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2017-05-21 09:43 pm


No lie, mostly only managed to do this to check if SE were assholes and put spoilers for Shit Past Episode 7 in here. (Verdict: no, surprisingly.)

Episode Gladiolus )

Now I really need to go finish Dajh and Serah's Epic Fanfic because Tales of the Abyss arrived and I wanna play it.

PS allergy meds suck
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2017-05-08 01:38 am
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2017-05-08 01:10 am

I accidentally the game

The beginning of this installment has a lot of allcaps. You have been warned.

Chapter Ten )

This is barely worth posting by itself. Continuing on, then.


Chapter Twelve )

This is getting long, and the next bit is longer. Two-parter, then.
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2017-05-05 08:23 am

I'm tired.

Turns out I didn't actually hit Post on this last night, I was having Emotions.

Chapter 9 )

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2017-05-04 12:05 am

i am full of regrets for tomorrow

this game has consumed my souuulllll

Chapter Eight PART 2 )

and on that bombshell
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2017-04-30 11:52 pm

sunday is for sleeping and also wasting time

I was up waaaay too late last night, but I was going to be in bed on time tonight and then my roommate aggro'd me while I was feeding the cat and NOW IT IS LATE AGAIN

Chapter Eight Part 1 )

Not the full chapter, obviously, but this is long, so.
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2017-04-29 05:46 pm

there is a hornet trapped in my room it is irritating

I just realised I called the last entry chapter seven when it was really six.

Chapter Seven (for real this time) )

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2017-04-26 11:43 pm


This feels like it took forever but I think it's just because I had that whole Chicago irl sidequest in the middle.


These loading screens take so damn long.
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2017-04-17 10:21 pm

I accidentally Chapter 5

I didn't do much besides game this weekend, if you were wondering.

whoops )

Seriously contemplating ditching the FFXV tag altogether since "these idiots" is the same thing.
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2017-04-15 05:31 pm




DIVIDING THESE ENTRIES BY CHAPTER IS STARTING TO FEEL SILLY maybe chapter five will see me being distracted again
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2017-04-15 04:25 pm

Chapter Three ended sooner than I thought.

So this'll be short.


And I continue on into chapter four immediately.
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2017-04-09 01:29 am

NOCT --- another one out!


Chapter Three, part one and two-thirds I guess )

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2017-04-03 10:37 pm

I should go icon hunting.

okay I went back to FFXIV for a few days because NEW MSQ and, you know, the expansion is coming out mid-June, so I definitely need to hurry to finish the Heavensward storyline. ONLY GOT TWO AND A HALF MONTHS.

(It was good, even if it did smash Onion head-canon into tiny little pieces. NO ONE TOOK IT SERIOUSLY AND WHO COULD EVEN COMPLAIN cutscene it did call back to End of an Era maybe a little too much but whatever, most characters don't still have lingering trauma from that, sorry Rana.)

Back to this again now. Since this is so (comparatively) short, it doesn't get to be part two.


I've just been told that Chapter 3 is sort of the equivalent of XIII's chapter 11, so no wonder it's SIDEQUESTS FOR DAYS over here.
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2017-03-27 09:34 pm



FFXV Chapter 3 PART 1 )

this game is killing me but in the good way so far at least
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2017-03-23 11:24 pm

I had an entry title but now I've forgotten it :(


Chapter 2 )

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2017-03-19 07:30 pm


Okay, y'all, it's like this: XIII-3 is apparently too stressful for me to play without a game buddy. I don't know WHY I am incapable of dealing with it solo, but I am, so until I can find someone to actually sit with or who wants to hang out in a voice chat with me, I'm just giving up on it. I LET YOU GO, GUILT.

What this is leading up to is that, you remember that PS4 I bought back in, you know, November? It's finally up and running, and I watched the Brotherhood shorts and Kingsglaive (I could not stop seeing MCU's Pepper Potts in place of Lunafreya oh my god what), and I've knocked the FFXV demo out of the way, gimme dat atomic squirrel.

Carbuncle was actually not atomic in the demo. Very cute, but not glowing. CONFLICTED FEELINGS.

Also I was super bad at it, the major downside of playing FFXIV on controller is that not every other game uses the same button map, NOCT WHY AREN'T YOU JUMPING I'M HITTING TRIANGLE FGSSDFJKFDSSSssss.... right, it's X.

So yeah, bro'd trip. Let's see how we fare.

Read more... )

AAAAND that's a wrap on Chapter one (plus a little, really), so let's call it a night. My brother's asking me to run a dungeon in XIV, anyway.

BTW, I streamed today's play, who knows if I'll do it again, but, tada. It will mostly me walked around, getting lost, fighting badly, and listening to these idiots be stupid at each other. I did not save the first round. I am not sure I will save future ones! But if you are bored then maybe I will be playing something badly and you can watch.

