Unbeknownst to the poor, bewildered child, the reason for that is that I am, in fact, a lady.



When last we left, I was hopping aimlessly around the timeline trying to finish quests and solve puzzles and generally avoiding going off to beat the game. But then that got old. AND SO:

I BEAT FFXIII-2. Spoilers, obviously. )

So, yeah, that just happened.

I guess later I will go look for more mysteries with my shiny new item/ability/thing, but for now it can wait.
or whatever they're actually saying

Lack of updates. Here's some more FFXIII-2. I ... I think I'm right before the final boss, but I haven't actually gone ahead to find out for sure or not. This is not quite up to where I am. But at this point I'm mostly skipping around finishing off quests and hunting items and stuff, so it doesn't really matter.

This picks up at Augusta Tower 200 AF and runs up to Academia 500 AF.

And it starts with some grumping. )

So yeah. That was getting a bit long in my word doc. Now it's here, instead.

ta da.
My computer is up and running again! Sort of! My father and brother, using phones and the internet and free time, were able to take the beast apart and poke at it or something until it remembered how to work (I wasn't there and my father is not the best at describing things). It is a bit precarious, and I definitely need to get a new computer now, but at least it is sort of working!

Meanwhile, I somehow injured my back and have been experiencing Super Fun Muscle Spasms for the last, er, two weeks, now. They're not near as bad as they were, though, just sometimes I'll do something that aggravates them (like, uh, sweeping, apparently! Which is bad news when I have to close the department at work).

Also, my wheelchair-bound cousin (the one who's wife was unfairly jailed) has been getting worse and worse since the sentencing, and that sort of (hopefully?) hit its peak when he went into ORGAN FAILURE last week, that was awesome. They got him stabilized, and he's responsive again, but aaaaaugh.

Also some other stuff but none of it comes to mind, whoops.

ALSO I HAVE BEEN SPENDING WAY TOO MUCH TIME PLAYING FFXIII-2 so here is A LOT of that. (...it's about 18 pages in Word.)

Up to Augusta Tower 200 AF, if that means anything )

So, there's that.

Anyway, yeah. I am back online, but, as stated above, it is a bit precarious, so I will probably still mostly be absent.

OH WAIT YES I see that they've announced when Korra will start showing! COME ON, APRIL 14th! whoooo \o/
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( Feb. 21st, 2012 12:49 am)
WE DO NOT DO SMALL-SCALE DISASTERS IN MY DEPARTMENT. uuugh. Two of our full-timers are out again, our cake decorator is having crazy pregnancy complications and is probably gonna be put on maternity leave early (not like she's been in the last few days, anyway), and the two other part-timers are never available when we need them. Also our oven/proofer is malfunctioning again, and customers are being even more lunatic than usual. This was day three of my five 8+ hour shifts in a row. I am super tired already and really don't wanna go in again, because NOTHING'S GONE RIGHT THE LAST THREE DAYS WHY WOULD IT START GOING RIGHT NOW? Also I am sick of people yelling at me about there not being any cakes they want in the cake case IT IS NOT MY FAULT I am only one person and I have to finish all the last-minute special orders people keep placing before I can set about working on the damn thing! D: Also the stress is dropping me back into depressionville, which sucks (and which is leading me to do stupid things that I know will only hurt me more in the long run, fuck's sake, self, stop stop stop stop stop).

So that was my venting.

(Please can today be a good day? Also thank god i have this and next weekend off for happy travel times...)

NOW. GAWD, PS3, do you really need to update every single time I put a new disc in? (Yes, yes, yes, I know, but it is a bit tiresome. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME ARGJHRKJLKSDADJEL)

ANYWAY AERINITY (who is not on DW and I can't be bothered to link to LJ) IS AWESOME AND AMAZING AND FANTASTIC AND also not reading this BUT OH WELL IT IS ALL TRUE.



Seeeee… )

Also, another update on the cat! When they brought her to me, they told me she was not, and had never been, one to sit on laps, so I should not expect her to cuddle up or anything. But, turns out they were totally, totally wrong about that. I guess they just had subpar laps or something? Because, hee! KITTY ON MY LAP! ALWAYS! She is so cuuute omg I just want to squish her forever.
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( Apr. 26th, 2011 01:49 am)
It's less that I forgot and more that I was just feeling really, really unmotivated to type it all up.

30 Days of Video Games

Day 16 - Game with the best cut scenes )

The hope it that tomorrow I will not get sucked into both watching Enchanted and killing a million things in Dissidia 012 (no bonuses tomorrow and I can't believe they'd air it two days in a row, so these seem like safe assumptions).
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( Nov. 19th, 2010 12:49 am)
I'm back with more of this! Yay!

