So I mentioned I ordered one of the FFXV Play Arts KAI figures, and he arrived over the weekend, so have some shots. They have come a long way from the ones they originally released back in 2004 or so, damn.

cut for images )

So of course now I need the other three, and of course Noct is on indefinite backorder. SIGH.
Surprise! It's Christmas again! I'm going to try to get back to the December prompt list, and so, picking up where I left off, today is "Spam some plush shenanigans - all the plush shenanigans! :P"

I don't know about ALL, but here are some, anyway. )

Today, very sad thing, there's a cute church not too far from where I live. It wasn't actually in use, though apparently they were about to reopen it, and they'd been letting homeless people sleep in it. Something happened, no one knows what yet, but it caught fire this afternoon, and now it's a total mess. I went out and rubbernecked for a while, until I got too cold and upset (I am not a shining paragon of emotional stability at the moment) and then I went back home and found out that my apartment was affected by the power outage they'd initiated so I couldn't turn the heat on.

Also yesterday I finally dug my kindle back out and loaded most of my massive book backlog onto it and then I sat and read the entirety of World of Trouble and I haven't cried that hard from a book in a while (though, again, not exactly on stable footing, emotions-wise, and also meteors hitting planets seems to be some sort of trigger of mine, fucking dalamud), but it was so, so good. THAT LAST SENTENCE, AUGH.
oh my god why am I in so much pain today I HAVE BEEN TAKING MY PAIN KILLERS. WHAT IS GOING ON. WHY, ANKLE. TIBIA. THING.


And yet it's still only like a 6, 7 on the Ankle Pain scale. I HAVE HAD WORSE. But fuck it all if that means I enjoy this. wtf is going to happen to me when i run out of pain meds tomorrow i am so afraid

Anyway, Baco wanted some pic spam from my MMOs, but, as mentioned way back on Actual Day 14, I haven't really been playing XI lately, so I haven't pulled screencaps from it onto my external recently. BUT HAVE SOME STUFF FROM FFXIV. Some of them are pretty, some of them are weird.

images duh )

While I realise this would have made more sense to ask earlier, what's a good (free) image hosting site people use? Facebook is okay for photos and all, but it ruins screencaps.
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( May. 8th, 2012 01:47 pm)
As mentioned at the end of the previous post, following the closing down of BotCon, a few of us went on to do more things. So here they are!

This post is actually image-heavy, as opposed to links-to-images heavy.

Post-Convention Adventure! )


My only regret is that I was entirely unable to meet up with Wyntir. :< Maybe next time there will be phone service enough that I can place phone calls and we can arrange something?

(Seriously, it was ridiculous. At one point, I tried to call my taxi and cancel my pick-up Sunday afternoon, and I couldn't do it! So I had to text someone all the information and have them do it.)

I messed with Texas. NOW IT HAS VERMONT COOTIES. Also now I have Texas cooties. I suppose some things simply can't be avoided.

Now, though, it is finally time for me to post my write-up! It took me a week because I got back home to both peak allergies and insane work scheduling, so I have been very busy trying to not pass out everywhere. And also watching The Avengers repeatedly because oh shit how awesome is that movie? PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY.

ANYWAY. If you just want the photo dump, it can be found here on Facebook. Elsewise, read on for entirely too much blathering on my part.

BotCon write-up + too many pictures )

WORDS. WORDS EVERYWHERE. I will have an update on my life later, because shit done gone down or... something (it is nothing so dramatic as that implies).
I've attended too many voice actor panels! Mom was listening to Terry Gross on the radio, and she has some voice / actor on, and I already knew all the answers to the questions she was asking. GET TO THE HIJINKS! (and then she did, and all was good)

Anyway, it's cold today. And it was apparently cold yesterday, but I wouldn't know, because I somehow spent the entire day asleep, because fifteen hours (UNTIL 5 PM) is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to be unconscious. And then being tired about eight hours later? Also normal. I am tired today, too. What the hell is wrong with me this time? Maybe I am just trying to hibernate through the season.

So, anyway, normally with sub-zero temperatures we'd have a fire going, buuut...

So, here's the Christmas entry )


Since then, I have not done much other than work and sleep for-freaking-ever. And play a little on my shiny PS3. FFXIV starts billing tomorrow, but I remembered to set everything up, there.

The Doctor Who Christmas special was kind of disappointing, I have not had a chance to watch Top Gear (FOR SHAME, JECCA), and Sherlock was goddamn amazing except when it wasn't (which was, at least, the minority of the time, and which I am working on mostly undoing by deciding to reinterpret things).

Also this afternoon my parents and brother tried to get me tipsy, but it didn't quite work because wine is awful.