(Oh man I can't wait for Uncharted and all the cliff-falling-offs.)

Also I apologize for any missing H's the key keeps sticking on my keyboard uuugh.
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2012-04-03 10:29 pm

"You sound like a lady!"

Unbeknownst to the poor, bewildered child, the reason for that is that I am, in fact, a lady.



When last we left, I was hopping aimlessly around the timeline trying to finish quests and solve puzzles and generally avoiding going off to beat the game. But then that got old. AND SO:

I BEAT FFXIII-2. Spoilers, obviously. )

So, yeah, that just happened.

I guess later I will go look for more mysteries with my shiny new item/ability/thing, but for now it can wait.
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2012-03-27 08:18 pm

Our prayers meet no matter where we're going~

or whatever they're actually saying

Lack of updates. Here's some more FFXIII-2. I ... I think I'm right before the final boss, but I haven't actually gone ahead to find out for sure or not. This is not quite up to where I am. But at this point I'm mostly skipping around finishing off quests and hunting items and stuff, so it doesn't really matter.

This picks up at Augusta Tower 200 AF and runs up to Academia 500 AF.

And it starts with some grumping. )

So yeah. That was getting a bit long in my word doc. Now it's here, instead.

ta da.
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2012-03-15 10:36 pm

I am not really back, exactly!

My computer is up and running again! Sort of! My father and brother, using phones and the internet and free time, were able to take the beast apart and poke at it or something until it remembered how to work (I wasn't there and my father is not the best at describing things). It is a bit precarious, and I definitely need to get a new computer now, but at least it is sort of working!

Meanwhile, I somehow injured my back and have been experiencing Super Fun Muscle Spasms for the last, er, two weeks, now. They're not near as bad as they were, though, just sometimes I'll do something that aggravates them (like, uh, sweeping, apparently! Which is bad news when I have to close the department at work).

Also, my wheelchair-bound cousin (the one who's wife was unfairly jailed) has been getting worse and worse since the sentencing, and that sort of (hopefully?) hit its peak when he went into ORGAN FAILURE last week, that was awesome. They got him stabilized, and he's responsive again, but aaaaaugh.

Also some other stuff but none of it comes to mind, whoops.

ALSO I HAVE BEEN SPENDING WAY TOO MUCH TIME PLAYING FFXIII-2 so here is A LOT of that. ('s about 18 pages in Word.)

Up to Augusta Tower 200 AF, if that means anything )

So, there's that.

Anyway, yeah. I am back online, but, as stated above, it is a bit precarious, so I will probably still mostly be absent.

OH WAIT YES I see that they've announced when Korra will start showing! COME ON, APRIL 14th! whoooo \o/
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2012-02-21 12:49 am

Raging and Rambling

WE DO NOT DO SMALL-SCALE DISASTERS IN MY DEPARTMENT. uuugh. Two of our full-timers are out again, our cake decorator is having crazy pregnancy complications and is probably gonna be put on maternity leave early (not like she's been in the last few days, anyway), and the two other part-timers are never available when we need them. Also our oven/proofer is malfunctioning again, and customers are being even more lunatic than usual. This was day three of my five 8+ hour shifts in a row. I am super tired already and really don't wanna go in again, because NOTHING'S GONE RIGHT THE LAST THREE DAYS WHY WOULD IT START GOING RIGHT NOW? Also I am sick of people yelling at me about there not being any cakes they want in the cake case IT IS NOT MY FAULT I am only one person and I have to finish all the last-minute special orders people keep placing before I can set about working on the damn thing! D: Also the stress is dropping me back into depressionville, which sucks (and which is leading me to do stupid things that I know will only hurt me more in the long run, fuck's sake, self, stop stop stop stop stop).

So that was my venting.

(Please can today be a good day? Also thank god i have this and next weekend off for happy travel times...)

NOW. GAWD, PS3, do you really need to update every single time I put a new disc in? (Yes, yes, yes, I know, but it is a bit tiresome. I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME ARGJHRKJLKSDADJEL)

ANYWAY AERINITY (who is not on DW and I can't be bothered to link to LJ) IS AWESOME AND AMAZING AND FANTASTIC AND also not reading this BUT OH WELL IT IS ALL TRUE.



Seeeeeā€¦ )

Also, another update on the cat! When they brought her to me, they told me she was not, and had never been, one to sit on laps, so I should not expect her to cuddle up or anything. But, turns out they were totally, totally wrong about that. I guess they just had subpar laps or something? Because, hee! KITTY ON MY LAP! ALWAYS! She is so cuuute omg I just want to squish her forever.