ahahaha oh, geez, I don't pay much attention to these things, but I just noticed that my 1,000th entry was the cat hair apocalypse one. That's beautiful. XD (Well, on LJ. I posted a few unique entries to DW before LJ annoyed me enough to make me import and start crossposting. So I guess on DW it was the last entry from the first Uncharted game. But that's way less hilarious.)

Anyway, here's something I've meant to link for a while! When I went to the Distant Worlds concert in Chicago last summer, I couldn't find one of the songs they played on youtube. But I have since found a copy of the live version of You're Not Alone (from FFIX), and now I have finally put it up for other people. It's pretty fantastic. I recommend listening to it even if you don't play FFIX.

Today was the last day of my surprise three-day weekend. I had plans, but I didn't go through with a single one of them, because sometimes I am pathetic like that. INSTEAD, I spent too much time playing Uncharted 3, and now, to my sorrow, it is over.

So here's chapters 13 through 22. And the dying. Always the dying. )

Here's a quick update on my cat. My roommate's sister is having to leave her two cats here with us for a couple weeks starting tonight, and poor trauma kitty's upset all over again. I've moved all her stuff into my room and have been keeping the door shut, but she's spent a lot of time sitting around and growling. Poor thing! Hopefully she adjusts to them. Otherwise this is gonna be a bit rough. Though I... think they'll be gone in time for my weekend out of town later this month, so that'll be good, at least. Oof.

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( Feb. 8th, 2012 01:45 am)
I am on a roll.

So, as possibly none of you are aware, the PS3 HD collection of the Jak and Daxter trilogy was released here today. AWESOME! I preordered my copy the same day I picked up the first two Uncharted games, so it seemed fitting that I picked up the third game today, along with the collection. (Dear Naughty Dog; Here is all my money. Love, Jecca.) (Actually, through buying pre-owned and clever use of credits and coupons, I paid virtually nothing for Uncharted 3. Elsewise I'd not have got it, 'cause, uh. MONEY.)

And then I sat and contemplated which I'd be sticking in to play for a very long while. But I opted for Uncharted 3 because it is NEW and EXCITING, whereas the Jak games are OLD though still EXCITING, but good lord I do not want to blow myself up with zoomers right now so fuck that.

So then I spent a few hours jumping and shooting my way through the first seven chapters of Uncharted 3.

Here we go again! Whee! )

So you would think, between me getting two (well, four) amazing games and having a really random and confusing but TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE three-day weekend, I would be all super cheerful, but instead I am saaaad and full of woe and worry, because my kitty isn't feeling very well today! She keeps hacking everything up, poor thing. I hope she feels better tomorrow, both for her own sake and because I really don't like cleaning up cat puke.

... Have I put up a picture of her yet? Here she is sticking her tongue out! And now she's sitting on the sofa! Yay!
Sooo. I've spent the last few days home sick with some sort of stomach bug. AWESOME. (It is not really.)

On the positive side, this has given me time to hang out with the new cat (her real name is Sazy, but I've mostly been calling her "Trauma Kitty" because she is super jumpy and has spent the very vast majority of her time here thus far hiding under my bed). She seems to be fairly friendly when she is not being startled into running away and hiding. But she is very, very easily startled into running away. She did not get along with the kids, so now she is afraid of noises that might be children, I guess? Right now she is sitting in the doorway to the kitchen and sniffing the frame. I was about to be worried she was gonna claw it, but then I remembered the declawed her, so, uh. Never mind.

Also, being sick has given me time to play way too much Uncharted 2.

Chapters 18 through THE END )

So, yes. We are now accepting donations to the "Uncharted 3 for Jecca" fund.

Because ahbsfdjkglhkjd damn it I want the third game. XDD Stupid no money.

(But for now I am playing multiplayer online with a friend who also has the game. Anyone wanna join us?)
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( Jan. 27th, 2012 03:19 am)
Got sent home from work today for having stomach cramps and shaky hands. Mostly certain it was just blood-sugar related (I have been eating terribly lately. Proper food has been far too much effort some days), but the way things've been going with the department lately, my manager wasn't taking any chances. So, home I went. And that was my day. Super exciting!

