Fortunately she did not ask for one. So I do not have to share. I am a greedy cupcake hoarder! CURSEEEESSSSSSS

Anyway, this is my life now:

Helping brother with homework. )

My DS arrived today, buuuut since it was Mom who placed the order (I have no PayPal account), she had it sent to the house. Where I am not. And that Snowstorm of Doom is rolling through tonight and tomorrow (heh, every school district save one has already decided to call off tomorrow. Too bad they can't cancel my work, I don't wanna go out into what we're supposed to get), so it is unlikely she will be able to bring it by. But the game I ordered also arrived, and I had that sent directly to meeee. So, uh. That's something, at least!

Anyway, Final Fantasy VII has completely consumed my brain (the takeover was inevitable, I've been trying to avoid it since beating XIII, but even then it felt like a losing battle), and I am thinking the best way to solve it is to just replay the game already and possibly blather endlessly about it as I go.

Anyone wanna play along with me so we can blather about it together? :D? (We could arrange a time line of sorts, or something!)


Sorry, guys, I know it's poor form to drop into a friending meme-thing and then just disappear off the internet.

Monday I went with my parents to New Hampshire, and I like that trip, and I like that I was able to pick up a few things I've been wanting for cheap (or free in a few cases, when my parents dropped them in with their purchases), but, as is inevitable when my father and I spend any amount of time in the company of each other, there was a bit of drama. The drama itself didn't bother me at all this time (aside from the brief moment of irritation it prompted), but he apparently went whining to Mom about it (though refused her advice of, "If it's really bothering you, just apologise to her!") and she was telling me about the conversation Tuesday morning as she drove me back to town, and some of what she said kind of rattled me and I'm just feeling a bit ... brittle now, so I've gone into self-preservation hermit mode.

But in good news, I finally tracked down a Human Alliance Jazz (why do I keep buying movie toys when I know they will only hurt me in the end), and I picked up some DVDs for cheap (including the extended editions of The Lord of the Rings films), so, yay.
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( Oct. 13th, 2010 01:48 am)
Guess they've rescued the first of the miners down in Chile! That is so awesome! Yay!

Mom was in town today giving me grief about the place (I've been working a bunch of 8-9 hour days and now with being sick, I've just been too exhausted to keep it looking decent), but she did also help me tidy it up a little, so, not too terrible. Then she basically told me to shut up later over AIM as I attempted to express my confusion over Thanksgiving suddenly being some holy family-time, since, in our house, it has never been as such. I mean, I was doing a poor job of explaining that, since with the topic at hand, there wasn't really a way to do it that didn't sound like I was whining, but ... I dunno, I'm feeling like crap physically and emotionally, so I took it harder than I should have. Emo. Emoooo.

And now I'm sitting on the floor trying to rearrange my Transformers figures. Or, at least, I'm pulling them out and trying to put them all into vehicle form, because they pack up better that way, but instead mostly find myself getting distracted playing with them and/or losing the fight to get them back into their alternate modes. Animated, for example. I love the cartoon, and I love how the toys look, but about half of the figures I own have troubles lining up properly. I actually gave up on Starscream (which is embarrassing, because he's got that morphing feature that does most of the work for you, but he wouldn't stay together), and Prowl's still not quite right, either, but I couldn't bring myself to care anymore. And the movie toys, argh. Fiddly. The ones that are well done are amazing, but the rest of them...

And maybe I need to trim my collection down some. Hurg. Especially with Generations coming out and me wanting to own almost every figure announced for it so far...

So I guess mostly I've been fussing about with instructions and trying to force parts and stopping on occasion to grab air because my lungs have decided that breathing is for chumps. Only I've just looked at the time and I need to be at work in less than nine hours, so I guess I need to get to bed now.
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( Jun. 29th, 2010 12:30 am)

... Possibly someday he will learn that celebrating quitting smoking with a cigarette is counterproductive?

Alternately, it's Mom's fault for going away to Florida and leaving him home alone, despite his choosing not to come with us because he had no interest. Because that makes sense. (ANYTHING BUT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS OWN ACTIONS.)

Pro tip, no longer having a smoker's hack does not actually mean you should start smoking again.

Internal calendar has stopped being a day ahead and is now just confused. Is this a step up? Step back? Step sideways? ALSO I keep forgetting Monday is Memorial Day and the post office will not be open so no, I cannot mail this. Frustration.

Anyway, I accidentally got dragged around to lawn/yard/garage/rummage/barn/INSERT TERM HERE sales by my parents this weekend! It was not a waste! For example, we found an awesome sewing machine! And I got a neat map of Lake Champlain (or, uh, half of it, at least. The top part is on another piece of paper that they did not have)! And some thread, and a dumpling steamer. And some other random stuff!

Also, last weekend, for twenty-five cents, my mother found me this! So okay, he's not got... a fair bit, actually (no accessories... or arms, haha), but whatever. The body is in great shape! Maybe I will try to collect all the missing pieces. It can be my project! Or. Something!

Now that I have turned over to robots, I am going to tell you: the All Hail Megatron Coda story "Everything in Its Right Place" is delicious and amazing and I want more. TOO BAD I CAN'T HAVE ANY. Moving on to Wreckers now, which I am fairly confidant will also be amazing. And slightly more death-filled. But then I will be all out. Unless I decide to actually start reading the ongoing. Is anyone following that? Is it better than it looks and sounds to be? Do you stop noticing the weird new faces eventually?

(Also, for a good example of Things You Don't Expect To Find On The Transformers Wiki: Daleks.)

And speaking of Doctor Who, a couple things in this Saturday's episode made me unreasonably angry. Aaargh. *punches everyone*

I can't think of a way to bring this one up. OH WELL. I had this secret/comment thread brought to my attention! And I laughed and laughed and laughed and then went and wept a little. Oh, that damn dolphin.

THIS IS NOT THE ENTRY I CAME HERE TO MAKE but I guess that will wait another day.
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( May. 27th, 2010 12:00 am)
It has been stupidly hot out. Hot, humid, and miserable.

And then there's the actual stuff in it! )

Hopefully tomorrow is a little less ridiculously hot! The plan is to go bouldering. Hopefully I do not die.


OH AND ALSO for no reason I can determine, my brain is a day ahead! I spent all Monday thinking it was Tuesday, all Tuesday thinking it was Wednesday, and all of today thinking it was Thursday. What? Brain, why? I mean - I have Thursday off. And I know that. And I worked today! And yet I still thought it was Thursday all day.
jecca_mehlota: (Leap!)
( May. 18th, 2010 03:20 pm)
No plane crashes! Or anything else horrid and painful!

This is kinda long )

And then last night I pretty much went straight to bed after dinner and slept until, like, noon. SO TIRED. Still tired. But not to the point of being unable to function anymore. WORK AGAIN NOW.

Maybe pictures later, after work.