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([personal profile] wyntir_knight Sep. 19th, 2017 12:33 pm)
I am so loving the scenes that I've already written for the human/formers/MCU fic. I really, really need to get over myself and try to complete this.  Of course, they say that a change is better than a rest, so maybe the Fallout 4 walkthrough might be the better option. It might help me clear my head and get back to The Polyhex Candidate. I have so few chapters left on that and I just can't make myself write it.

Of course, I can't get the tf/mcu idea out of my head, so there's that to consider too. I've been trying to write this thing for a couple of years now and haven't really gotten anywhere with it save for a few scenes here and there that I might be able to weave into a story.

Nope, no clue. I guess I will surprise myself on November first.
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I wanted to take advantage of my sick day to actually make a post here about... idk, what I've been up to? Thoughts about FFXV? (I have not yet talked to the secretary yet, so shit has yet to hit the fan. PLEASE DO NOT SPOIL ME FOR THE LAST BATTLE.) My weird, unexpected ship of the game? The fact that I am sick for the second time in two months?

But I am sick so you just get a vague jumble of nonsense. But, uh, I am alive. When was the last time I posted here? Geez.
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Went quiet for a couple of weeks on here! I still have the insatiable need to talk non-stop on the Internet; it's just that lately I've been doing a lot of my talking in, er, Linkin Park fan communities. I'll get back to normal around here eventually. (Danganronpa V3 is out at last in a couple of weeks, so I probably won't be able to shut up about that. Brace yourself.)

I've been playing Telltale's Walking Dead game, and it is EXTREMELY STRESSFUL. The zombies aren't scary; the fact that you're constantly having high-pressure conversations and having to make quick decisions about what to say is terrifying. I'm glad Life Is Strange was the first game in this vein I played; your time-travel powers mean you have as much time as you like to make decisions, so it eases you into the choice-based episodic genre gently.

Clementine is very sweet. I'm not sure yet whether she feels like a fleshed-out character to me. She's shy and quiet, which I suppose naturally means it'll take a while for me to feel that I know her. (I'm most of the way through Episode Two.)

One moment that did strike me, with regard to Clementine's characterisation: I told a guy that I was a neighbour looking after her, because it sounded better than 'I'm just some dude who escaped being sent to prison and stumbled across this kid,' and he asked Clementine whether she knew me, and she said yes! Only eight years old and already lying to protect me. I'm so proud.

I really like the way she's latched on to Lee, and she'll look to him for permission if anyone else offers her something. I was so pleased when he hugged her in Episode Two, after the traumatic meat locker incident. It's possible there were hugs before that, but I don't recall any. MORE HUGS.

Episode Two also let me down horrendously, though, because there's a point where you're in a barn with a cow.

Clementine: Do you want to pet the cow with me?
Lee: Nah, but you go on ahead.






Apparently James Roberts once intimated that the holoavatars in IDW represented the Cybtertonians chosen gender. This meant that Cyclonus is female, as are Bumblebee, Sunstreaker, and Bluestreak. Of course, I can no longer find this tweet or the Tumblr post where I originally saw it, but it got me to thinking. What if the only reason why Cybertronians have been consistently referred to as “he” is because of a limitation of language (after all, people in the West tend to fight back against gender neutral third person singular pronouns) and the fact that male is the cultural default. We see this when Caminus is introduced and the Caminans (Caminusans? Camis?) refer to everyone as “she” because that is their default gender. Now I will admit, I don’t like the Left Hand of Darkness thing that IDW then went on to do - the literal Men are from Cybertron and Women are from Caminus explanation, but we’re talking about my personal headcanon here and, thus, I will ignore what I damned well feel like ignoring!


Below the cut because wow this got long! )


Hopefully I will be able to get all of this across well and without offense. Please feel free to comment. Especially if you are not cisgender, because I can only imagine your point of view of this and I want something less offensive than is often seen (and yes, I am looking in the direction of Furman). Also if anyone has any thoughts on gender and holoavatars that's be great. So far my plan is to go with what has been presented in IDW, but I'm making it up for those who haven't been shown yet. So far I am focusing on the Combaticons and making Onslaught and Vortex female and Blast Off, Swindle, and Brawl male.