Also yesterday I got to feel bad for feeling bad, since I feel bad for no real reason whatsoever (beyond BRAIN FAIL), and our newest coworker came in despite, uh, everything being wrong? Her whole family had food poisoning and she thinks its her fault, while they were checking her husband's arm for surgery next month, they found skin cancer, her (father?grandfather? not sure which, wasn't about to ask) had died that night... So of course she was a wreck. I made her leave and we closed the department early.

IN POSITIVE NEWS, Conjure One released a new album, um, over a year ago, and I somehow entirely missed that announcement, but on a whim I looked them up the other day and found that news, so I ordered it and it arrived, and it is just as awesome as the first two. So, yay. (Also, Conjure One is one of my favourites to listen to when I feel down, because it makes me feel better.) Anyone unfamiliar with Conjure One should remedy that.

Anyway, Uncharted time now, chapters 6-17 )

Also, still playing with the desktop ponies (er, usually just "pony"). Luna likes to nap, and usually it is in the middle of the screen, but the other night when I was talking to my mother, she fell asleep almost prefectly on top of the chat window. It was so cute!
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( Jan. 25th, 2012 01:25 am)
Uncharted 2, chapters 1-5

and some bad mood-ing )

In closing, I've filled my phone with Final Fantasy (predominately XI, since it was a FFXI site I got them off) ringtones. Yay, me.
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( Jan. 21st, 2012 09:22 pm)
YES, MORE VIDEO GAMES. I have defeated Uncharted!


Now I get to decide if I want to start the second game (knowing if I beat it that I do not have, and cannot currently afford, the third game) or if I want to play around with some of the games I got for Christmas. Choices.
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( Jan. 18th, 2012 02:29 am)
BUT FIRST, AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: you folk who live in the USA, if you haven't written or called your representatives about SOPA and PIPA, please, please, please do so soon.


Anyway. Chapters 13 through 17, now.


(I'm done quoting the Sarah Bareilles song for titles and cut text after this entry, I promise.)
MORE UNCHARTED, which my fingers keep insisting is actually "uncharter" (I am apparently fond of adding R's into things. "Disnery" comes to mind...).

Anyway, chapters 6-12 now.

so don't ask me how to get started )

And now, sleep.

(And futile hopes that it won't be so cold tomorrow as it was today. Work, why are you so far away? AND BUSES. WHY YOU NO RUN ON WEEKENDS?)
Hello! I have a PS3! AND SO I AM USING IT. I went out and bought the first two Uncharted games because a couple people recommended them to me and because buying them together new cost less than if I'd bought the first one used, liked it, and gone back to buy the second one (also used). (... It wasn't much of a difference, but, hey. Whatever.) And also because they are made by Naughty Dog, and I know they've made some other stuff I've liked in the past, sooo. Good place to start, I suppose. (So basically that day was, AND THEN ND ATE MY WALLET, since I also preordered the Jak and Daxter Collection.)

I won't just hang around, like you'll show me where to go~ )

So, yeah. I'm going to go have Ecco-related nightmares now.

mmm, sleep.
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( Apr. 7th, 2011 01:30 pm)
Things that never stop being weird include finding a story someone is writing that has a plot that has thus far been nearly identical to one I considered years ago. (And, yeah, I know, every story's been written before, but it's still amusingly odd to me. It's even the same character set, haha.)

.... that's freakishly short, let's tack something else onto this entry to make it more worthwhile.

Dissidia 012 prologue and chapter 1 )


Because it's freaking late and I accidentally got stuck beating the game. (I honestly didn't mean to, I turned it on around 11 to run a few missions and maybe complete a few more days and then - well, whatever, I kind of cover this under the cut.)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 353 through the end )

Wow, that lost steam at the end (er, the entry, not the game). BUT I GUESS NOW I HAVE TO SLEEP SOMEHOW?

I think I've figured out a significant part of why this game made me sad but did not utterly destroy me the way Crisis Core did! But I can't remember how to do the "highlight to read" code, apparently, because it's not working, so I threw it up there under the cut.


(edit: and now another thought, but I think I'm done this time)
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( Feb. 25th, 2011 01:16 am)
I need to find a million icons, 'cause I got a paid account for my birthday (whoo). You all care about this. Yes, you do. Don't deny it.