(My brother is taking a wine class at school, and for his homework he had to do a little wine-tasting thing, so we were all sitting around sipping wine for like an hour. I didn't finish any of my partial glasses, but I still ended up consuming more than I had in all the rest of my life. Unpleasant!)
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( Jun. 24th, 2011 12:42 am)
Hopefully the terrible tie lives up to any expectations you may have built up!

dramatic pause while the cut loads... )

AND NOW BEDTIME, because tomorrow? Chicago! *please no bedbugs, please no bedbugs, please no bedbugs*
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( Jun. 10th, 2011 02:36 am)
I said "by Friday" and teeechnically it is not Friday yet in other places! Like California! Which was where I was when I said that. So, fair's fair, right? It's not late.

...A-anyway, if anyone wants larger copies, I have those. Also, if anyone wants their picture taken down, I will, of course, respect that.)

I survived the weekend! And the flights home! And then working immediately after flying a red-eye. I have not done much besides sleep and work the last two days, but I am actually feeling awake now, so let's try and tackle this massive trip post.

SO MANY WORDS and also pictures )

Here's a link to 'em, instead.
Okay, here's the actual photo-spam post from BotCon. (Please note that due to pictures of Real People and me not knowing how they feel about it, the first half - posted second - is under friends lock.)

Do I really need to warn for excess images? )

The ice is out on Joe's Pond! Yaaay, it really is finally spring! (I guess it happened last night, and possibly it was more washed out than anything, but, woohoo.) (... hahaha, oh, god, my state is so ridiculous.)

30 Days of Video Games

Day 19 - Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in )

Day off tomorrow. Place bets now: will I or will I not do anything remotely productive? (Getting out of bed will not count.)

EXCITING! The next edition of the FINAL FANTASY XI Ultimate Collection will have the three Abyssea add-ons! Yay, May 16th! (Six days after the server merges and version update finally happen, whee.) And then we can all have a Prishe statue. XD

jooooiiin uuuuuus and you'll get a cute hat
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( Apr. 23rd, 2011 02:06 pm)
So after yesterday's bit of stress, I completely jinxed myself and today I woke up feeling like crap. It may just be allergies, I am going to pretend it is still just allergies, but, uuugh. My brain feels fuzzy and my neck hurts.

30 Days of Video Games

Day 14 - Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper )

My brother has taken to the habit of "spidering" me. ("Spidering" refers to linking someone with any sort of fear of spiders to images of or relating to spiders.) It bothers me less than you'd think, though, because looking at pictures of spiders doesn't really bother me. Sort of them are actually kinda funny. Here are some examples, for the brave (something similar happened to me once it was terrible) and/or curious and/or stupid.
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( Mar. 22nd, 2011 12:20 am)

BUT GUYS, GUYS. My brother is the best person in the world.

And also he made this for me (the two may or may not be related AND NO ONE WILL UNDERSTAND THIS):

Image! )


I must print it and put it over the real one.


Also I registered for BotCon or something.

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( Oct. 24th, 2010 12:27 am)
Two parts to this. One's some pictures, one's some musicmeme.

Part one: Cat )

And part two is one of those memes where you're assigned a letter and then you have to post 5 songs, but as history has established, I'm bad with numbers.

Part two: Noise )

Let me know if any of those manymany links are broken, please.

OH HEY THIS IS COOL, someone took a bunch of Transformers: Animated toys and redid them as the whole Beast Wars cast (well, okay, Blackarachnia and Waspinator didn't really take much effort). Check it out!

(MEANWHILE, IN REALITY... my brain is refusing to shut down at night. I have been up until 6 am and up by 10:30 the last two nights, and while I'm beginning to drag physically, my brain is still plugging away at... something. It's all subconscious brain-noise, so I don't even know what it's getting up to that's keeping me wide awake until all hours of the morning...)
I need to just bite the bullet and start crossposting.

I meant to put these up here, but now I don't have the energy for it, but! I did write (excessively) about my trip to Florida/Disney/BotCon! I will at least link to them.

Tuesday (travel) and Wednesday (Animal Kingdom)

Thursday (Epcot) and Friday night (Magic Kingdom)

BotCon and Sunday evening

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( Jul. 2nd, 2010 03:51 am)

BotCon and Sunday evening )


Though, I swear I keep hearing something moving around outside and it's really freaking me out, so maybe I won't be sleeping as much as I'd like. Boo.
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( Jul. 1st, 2010 02:15 pm)

Thursday (Epcot), Friday night (Magic Kingdom) )


Also, BotCon post is next. I mean it this time.

... also I am apparently not getting comment notifications.
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( Jun. 30th, 2010 01:48 am)
I'm not sure here at the beginning if this is going to be one post or two. Either way, I'm going to go on about travel, the hotel, and Disney before I talk about BotCon, because, uh. BECAUSE. SO THERE. Mostly this means I just swap Friday afternoon and Friday night. Also, I can't be bothered to try and upload all of these things to Photobucket, so I'm going to try directly linking from Facebook. We'll see how it goes! Whee.

