... over fictional characters.

I got curious how many chapters are in FFXV (fifteen seemed like a safe guess because lolsqueenix but I wanted to know for sure) so I asked Google, you'd think I'd know better.

Not actually anything I'd call a spoiler but just in case, plus I end up musing briefly on the previous 14+ titles )

In conclusion: i'm watching you, square
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( Mar. 19th, 2017 07:30 pm)
Okay, y'all, it's like this: XIII-3 is apparently too stressful for me to play without a game buddy. I don't know WHY I am incapable of dealing with it solo, but I am, so until I can find someone to actually sit with or who wants to hang out in a voice chat with me, I'm just giving up on it. I LET YOU GO, GUILT.

What this is leading up to is that, you remember that PS4 I bought back in, you know, November? It's finally up and running, and I watched the Brotherhood shorts and Kingsglaive (I could not stop seeing MCU's Pepper Potts in place of Lunafreya oh my god what), and I've knocked the FFXV demo out of the way, gimme dat atomic squirrel.

Carbuncle was actually not atomic in the demo. Very cute, but not glowing. CONFLICTED FEELINGS.

Also I was super bad at it, the major downside of playing FFXIV on controller is that not every other game uses the same button map, NOCT WHY AREN'T YOU JUMPING I'M HITTING TRIANGLE FGSSDFJKFDSSSssss.... right, it's X.

So yeah, bro'd trip. Let's see how we fare.

Read more... )

AAAAND that's a wrap on Chapter one (plus a little, really), so let's call it a night. My brother's asking me to run a dungeon in XIV, anyway.

BTW, I streamed today's play, who knows if I'll do it again, but, tada. It will mostly me walked around, getting lost, fighting badly, and listening to these idiots be stupid at each other. I did not save the first round. I am not sure I will save future ones! But if you are bored then maybe I will be playing something badly and you can watch.

(Oh man I can't wait for Uncharted and all the cliff-falling-offs.)

Also I apologize for any missing H's the key keeps sticking on my keyboard uuugh.
Today the question is this: Favorite of your most recently played video games?

Today is Day Fourteen. 14. XIV. If you will.

GUYS I HAVE A HILARIOUS AND HORRIBLE CONFESSION TO MAKE. I have pretty much only been playing my MMOs for the last, like, year. Because I've only bought one new game and switching the monitor from the tower to the PS3 is, like, so much work or something (and, frankly, I'm a bit terrified of playing Lightning Returns because it has a time limit or ... something? And I don't wanna get it wroooong. SOMEONE REASSURE ME). And also I haven't really been playing XI lately.



day 14 is 14. lol.

I guess i could babble about why a bit? )

obligatory post-cut text

oh shit tomorrow's day 15. I HAVE TO PICK ANOTHER CHARACTER AUGH
TRAVEL ENTRY THE FIRST because i was a bit busy near the end of last month. So! Final Fantasy XIV ver2.0 / A Realm Reborn turned one year old recently! And Squeenix decided to celebrate by bringing back their Fan Festivals. They had a bunch of them for FFXI, but that was many years ago, when I was younger and even more broke. And they were always in Los Angeles, which, you know, that's fine, but by the time I was old enough to feel confident in myself to consider going, I was already flying off to BotCons, and two weekend trips to the west coast in one year is still more than I want to bother with, even though I could probably get away with it now. I HAVE ALWAYS REGRETTED THIS. So when they announced they were throwing one for XIV, even though it was in October and I already had plans for TFCon Chicago, and even though it was all the way over in Las Vegas, I was like, I'M GOING.

Fortunately, they were considerate enough to not plan it for the same weekend as TFCon. I was not prepared to deal with that. Back-to-back weekends, instead, which, while exhausting, was at least physically possibly for me to pull off.

So here is my Vegas trip! )

And that was my Vegas trip, in less than 4,000 words.