So my birthday was Monday, but nothing worth noting happened aside from the fact that I worked a 9 hour day (hey guess what I'm only supposed to be scheduled up to 8.5 hours so I don't know what the heck happened there), and then I'd worked a full day Sunday and I worked another full day Tuesday (which was also MEDIA SWARM DAY, when the mayor and all the news stations and all descended on our poor store and MADNESS ENSUED, see previous note somewhere re: my coworker and bagging). And then I had some friends over Tuesday night to watch a movie (we saw Red, it was fun!). So I was very, very tired Wednesday, but my mother called at 10 am (I was still asleeeeep) to confirm our dinner plans for the night (DELICIOUS SUSHI oh my gosh it was amazing) and then I was awake. So I spent the day doing laundry. BUT THEN TODAY! Today - well, okay, today Mom called at 10 am again, but I was exhausted enough that, after she turned up at 11 to drop off some stuff, I was able to crawl back into bed, where I then slept four more hours.

But after I was finally kicked out of bed by the cat dancing on my head and demanding food, I decided, I will be productive! So first I thought, maybe I will clean off my desk, it is getting out of control and also I've lost a paycheck. But then I found the paycheck while looking for my stamps, so my motivation disappeared. And then I thought, I will log into FFXI and get a DRG testimony and BEAT MAAT! And then I logged in and got depressed because no one I know in real life plays anymore and I'm all aloooone so instead of dual-boxing mine and my brother's account (I can't solo the monsters that drop the testimony, and he's left his account active, at least, so I borrow it sometimes. MY HOPE IS NOT DEAD YET), I went out and tested the experience points update, and it's actually really awesome. YAY! But then I was bored, so I sat around and played DS all day. PRODUCTIVITY!

... I'm really not joking. All day. I played for maybe an hour yesterday and all of the rest of this is from today.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 225 through 352 )

Next entry will probably be the last, and I'll probably be distressed, if today's gameathon was any indication. I'll also be working every day between now and next Thursday (and then I'm going to New York with my mother) so the Final Fantasy VII playthrough's not gonna start for at least another week and a half. (There is still time to decide to replay it alongside me!)

... WHAT IS THIS SONG ON THE RADIO WHAT THE HECK I just actually listened to it. What. WHAT. (Not safe for work or if you're in the general vicinity of other people.) I am torn between laughing and just... I don't even know. XD; WHY IS THIS ON THE RADIO? (Also, why is my radio station playing it.)
A man called my department Friday evening! He wanted to speak to one of my coworkers! The "big, black, kinda muscular man". See, his wife had been in there the other day and met this nice man, and, while she hadn't caught his name, they wanted to take him out for drinks!

So, uh. The bakery staff? 100% white cis female. (The neighboring departments are not all white or all female, but there is still no one in either who even remotely resembles that description.) And he seemed to think he had the correct store.

I kind of began to wonder if he was speaking in some sort of code as the conversation went on. It was a little surreal.

AND NOW more Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 149 through 224 )

So, we've had a little bit of a thaw. Warm weather is nice. (40 degrees is warm now?) BUT! This means the spiders are crawling out of their creepy spider-holes again. I've pulled a couple out of the bathroom and if I think of it tomorrow, I'm going to just spray the room down with the ANTI-SPIDER CHEMICALS, since that did wonders for my bedroom and the kitchen.

But, uh, I have at least had some revenge on the creepies? My cat apparently will eat them. HA! NOW YOU'RE CAT FOOD. Stay out of my home. >:|
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( Feb. 17th, 2011 01:05 am)
So I guess an IMB computer won Jeopardy. I'd meant to watch, but then I forgot completely, so I got the story from my brother, who apparently did watch? My father was excited about it, because there's a reasonably decent chance some of his work is in that thing. (He doesn't know where everything he designs / builds goes, but he's very good at what he does and I guess not a lot of people do what he does, so...?) Anyway, that's exciting, and maybe a little alarming. XD

(And also, this weirdly reminds me, but apparently one of my coworkers - and I mean, not just in the store, but in my department - she works two departments - won the national bagging competition, which... apparently exists! Good for her! And then the newspaper people were in the store yesterday interviewing people about her, but I managed to escape their notice 'cause we had someone working the cake window. Ha!)

