Unbeknownst to the poor, bewildered child, the reason for that is that I am, in fact, a lady.



When last we left, I was hopping aimlessly around the timeline trying to finish quests and solve puzzles and generally avoiding going off to beat the game. But then that got old. AND SO:

I BEAT FFXIII-2. Spoilers, obviously. )

So, yeah, that just happened.

I guess later I will go look for more mysteries with my shiny new item/ability/thing, but for now it can wait.
Because it's freaking late and I accidentally got stuck beating the game. (I honestly didn't mean to, I turned it on around 11 to run a few missions and maybe complete a few more days and then - well, whatever, I kind of cover this under the cut.)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 353 through the end )

Wow, that lost steam at the end (er, the entry, not the game). BUT I GUESS NOW I HAVE TO SLEEP SOMEHOW?

I think I've figured out a significant part of why this game made me sad but did not utterly destroy me the way Crisis Core did! But I can't remember how to do the "highlight to read" code, apparently, because it's not working, so I threw it up there under the cut.


(edit: and now another thought, but I think I'm done this time)
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( Feb. 25th, 2011 01:16 am)
I need to find a million icons, 'cause I got a paid account for my birthday (whoo). You all care about this. Yes, you do. Don't deny it.

So my birthday was Monday, but nothing worth noting happened aside from the fact that I worked a 9 hour day (hey guess what I'm only supposed to be scheduled up to 8.5 hours so I don't know what the heck happened there), and then I'd worked a full day Sunday and I worked another full day Tuesday (which was also MEDIA SWARM DAY, when the mayor and all the news stations and all descended on our poor store and MADNESS ENSUED, see previous note somewhere re: my coworker and bagging). And then I had some friends over Tuesday night to watch a movie (we saw Red, it was fun!). So I was very, very tired Wednesday, but my mother called at 10 am (I was still asleeeeep) to confirm our dinner plans for the night (DELICIOUS SUSHI oh my gosh it was amazing) and then I was awake. So I spent the day doing laundry. BUT THEN TODAY! Today - well, okay, today Mom called at 10 am again, but I was exhausted enough that, after she turned up at 11 to drop off some stuff, I was able to crawl back into bed, where I then slept four more hours.

But after I was finally kicked out of bed by the cat dancing on my head and demanding food, I decided, I will be productive! So first I thought, maybe I will clean off my desk, it is getting out of control and also I've lost a paycheck. But then I found the paycheck while looking for my stamps, so my motivation disappeared. And then I thought, I will log into FFXI and get a DRG testimony and BEAT MAAT! And then I logged in and got depressed because no one I know in real life plays anymore and I'm all aloooone so instead of dual-boxing mine and my brother's account (I can't solo the monsters that drop the testimony, and he's left his account active, at least, so I borrow it sometimes. MY HOPE IS NOT DEAD YET), I went out and tested the experience points update, and it's actually really awesome. YAY! But then I was bored, so I sat around and played DS all day. PRODUCTIVITY!

... I'm really not joking. All day. I played for maybe an hour yesterday and all of the rest of this is from today.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 225 through 352 )

Next entry will probably be the last, and I'll probably be distressed, if today's gameathon was any indication. I'll also be working every day between now and next Thursday (and then I'm going to New York with my mother) so the Final Fantasy VII playthrough's not gonna start for at least another week and a half. (There is still time to decide to replay it alongside me!)

... WHAT IS THIS SONG ON THE RADIO WHAT THE HECK I just actually listened to it. What. WHAT. (Not safe for work or if you're in the general vicinity of other people.) I am torn between laughing and just... I don't even know. XD; WHY IS THIS ON THE RADIO? (Also, why is my radio station playing it.)