(It did not END there, of course, because I'd bought stuff for my in-game friends and then I had the drama of trying to get it shipped before leaving for TFCon. I did just barely manage it over my lunch hour. Despite there being a post office like five minutes from my work. I stood in line - THE ONLY PERSON IN LINE - for 40 minutes.)

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT. Despite all the horrid line mismanagement, I had a blast. I will totally go again if they have another one next year.
Distressed. Depressed. Mooooooooooooooooooooood.


FFXIV just launched a Recruit a Friend campaign and oh my god I want the items. Also I want people to play 'cause it's awesome. AND SO I MAKE AN OFFER:

If someone wants to try FFXIV, and I don't mean just the free trial, I mean, play the game for free, LET ME KNOW. You must buy yourself a copy of the game - it is not too expensive, only like 20, 25 dollars USA, I think. Platform doesn't matter, it is on Windows PC, PS3, and PS4 now, and they all play on the same servers - and you accept my friend recruitment thing. I - I guess if you're really super interested and have a computer you can play but, but are super broke, I could buy it for you over Steam, too?

I WILL PAY FOR YOUR FIRST 90 DAYS. Three months, no questions.

And, should you want it, you can have instant access to a group of capable, friendly, nerds from all over the globe (we got Australians, Canadians, Europeans - I think Austria but I can't swear to it, Americans...) to help you out. Or you can pretend you don't know me and just go about your business. I won't even have to know your in-game name if you'd rather.
I know there's one or two of you here... But I'm stupid in some ways and would feel bad and awkward approaching anyone directly, so instead I am doing this here, where I will feel less bad if no one answers me.

Way back in the middle of May, about the time the roads around here were being washed out by torrential rains, my mother and I went and got our ears pierced. She'd been wanting to get hers done for, mm, years, but she was afraid, so I finally told her I would go with her and have mine done first. And so that is what happened.

Well. I maybe have a minor obsession with some video games? Including one which had the apocalypse happen last November. In that game there is an earring! And I am kind of hoping someone could make me one like it? Only slightly less golfball-sized? I've got a bunch of shots of the thing plastered together here.

I'm totally willing to pay for it, of course. The only catch is that I need it before October.

(GUYS. I'm going to yet another Distant Worlds concert, because it's down in Boston and that's really not very far away. AND IT IS OCTOBER SIXTH. yeeee)
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( Nov. 29th, 2012 07:44 pm)
Oookay. Let's see how long I make it this time! I've gone through the worst of the weirdness (we're now in the overcompensation mode where I am aggressively cheerful but also exceptionally exhausted because faking having energy is dead tiring) so hopefully soon I'll start seeing some real, positive results. Also, I've started taking vitamin D, which is supposed to help? Cautious optimism.

(FFXIV alpha trials are underway here in North America! I am not invited, alas. Maybe next phase!)

Next week! At this time! I will be in CHICAGO. So excited. The "25th Anniverary of Final Fantasy" Distant Worlds concert is on Friday, and I am absolutely going to be there. X3 My trips to and from are a bit convoluted, but they are cheap, so that is okay. I know someone who lives relatively close to the airport there in NYC and she is letting me crash on her couch on Wednesday and Saturday night. yay! I should bring or obtain a gift to express my gratitude. Saving money is awesome. Holidays are coming up, after all, gotta be able to buy... anything.

Actually, I am hoping to make a little extra by selling off more of my Transformers collection (as well as a few Final Fantasy figures). A fair bit of movie and BotCon stuff, as well as other random offerings. More-reasonable-than-eBay prices! Watch this space, if you've any interest.

Also hey speaking of holidays, who wants a card? Please leave a comment here (screened) or PM it to me or something? :3 I do not have energy or inclination to do much in the way of making them myself this year, but I still like to send them out. I have a bunch of pretty designs and nifty stamps.
Hello! I survived my trip! I have many things to say about it, not all of them particularly nice.