So I tricked my roommate into buying me Final Fantasy XIII figures instead of paying me back directly (I say tricked, but it cut something like 10 dollars off what she'd have owed me otherwise, so really we both won). And they arrived... at some point in the last few days! So now I have Fang and Vanille and I went and bought Lightning, 'cause I found her for a little cheaper than the usual price, but she's still wandering the postal service or something. But! Okay, I have heard some bad things about some of the FFXIII play arts figures, but these two look so awesome. *_* Their faces are not super weird or anything. My only real complaint is that, unlike previous play arts lines, they didn't really bother with heights, so they are the same (actually, and it might just be how and where I have them standing, but it looks like Vanille is actually a hair taller than Fang). BUT WHATEVER I CAN DEAL WITH IT. (The shininess of Fang's hair actually bothers me more, I think. It is REALLY, REALLY SHINY.)

TODAY WAS MY DAY OFF AND I spent half of it asleep, that was kind of depressing. BUT I did finish my taxes! And run a few errands around town! And even got a little more Kingdom Hearts in. Not as much as I wanted, but, eh. Win some, lose some.

AND NOW MORE 358/2 DAYS 94 through 122 )

And then some Pokémon MOSTLY THE NAMING THEREOF )

At the beginning of next month, Mom and I are driving over to New York to visit my brother (again!). Though this time, hey! It's in March! Instead of in February. We've pretty much done everything to do in Rochester at this point, though, so maybe we'll all go exploring. (Canada was suggested, but Mom's getting her passport renewed right now, so that's a no-go.) But I am still excited to be doing something. I get some kind of wanderlust or something, I just get so antsy if I don't go anywhere for too long - and okay part of it's just WINTER AUGH, since it does get worse this time of year, but still. And visiting California relatives apparently doesn't do anything for it (though, uh, since that wasn't even 48 hours on the ground, I guess I can't say I'm surprised). BUT YEAH. ROCHESTER. OR MAYBE THE AREA AROUND IT. WHOO. Only two more weekssssss.
No, really. The entire thing.

358/2 Days 72 to 94 )

Tomorrow (well, today, really, since it is after midnight and all) I have the day off. I AM GOING TO FINISH MY TAXES (all I have left to do is copy, assemble, and mail it all. The "filling it all out" bit is done) and probably game moar. (This entry would be longer, but I'd already marked the above as the cut-off point and meh.)
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( Feb. 12th, 2011 01:35 am)
So, in case any of you were unaware (since some of you probably are, since you do not all live on this half of the planet), something like half of North America has been getting lots and lots of snow recently! And here is no exception! And sometimes they even get the sidewalks cleared before more is dumped down upon us!

But not always.

But that is not the point! The point is that the snowbanks on the sides of the roads are getting out of control - a surprising number of them are as tall as me, and all of them are over half my height - so we're talking at least 3 feet of snow. EVERYWHERE. Or at least everywhere near a road. (Or so it was on Thursday. I did not go outside today due to LAZY AND IN PAIN FROM ANKLE so maybe it's settled a bit more!) So, Tuesday night is the night before recycling is picked up, and it was my week for it, but I got home and said, SCREW THAT THERE IS TOO MUCH SNOW AND NOWHERE TO PUT THIS STUFF. So I informed my roommate the recycling was just going to wait, there were only like 5 things in the bin, anyway, okay.

Well! Wednesday morning, the recycling wasn't picked up. Maybe they're late? Wednesday afternoon, same story. Wednesday evening, IT IS STILL THERE.

Thursday morning there was a, "screw this there is too much snow we can't get to your stuff BRING IT BACK INSIDE" message! Of course, everyone who put their stuff out has neglected this message, so things are getting blown out of the bins and all over the place AWESOME, GUYS. REAL AWESOME. But, ha, the one week I decide it's not worth the effort is the week they decide the same thing.

And then today I can't really claim credit for but shhhh. So I didn't have work! But my manager didn't have next week's hours up yesterday like she was supposed to! So I called to find out my Sunday hours aaand the coworker who answered the phone told me a story! The other coworker on that night had BROKEN A WATER PIPE. So my whole department is basically underwater. BUT I WON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT 'cause I didn't work today and I don't work tomorrow! YAAAY! Seriously. Though I am kind of curious as to how she managed to pull it off, and how flooded things are. But not curious enough to go investigate.