PART 1: Tuesday (travel) and Wednesday (Animal Kingdom) )

Okay, that is so ridiculously long. The good news is, Animal Kingdom had, by far, the most pictures. A solid half, at least. So I might be able to fit the rest into one entry tomorrow, or maybe it'll be another two more, but either way, it will not be as ridiculously long as this one. Waugh. @_@

And if you don't care or just want to see all the pictures NOW, Disney / non-BotCon pics are all in this album and BotCon pics are all in THIS album!

oh god i hope i did all those links correctly OR RATHER THAT LJ DOESN'T EAT THEM, WHICH IT DID, AND IT TOOK ME HALF AN HOUR TO FIX THEM ALL. (And I don't even know that I caught them all, but at least it's not full of ERROR messages now.) Man, I hope someone actually reads these. Otherwise this was an epic waste of time an energy. XD
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( May. 19th, 2010 12:34 pm)
Apparently I am still recovering from being dead exhausted, as I cannot be bothered to rename the files from the number my camera gave them? Or maybe I am just lazy today. YOU DECIDE.

If you follow me on Facebook (where my Search function STILL doesn't work. Still confused about that), you've already seen most of these, and I'm still not posting any of my relatives. Because that is probably kinda boring. LOOK, PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW STANDING OR SITTING AROUND TALKING AND EATING.

(edit: crazy people will notice the image quality degraded somewhat. I deleted the album from Photobucket and am now just linking from Facebook, 'cause I needed the extra room.)

Image heavy, obviously )

In completely unrelated news, on the off chance that you care and haven't heard yet, BotCon pre-reg FINALLY opened (five weeks, guys? That's cutting it a little close, don't you think?) and since my collector's club account hates me, I got to call them today and sort out what the heck the problem was. Turns out they had me in the system twice. Somehow. But I can log in directly now, instead of the roundabout way of pretending like I need to edit my account info. And I got to pay less to register. So, eh.

I just got access to Mom's pictures, so I may add a few tonight. JUST SO YOU KNOW?

Edit 2, earlier than I'd thought )

Now I'm done.
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( Apr. 14th, 2010 03:22 am)
So I was just on Yahoo checking the weather for tomorrow, and I see this:

... Apparently Vermont migrated to a polar circle or something. I wish people would tell me these things.
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( Mar. 2nd, 2010 03:22 pm)
Woke up freakishly early Friday morning because we were leaving early and because I have a bunch of errands to run before we left. So I throw myself to the floor around 7 am? Run around, barely finish everything, and am ready to go at 9 am! .... 9:05 the phone rings, it's my mother, she's only just leaving, so I've got an hour to waste. I COULD HAVE SLEPT MORE? Woe. She arrives, we finally leave, everything's good! It's kind of warm, sun is shining... We drive without incident for five hours! Then we pull over to change drivers and, in a display if incredible timing skill, my brother calls while we're at the rest stop. He wanted to let us know it was snowing where he was, had been snowing for the last day+. We still had blue skies and sun, so that was kind of strange to hear. SURE ENOUGH, THOUGH, I've barely been driving for ten minutes when suddenly it's snowing! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?! I don't drive long ("only" about two hours), because my ankle's still bothering me, and the snow's only been getting worse as we've gone along. (I have a bunch of pictures taken from the car, if anyone wants me to upload them, just let me know. Or check Facebook, since they're up there.) It ended up snowing the entire weekend. And nothing accumulated! It was insane.

Anyway, we rolled into town, checked into a room, and then met my brother... wasted some time, ate dinner, crashed early (driving all day can do that). On Saturday, we went to the National Museum of Play, 'cause they've got a LEGO exhibit right now (Nathan Sawaya's stuff), and it was AWESOME. Here is a photo link dump, but I think all of them can be seen at his site (and the pictures are probably better quality. Light was a little too low for no flash, but then the flash bounced off them). LEGO tree, man and his reflection, paint project, no flash and with flash.

Random other images from the trip include the tree behind my brother's place (he doesn't know why there are chairs in it), a MASSIVE SNOWMAN OMG seriously this thing was ridiculous, and the only magnet on their fridge (I love the duck's expression. IT KNOWS IT IS IRRITATING YOU AND IT DOESN'T CARE. It is mocking you).

We ate more delicious food (we ate a lot of delicious food...), didn't really do anything on Sunday, and then drove home Monday in THANKFULLY NOT A SNOWSTORM (we drove home in the dark in a snowstorm last year). It did rain, though.

AND THEN I CAME HOME AND FFXI / THE PLAYERBASE HAD EXPLODED. (To be fair, I knew about that before I got home again, since my brother had seen most of it and told me.) Those of you who get mail from my FFXI characters, in the next set of letters they're ignoring the fourth wall again. More so than usual, I mean. Just so you're prepared.


Transformers fandom is full of lunatics in the best ways possible. The thread's a bit long, but you can just read the first post for the story.