But I am also really, really tired, because air travel is somehow exhausting.

So instead I leave you with this burning question:

Has Lightning always had her bellybutton pierced, or is this one of those weird, one-off, promotion art-only kinda deals?

... no, really, I'm serious.
I guess Chicago and the following week+ of superstress burnt me out more than I'd thought? Actually, Chicago was amazing. I meant to write up a post about it earlier. Oops. (I've meant to do a lot of things lately. None of it's been happening. It's troublesome.)

Not actually image heavy, but still long. )

In short, if you ever get a chance to attend a Final Fantasy concert - ie, if they're ever anywhere near you (and assuming you care about the games/music) - DO IT DO IT DO IT RIGHT NOW WHY HAVE YOU NOT BOUGHT YOUR TICKET ALREADY.

And now I need to go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow I get about catching up on things, eh? (And maybe I'll have the energy to tell you all about my exciting - that is, stressful - that is, SE dropped the ball again - weekend! And maybe Dark of the Moon, which I keep typing as dork...)
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( Apr. 13th, 2011 10:07 pm)
Oh, goodness. I had a bizarre work schedule today, in that I went to work but then did not close (THIS NEVER HAPPENS). Just a four-hour shift in the morning/early afternoon. So I got home and went to check a few things online, and then, since I got up at 8 am and didn't get to bed until ... later than I should have, I decided, since I am tired and have half the afternoon and all evening ahead of me, I will take a nap! And I set my alarm clock and set it a few feet away and curled up in a blanket and ... woke up at 8 pm. Ugh! What the hell?

I keep having things I mean to write about but I never remember what they are once I'm actually sitting here. It's annoying.

30 Days of Video Games

Day 04 - Your guilty pleasure game )

Anyway, y'know. Ghosts. Some people believe in them! Some people do not! Some people, like my father, are very confusing in that they fully admit to having had a ghost encounter and yet still do not believe in them. (Very strange.)

In the basement of my parents' house, for a very, very long time (as far back as I can remember), I did not like to go down there alone! I always felt like I was being watched. It was creepy. Hairs standing up on the back of my neck and all. Didn't like it. Other people would ask about it (without my having ever mentioned it to them) sometimes, if we were ever down there for some reason. One time, my father had a friend over and they were down in the basement, I dunno, playing table tennis or something, and the guy said, did you know you have a ghost living down here? And we were like, well, I guess that explains a few things, anyway, but, no, we didn't know that!

Years later, one of my mother's brothers and his wife were visiting, and she says she is very connected to the spirit world and stuff, and she was down there with my mom once and was like, did you know you have a ghost named Robert down here? And then she spent a while talking to Robert the Ghost. And then someone else did the same thing (also using the name Robert) later, still. And none of these people knew each other, and I know we hadn't mentioned the ghost to two of them (the first guy and the last guy, I suppose my aunt may have been told), and they all pointed to the same area of the basement...

Then, several years back, my parents did two things. One, they got rid of the freezer down there and replaced it with a smaller one. Two, they burned a lot of the scrap wood that hung around in the same approximate area. Now, I never go into the basement if I can help it (creepy-feeling + FULL OF SPIDERS = double avoidance), so I didn't notice for a while, but I was down there once and was like, I feel Not Stared At. ... Weird. Mentioned it to Mom and she said, yeah, I've noticed the same thing. A bit later, unrelated, one of the guys was over again and he said, hey, your ghost is gone. (So either we burned him away or shipped him off with the unsuspecting people who took the freezer. I kind of hope it was burning, because the only reason I can imagine someone haunting a freezer is if they died in it or something, which, uh. KIND OF CREEPY.)

...This is just coming out 'cause I was reading some stuff earlier that basically was one group of people going THERE IS A LOGICAL EXPLANATION FOR EVERYTHING and the other group of people going WHY CAN'T IT BE GHOSTS SOMETIMES and me just thinking of that and wondering what rational explanation there would be for Robert the Basement Ghost.
Moving on.