Speaking of abrupt subject changes...

More KH 358/2 Days 23 to 72 )

It's been cold again, by the way, but I have finally adapted to it and no longer find the sub-freezing temperatures to be THE MOST EVILEST OF EVILS. I still don't like them and know better than to walk to work when it's too cold, but, eh.

...Also, I am ridiculously thirsty today. DRINKING SO MUCH. I am turning into some sort of strange, tea-drinking arctic camel, maybe!
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( Feb. 7th, 2011 12:27 am)

AND THEN THE PLOWS COULDN'T BE BOTHERED TO CLEAR EITHER THE ROADS OR THE SIDEWALKS THAT WAS... ALSO AWESOME. But I wasn't too late to work. It could have been worse! And since it was Superbowl Sunday, the customers were all even more lunatic bread zombies than usual there was free food in the break room! And it was very tasty. :3

ANYWAY I started playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days recently!

You know what that means )

And while I probably could keep a death list for this game, I've found I haven't been. There aren't lots of exciting ways to die, just the mobs, so. Eh.

In utterly unrelated news, I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS PIECE OF MUSIC WHAT THE HECK HELP its pretty okay (I even managed to find a YouTube video that doesn't have that song with the minor spoiler in the title over in the suggestions bar!)
Sooo the internet crapped out for no apparent reason a few days ago and it was way too early for bed, so THERE I WAS, LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO DO. And then I remembered I bought a new (to me, anyway, picked it up used) PSP game, like, three months ago. Maybe more. I've heard a lot of crap about it, and I've had other things to do, so it hasn't been high on my priorities list, but what the heck! SO I OPENED THE CASE AND --- Inside was my copy of Daxter? WTF?! Right series, at least…? And then I thought for a moment and remembered I'd already put Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier in the PSP. Crisis resolved! (Since Daxter came with the PSP in the bundle pack, it didn't have a proper case of its own, so it spent a while being moved around to the case of whatever game I wanted to play. I did finally secure an empty case for it, though, so I'm really not sure what it was doing in there…)

HEEEY THIS WILL BE THE FIRST NEW SAVE FILE ON THE NEW MEMORY CARD WHOOO since now that I have a new memory card, I can save new files. Yay, card space.

Anyway, on to the game.


Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier THE WHOLE GAME )

Aaaand the dying )

My thumbs hurt.

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( Nov. 19th, 2010 12:49 am)
I'm back with more of this! Yay!

FFXIII Chapters 12 and 13 AKA THE END )

No spoilers for XIII here on out, even though I'm going to mention the game a few more times. A bit after my cat jumped on the remote and changed the channel, my brother turned up. He just went on break today, so. Long drive! I made him wait in the kitchen while I plugged in some headphones and watched the rest. We hung around a bit, then went out to find dinner, and mostly had a very long, hilarious discussion on how much of a wreck XIV is turning into (his prediction is that SE's going to have to give yet another free month, since the December overhaul/massive update isn’t until late in the month, and if they want people to stick around or come back, they're going to have to let people see what they've done), then moved on to the other games in the series. Lots of VII, I don't know why that was suddenly coming up.

… this got a bit long, so have another cut )

AND TOMORROW STARTS HELLWEEK. Nooo, Thanksgiving, why do you exist…

Also, a year ago today (well, last night, since it's after midnight) was when I had my huge freakout at my father and told him to start treating me like an adult and with the respect due to a sentient being or to leave me the hell alone. (He opted for the latter, but then went back on it, and it's perhaps a bit wrong that I was more sad when he decided to start speaking to me again than I was when he was avoiding me.) Though at least the events leading up to that explosion put my mother and brother on my side, and they now don't let him get away with treating me like crap all the time. Small steps.
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( Oct. 8th, 2010 12:42 am)
'Cause why not.

FFXIII Chapter 11, or at least some of it, anyway )

I suspect it's not so much that this chapter is freakishly long as it is that I am wasting amazing amounts of time. Eh. The plot will wait for me!