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(probably not actually) In Conclusion

Some further thoughts on FFXV. A bit disjointed because I don't have a narrative to keep me on track, but I really loved this game. (I STILL HAVEN'T GONE LOOKING FOR SOME DAMN ICONS, SHIT)

This damn game drove a semi right through my heart, but I am recovering.


Assuming it was someone who knew better and not just Prompto grabbing a bit of debris as a temporary prop, I actively resent whoever gave Ignis that short, stupid stick to "help" him get around. Surely they could have found ANYTHING better, at least something that didn't leave him hunched over?! No wonder he was falling all over the place, ugh, grrr.

That said, I am very proud of Ignis for relearning how to do things and especially for teaching himself echolocation, because people being able to do that is the coolest thing and of course he would. Had plenty of time to practice and nothing but a shitty stick, otherwise, but it wouldn't have surprised me entirely if they'd just gone LOOK HE'S BLIND, NOW HE'S HELPLESS FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE, RIP, because, you know, society.

And speaking vaguely of the time skips...

I really think they missed the boat there.

First with the gap between chapters 9 and 10, because even the news didn't seem to have caught that one, still talking about Leviathan and Luna as if it hadn't been at least almost a month ago at that point. How did they even get on a train, and where? There's no way they've been on it the entire time, trains move fast, so where were they? Maybe Noct was unconscious for weeks, I have no idea. I can roll with this time skip, I just feel like they missed some good character opportunities, and it might've made Gladio's raging at Noct for being mopey a little less out of nowhere and uncalled for and, as far as the player is concerned, NOT immediately after the disaster that was Altissia (unless they meant it to upset the player, in which case well played).

(I got over ​being yelled at, but he should not have shoved Prompto like he did. Leave him aloooone ;o;)

I don't think Gladio knew that even just putting on the ring would be painful, I'm not sure he'd have been so anxious for Noct to use it if he had?

Or maybe he knew and just wanted shit to be over with because I know that's where I ended up and that's definitely where Noct ended up, too, ugh, my poor child.

When they drifted apart over the ten year gap, I'm pretty sure Gladio was the first one to go. Also I think Ignis and Prompto stuck together, or at least stayed around each other/in contact, more.

Ugh, that gap. Like. I get it. The player character is sleeping in the Crystal, gathering the power and putting it into the ring or whatever even was happening there. Intense incubation. But what happened outside??? It will haunt me. Maybe they'll do a DLC for it that I will never play because heartbreak. It was bad enough walking through Galdin and seeing the clothes on the ground.

(I am deeply sad that this game spent half an eternity in development and had so much content cut from it.)

Was Ardyn (*hissss*) supposed to do what Noct did and just... decided to try to find his own route and both totally screwed and got totally screwed up in the process? Or did they pick him intending that he absorb all that scourge, so that he could be killed way later? Because, gotta say, that second one seems like a bad game plan. There's a lot of lore and backstory that I think I either must've missed or that just... got left out.

Poor Regis, no wonder he did everything he could to make sure Noct had a normal life, if he knew what was going to happen.

(I am still and will always be so sad that they finally get Noct back only for him to tell them that he's going to leave them again immediately, that scene in the credits just actually fucking killed me.)

I decided Monday while I was in the middle of an emotional crisis (very possibly exacerbated by my being very sick) that I wanted the whole party to have gone out at the end, but I'm feeling better on all counts now, and the idea of the remaining three helping to rebuild the world and then everybody meets up again in the afterlife later is appealing. (You can't convince me they don't all meet up in the afterlife. Sorry. They definitely do.) Chapter 15 takes place then. If I ever load it, it will be a while from now, so you can't prove me wrong right now by saying you load into the apocalypse landscape, I simply won't believe you. That or it's just deadNoct dreaming/remembering while he and Luna wait for everyone. (Either way, he's very tired, so let him rest for now).

.... (....Where does it put you, though? I honestly have no idea how it works, see "If I ever load it, it will be a while from now." Do you have to pick a chapter to return to? Because that's gonna frustrate me, since 8 with it's short days is the only one with the whole map open.)

There's only a few things I really regret. Not getting Gladio's Survival to rank 10 is probably the biggest, which is maybe weird. I never got around to chocobo racing, but I usually don't enjoy that. Still, I feel I should've. And I took chapter 14 fast, because I was worried I'd lose my resolve, so even though there wasn't much exploring to do, I probably missed stuff.

I could've gone fishing more, and there are a few quests I never finished because they all required me to go to Altissia, and - I think the only way back after you got there was through Umbra in Chapter 10+? Maybe I could've gone back and forth on the boat. I didn't think to check because at that point I still thought there'd be a chance to go around the open world before the end of the game. THEN I BEAT CHAPTER 9 AND REALISED IT WAS A TRAGEDY, WHOOPS. :') (Though I was in denial over that for a while still.)

I do not understand at all how Shiva's corpse could be causing ridiculous cold and snow when Shiva wasn't actually dead. Gentiana, explain yourself.


PROBABLY MORE LATER but now it's freaking late. (I accidentally took a nap from like 6:30-11:30 when my brother showed up with vegan pizza [?!] and then we got talking and now aaaugh.)

... I bet the fanfic community for this game is amazing, but I'm a little worried that if I go poking in that corner I won't be able to find my way back out for a while.

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