Using my real name that people call me (as opposed to my real full name which no one uses), I am #610, a Flying/Dark Cat-type. Height 12′10″, Weight 391.8 lbs. "It eats 6 kilograms of trash a day. It howls elegantly and is said to represent the lake."

(Answers change depending on whether or not you use capitalization, but you always get the same answer for the same name.)

Since we're on the subject, anyway, have a video. I cannot believe the time and effort it must have taken to re-skin all these creatures (all the summons and no small amount of monsters), oh, my gosh. They had serious dedication to this. XD

And speaking of Final Fantasy MMOs, Squeenix used the wrong "right" on their Rite of Passage certificate and I laugh at them. (Well, it's more like I snort in amusement, but same difference.)

And in entirely unrelated news, my mother finally made it home from California (she's been stuck out there due to Weather delaying flights and then my grandmother being stuck in the hospital, but that's a looong story, and it's probably not that interesting.)
FFXIV Beta sign ups are open, if you want to try and get in.

What the hell? This entry is entirely too short. IT SNOWED TODAY. A LOT. And of course it chose to do this while I was out. I got everything mailed, though I didn't remember until I was standing in the post office wrestling with boxes and duct tape that I should have brought something to stuff in the boxes to take up the extra space. Oh, well. I think everything should arrive mostly undamaged... And I correctly remembered how much postage was needed to send things overseas, which was kinda cool (it is up to 98 cents now, for the curious).

Also, I raided Game Stop again and this week they did have a copy of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, so I bought that, because I guess I want to hurt my parents or something. MERRY CHRISTMAS, MOM, HERE IS SOME HORRIBLE, MENTAL TRAUMA-INFLICTING FUN. ... It could be worse! It could be a remake of SH2.

So now my shopping is done and my mailing is done and now all I need to do is get everything (that isn't Aniko's present, anyway, since I do have that wrapped, at least) wrapped. Which'll have to wait until Christmas Eve, when I am home and have wrapping paper. Wheeee.

Also, here is my amazing tale of how I DIDN'T fall down on my walk back after I ran my errands, mostly copy/pasted from an AIM conversation:

The sidewalk was covered in snow, and there was ice under the snow in some places, and it was still snowing (the fat, fluffy, SLIPPERY stuff), so you can probably guess how I came to slip. I started going backwards, but - you know how sometimes you can catch yourself on your arm before you completely hit the ground? - I had a box under my left arm, and I was falling to the left, so somehow, instead, I shifted my weight, over corrected and started falling FORWARD (fail), and then centered and only came down in an almost-crouching position. I never actually hit the ground anywhere.

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( Dec. 3rd, 2009 01:10 am)
As now, as requested, here are several pages of me being annoyed with Dissidia’s blatant cheating.


And now I go to beeeeed.
Nearly forgot these... Here is the first! It is only the second half of me rambling on about Dissidia.

14 pages worth of it, though. )

So, now that we’re halfway through the month of November and I don’t feel like suddenly actually committing to getting 50k words out of myself by the end of the month, I have suddenly come up with exactly what I am going to do for next year. Maybe I can come up with something slightly less hilariously lame. We shall see. I HOPE I DO NOT FORGET BECAUSE it made me giggle at the sheer idiocy of it. I have made a note to myself, but who’s to say if I’ll remember it’s there, or that I won’t lose it somehow, or… whatever.

I was maybe stupid enough to tell my manager I’m totally able to work Thanksgiving. Uuh. Self, what. At least I’ll get out at 3 instead of when it is DARK AND COLD AND DINNER IS OVER. And, according to my brother, who has worked for the same store (well, same chain, different location. Where I used to work), Thanksgiving day itself is actually pretty slow. Probably because everyone’s busy cooking.