FFXIII Chapters 12 and 13 AKA THE END )

No spoilers for XIII here on out, even though I'm going to mention the game a few more times. A bit after my cat jumped on the remote and changed the channel, my brother turned up. He just went on break today, so. Long drive! I made him wait in the kitchen while I plugged in some headphones and watched the rest. We hung around a bit, then went out to find dinner, and mostly had a very long, hilarious discussion on how much of a wreck XIV is turning into (his prediction is that SE's going to have to give yet another free month, since the December overhaul/massive update isn’t until late in the month, and if they want people to stick around or come back, they're going to have to let people see what they've done), then moved on to the other games in the series. Lots of VII, I don't know why that was suddenly coming up.

… this got a bit long, so have another cut )

AND TOMORROW STARTS HELLWEEK. Nooo, Thanksgiving, why do you exist…

Also, a year ago today (well, last night, since it's after midnight) was when I had my huge freakout at my father and told him to start treating me like an adult and with the respect due to a sentient being or to leave me the hell alone. (He opted for the latter, but then went back on it, and it's perhaps a bit wrong that I was more sad when he decided to start speaking to me again than I was when he was avoiding me.) Though at least the events leading up to that explosion put my mother and brother on my side, and they now don't let him get away with treating me like crap all the time. Small steps.
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( Nov. 10th, 2010 08:21 pm)
Anyone who wants a card and/or small gift this December should drop me a note over on this entry.

FFXIII the rest of Chapter 11 )

And, beyond that (numerical order and all)...

Hilarity! The FFXIV free trial month has been extended to two now because SE has finally had to accept that its launch was LESS THAN SPECTACULAR and that it still needs some serious tweaking.

More on that. )

... Okay, I'm done talking about things no one understands now. XD

Anyway, when I heard they'd given out a second free month, I laughed and laughed and it huuurt so bad, because something is wrong with my lungs and breathing is hard and I have a cough sometimes. But! Good news! Word around is that this is the last stage of things and it should clear up in another day or two! So hopefully that plays out and I'm not coming down with, I dunno, pneumonia or something. That's a fun one. I'd gladly never have it again.
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( Oct. 8th, 2010 12:42 am)
'Cause why not.

FFXIII Chapter 11, or at least some of it, anyway )

I suspect it's not so much that this chapter is freakishly long as it is that I am wasting amazing amounts of time. Eh. The plot will wait for me!
(Last entry surprised me, too, really. And not just once, but twice?)

Chapter 11 of FFXIII is ... well, I am playing, but mostly I am running around killing things. I AM STILL PLAYING, THOUGH. I just am not accomplishing much, plot-wise, hence the sudden shutting up about it.

You know.

If anyone had been wondering.

(Edit: hey, ReBoot fans! Look! Shout! Factory, you continue to be amazing.)

Last night, I went to a candlelight vigil for the recent victims of homophobic bullying. That article tells about it (oh, hey, here's another, which I like better, actually, especially because it talks about the mother who talked about her child. I think most, if not all of us, cried a bit during her speech), and there's also a video. They don't, though, have a shot of the ending, where we all walked forward and set all our still-burning candles on the edge of the fountain. Which is a shame, because it was quite beautiful.

And of course I was emo about some of it later, but shut up, Jecca, it wasn't about you, and that's an entry for another time, if at all.

And, yes, I'll be wearing purple on the twentieth - and you should, too! - but I figure everyone's already seen that graphic / repost go by a hundred times, so I haven't put it up, myself. XD;
I was going to post this last night and then it got late so I was going to post it later this afternoon and then I was wrong about when I was going in to work, so I am posting it now while hopping around try to get my shoes on because if I sit, the cat will hop into my lap again.

FFXIII Chapters 9 and 10 and a little bit of 11 )

AND NOW RUN AWAY! (Because this entry really needed more capslock...)
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( Sep. 20th, 2010 02:12 am)
Previous f-locked entry regarding original characters and names removed due to me feeling stupid about posting it this evening. If anyone did have a comment for it but hadn't got around to posting it, you can just drop it, uh... Here. Or over there. Or... I don't care. XD Wherever. I do want to know, I just... felt it was a stupid entry.

ANYWAY. Doing other things is for people with lives.

FFXIII Chapters 7 and 8! )


I mentioned this under the cut, but if you’re not reading due to SPOILERS, obviously you won’t know. Anyway, they have a version of the chocobo song with lyrics and it’s kind of ridiculous and kind of cute, in a weird kind of way.


Oh, and. FFXIV beta is finally, truly over... Finished! May or may not do another photo dump of the other two towns / their openings. Would there be interest?
Hey, remember when I used to make entries about things that weren't Final Fantasy?

... Yeah, me, neither.

FFXIII Chapters 5 and 6 )

How many chapters are there, anyway, I wonder? Probably thirteen again. XD

Chapters 1-4, spoilers )

OKAY, CALLING IT A DAY (not that this is just one day’s worth of playing). And an entry, for that matter.