In entirely unrelated news, the ending of Final Fantasy X still makes me do that weird thing where your eyes are leaking but you aren’t really crying? Except then the credits start rolling and I don’t have to watch anything anymore and then I kind of do cry a bit. I know I wrote a memo to myself regarding watching things that will make me cry shortly after cleaning my glasses, mostly concluding that I should not do this. I WILL NEVER LEARN.

I was going to beat it last night, but when I went to tell Aniko to STAY OUT OF THE ROOM because, you know, spoilers, it somehow came around to me starting a new file. But no such thing happened tonight and it's kind of like Ecco in that once I get the idea in my head that I need to play it, I can't get it back out until I remember exactly how it hurts me. (This is Dissidia's fault, though. How dare you use the musical cues, game?! Ecco is almost always entirely my own doing.)

Man, also, at work this evening I suddenly had an awesome idea for something to write (not the NaNo thing, that’s actually a day or two old), but by the time I had finished walking home I’d talked myself out of it. I can’t quite bring myself to say it’s a terrible idea, simply because it amuses me, and while I won’t deny at all that my sense of humor is questionable at best, it is hard to dislike something that genuinely entertains you, isn’t it?

Part of the problem might be that it was FFVIII-related, and I am ridiculously intimidated by the idea of even writing, never mind actually posting, anything about it. And I worry a lot about getting everyone wrong, because mostly I either don’t relate to them at all (personality-wise, I mean) and so wonder if I’m really doing them any justice, or because I relate to them entirely too much and then I wonder if I’m projecting. And my brain is really addled from LIFE these days and I can't remember if canon is as ambiguous as I'm coming up with or if anything is actually established. And I can't be bothered to go looking because don't wanna, though it could possibly give me a "BUT IT GOES AGAINST CANON" excuse, because of course AU fic is entirely out of the question. Of course. uurgh.
Entirely too early morning followed by car ride followed by being very hungry followed by excellent lunch, much fun, and a million new DVDs.

Ssssort of.

My family used to go to New Hampshire for a few days every October, so mostly we just revisited a few places. I actually don't think we went anywhere new. The Mexican restaurant was a place we'd eaten, we've logged hundreds of hours at the arcade that was the reason my father wanted to do the trip at all, and the used stuff shops we raided were all familiar territory, as well.

I don't really know why my father suddenly decided he wanted to visit the arcade, but, you know, they have some really awesome games there, so who was I to say I did not want to go? We hit the used stuff shops first and they had half a million DVDs and about as many video games for pretty much every system ever (big increase from last time I was there). Didn't get any games, but I did pick up a bunch of DVDs, but more on that later.

The arcade was a blast. Mostly I wasted my tokens playing the racing games. I generally don't like racing games except when they're the arcade-type with the whole seat set-up. (I did go a round of air hockey against my father - I won - and also played a bunch of Skee Ball, but the huge racing games take like 3 tokens per game and I only had about 30 tokens.) They'd gotten rid of a skateboarding game they'd had, though they still had Hydro Thunder (YAY!), and they had a bunch of new car racing ones. One was called Drift and my mother talked me into playing a round of it, and it was actually a lot more fun than it looked.

But because my life is hilarious in strange ways, it was kind of weird. They used actual car models (instead of the typical "here is a car that bears striking resemblance to actual cars, but is also obviously not" thing you see). I was going to pick one car, but my mother really wanted me to go with the Mazda RX-8. I like those fine, so I went ahead and picked that one. I made it white, because I am lame and/or easily amused. After watching me once, Mom decided she wanted to play, too, so she jumped in. As a Ford GT (it was even blue). AND ALSO one of the cars the computer controlled was a yellow Camaro. With the black stripes, of course. So Alternators Jazz and Mirage and Movie Bumblebee all had a race. (JAZZ WON. Though one time Mirage tackled him out of the air and made him crash into a building, which wasn't very nice.)

ANYWAY THE DVD STORY NOW. My father, being my father, bought a used DVD, too. Girls Gone Wild. My mother made a joke about the case being sticky and, and I can't figure out if he was making an intentional joke here or if he was unaware, my father responded he could always take it into the bathroom to deal with it. dsbhfjglk my family why.

Also I got a bunch of used CDs and I hope they all work but they were only a dollar each so even if they don't it's not a big loss.

Anyway again, I was just taking the tape off the DVD cases, and one of the ones I purchased was a copy of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. They didn't have a widescreen edition of Return of the King and I was sad, but whatever, I got the first movie free (my mother bought it, then bought the huge long version and so gave me her first copy) and the second one for cheap, and I opened the case to check the backs for scratches and stuff and OH GOD THIRD DISC HIDING INSIDE fell out onto my computer and it was

a widescreen copy of Return of the King. Um? Woohoo!

I don't have a pretty case for it (or any case at all, really), though, which kind of annoys me. NO I AM NOT WHINING ABOUT A FREE DVD I just wish I had something to put it in.

ALSO BECAUSE I AM STILL LAME haha, new issue of Game Informer arrived and they had an article on FFXIV aaand the Miquo'te (the new Mithra) they chose as an example is pretty much Hisime's albino twin, which made me far more pleased than it had any right to. (OHMIGOSH LOOK IT'S HISI'S CHARACTER MODEL EEEE)

ANIKO I SUSPECT IF YOU SEE THIS YOU WILL FEEL COMPELLED TO SAY YOU ARE SORRY FOR HAVING AN INTEREST IN PLAYING YOUR OWN VIDEO GAME THAT YOU JUST BOUGHT. It is okay, you are allowed, I am not annoyed or angry or thinking you are full of failure, it was just a thought I included in there based on previous experience watching you play games so that if anyone was enjoying the random I AM PLAYING FFVIII FOR ANIKO commentary I kept throwing up they would know why it has suddenly disappeared again, if you do follow your usual habit.
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( Oct. 18th, 2009 08:50 pm)
Why, why, why is it that I can remember which monsters are weak to which elements and what magic you can draw from them and where all the hidden draw points on the map are and what spell they contain and which bosses have which GF and the Obel Lake miniquest and - but cannot remember actual relevant information for the life of me?

Man, if I could apply my brain where I actually needed it, algebra would've been the easiest class ever.

(Even when I could remember the formula, I couldn't remember how to fill in the blanks and actually apply it. In my defense, I had a really terrible algebra teacher in high school. But he is a story for HOPEFULLY NEVER because otherwise it would imply him to be worth the effort of retelling it. Or that it is a funny story. Sadly, neither is true.)

Other news: not going to force self to rewrite sentences anymore. Language center's muddled again. Dropping pronouns (more than usual), replying to people in foreign languages. Thinking in foreign languages. Not fluent in any of them, makes it even more interesting. Lots of German this time around. Bit odd. (Better or worse than Al Bhed?)

Have a(n awesome) hat. Scarf (pretty blue, from Mexico), gloves (fingerless for typing and writing), jacket. Wool socks. Blanket. Weather below freezing. ...Weather responsible for language center shake up?

Aniko "napping" on couch. Six hours now? Suspect she's died. Keep considering waking her. Haven't yet.

Never mind, just woke up, haha.
Aniko has some Watchmen figures. They aren’t so great, in that they have no articulation and can't stand up. Sally, the original Silk Spectre, is by far the worst offender. Aniko moved her (and Nite Owl II) out into the living room. I don’t know (or at least I don’t remember) why Nite Owl II was moved (she has both Nite Owls, so I have to specify!), but Sally was relocated because she fails at remaining upright.

So instead of Aniko dealing with her falling over onto the desk or keyboard or something, now Silk Spectre routinely dives off one of the DVD shelves to the floor. It's actually really annoying, since she does it almost daily. You can't even walk through the room sometimes without sending her toppling. Sometimes we get sick of putting her back and just leave her where she's fallen for a while.

Anyway, I have a couple of the Final Fantasy trading arts figures, and they’ve always lived on the DVD shelves, though they were rearranged when the Watchmen figures moved in. Reno shares the same case as Nite Owl and Silk Spectre, and I guess he got as sick of her throwing herself around as the rest of us, because he's gone and done something about it.

Image! )

So, you know… I mean, it's working. She hasn't fallen over for over 36 hours, now! I guess all that was needed was the threat of violence. YOU WILL REMAIN STANDING OR I WILL MAIM YOU. (Look at her! She is terrified...) (Though, uh. You kind of fought crime for a while. Not that I'd want to take on Reno, either, mind you.)

Nite Owl is ready to pull her away if it gets out of hand, but he hasn't actually done anything yet, which leads me to the conclusion that he's seriously fed up with it, as well.

(This actually happened before we watched the movie last night, but I am only getting around to photographing and posting it now.)
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( Sep. 13th, 2009 12:06 am)
I’ve been playing Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Rather than post after a session, I collected everything from the first “section” of the game. (Since some sessions were literally only one battle long, it seemed silly. And after I’d gone through a bunch of characters without posting anything, I figured, what the heck? And just kept going.)



oh thank goodness it fits

In Psych class today, we watched clips from The Dark Knight on YouTube, and I still cannot actually watch the Joker because his mouth-tongue thing still squicks me the hell out for whatever reason, and I still do not understand why anyone would ever find him attractive (oh, yeah, Jecca, that's sure a surprise, coming from you), but he did make more... I hesitate to use the word SENSE, but I didn't sit there going, "OKAY, SO, AND...?" so, uh. Sense may be the word. I do not think it is, though.

ANYWAY. SO. Final Fantasy XII. I started playing this ages ago and got frustrated because it was too much like FFXI without actually being FFXI, which left me in situations that went like this: "WHY ISN’T THE WHITE MAGE CURING ME. CRAP, NOW I’M DEAD. OH, WAIT, RIGHT, I’M THE WHITE MAGE.”

But I’ve been wanting to play a console game for a while, and my plans for another from the Silent Hill series were cancelled when even thinking about it turned me into a jumpy, paranoid wreck. So I’ve gone back to FFXII. Rather, I’m going to as soon as I find it. My brother says he doesn’t have it with him at school, and I know I let him borrow it, which means it is in his room. I’d go get it right now! But the entrance to the attic is through my father’s room, and my father is asleep. Also, it’s unthinkably cold up there, and it may warm up slightly above freezing during the day, so. Tomorrow.

The other motivation here is that I lost all of my notes about what the heck was going on when my Dell committed suicide, so I want to get back to it before I forget everything. (And to think, I’d originally had them all hand written and typed them up because I thought it would be better and I’d be less likely to lose or misplace them. aegwhrkjgthl)

So this is going to jump in some part of the way through the game, but for now I’m just going to put what I can recall as having been in the pages and pages of LOST DOCUMENTS mostly to jog my own memory as much as is possible.


I’ll try to remember to dig it out tomorrow, but I’ll actually fire it up and play sometime later. Maybe after I get BLM to 40. (37 now, and I have to say, of all the jobs I thought I’d get to level 37 or beyond? Black Mage was never even in the running, and now it’s the third one. Pretty weird.) I totally thought we were going to level tonight, but my brother didn’t feel like it. DUDE, YOU’RE THE ONE WHO’S BEEN TELLING ME TO NOT BOTHER WITH THE SLEEPING SO I COULD GET TO 40 FASTER. (Not really, but he did start every conversation with it for a while.) I expect I will be 40 before the week is out. Hopefully we’ll get at least two levels tomorrow.

Of course, my brother’s at his … co-op whatever thing all afternoon, so there’s always down time midday when I could pop it in. I wonder which memory card my file is on. Hmmm.