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TFW you accidentally inspire intense anxiety in yourself

... over fictional characters.

I got curious how many chapters are in FFXV (fifteen seemed like a safe guess because lolsqueenix but I wanted to know for sure) so I asked Google, you'd think I'd know better.

The first result told me that there are indeed fifteen chapters and the second result was titled "The Ten Stages of Coping with FFXV's Chapter Thirteen" and I determined I was going to think nothing of it, which worked for about .6 seconds, at which point I became convinced everyone dies or something else awful, I don't even know, it was very stressful.

I have since been reassured that it's gameplay mechanics-induced trauma rather than emotional that I need to worry about, so at least I'm not now going I MUST NEVER PROGRESS. Honestly, I am hoping to beat it before the end of this month, since I got a lot coming up in June. Pretty sure that'll be doable, I've been making pretty good time, I think? IDK. Whatever.

Anyway, THAT all got me thinking how very badly I want a good ending, not just of the story but for the characters, too? And then, how many of the previous games actually got a Good Ending? SO I MADE A LIST:

FF[I] - idk, I haven't played it. I'd guess probably?
FFII - idk, I haven't played it
FFIII - idk, I haven't played it
FFIV - haven't finished, I know some people die?
[FFIV The After Years - idk anything man]
FFV - idk, I haven't played it
FFVI - I mean Shadow kills himself and the world is a fucking mess but it's optimistic, at least. And everyone else seemed okay?
FFVII - Aerith is dead, Cloud is still a wreck (just now he knows it), and the world almost got killed by Meteor (plus at the time a lot of folk felt the ending was super ambiguous), but Advent Children wrapped things up nicely enough imo?
FFVIII - WEIRDLY NOT TERRIBLE AT ALL FOR ANYONE (except Ultimecia, I guess, but she was crazy enough that ending her​ kind of felt like a mercy) ENDING?? (unless you're part of the Squall-is-dead crew, in which case get out)
FFIX - The best characters die, Freya's bf is amnesiac, and Dagger is Unhappy Queen until Zidane turns back up. Optimistic, but also kinda bleak (which seems to be the theme of the whole game, actually?).
FFX - I fucking bawl every time don't even look at me
[FFX-2 - this game doesn't make much sense but I sleep better at night assuming the good ending is what happens, though I can see why people prefer the He Stays Gone one, too, I GUESS.]
FFXI - ... Actually, this one is fine. Wow. Like, awful shit happens, but somehow the ending is always OK. How did they pull this off?? Bless this game.
FFXII - look, I'll be honest, I don't really know what was even the point of this game, but Balthier and Fran steal their own ship back and no one died so it's fine.
FFXIII - this was a good ending for everyone, even though I'm sad about Fang and Vanille still, and also the two sequels are really just a story Dajh and Serah wrote together (because they missed all the action!) that got completely away from them.
[FFXIII-2 - this ending sucked >:( ]
[FFXIII-3 - idk I haven't beat it yet but it seems to involve everyone dying in preparation of the world ending which uh]
FFXIV 2.0 - still don't talk to me, but with way less screaming trauma. Eorzea's a shithole. Fuck. I'm still upset about [level 57 spoiler from almost two years ago]. And other things. But especially that one. And deep inside me is still a miqo'te who hasn't escaped Bahamut's fury from End of an Era. The opposite of XI.

Which leaves me with FFXV, about which I can only say, SQUEENIX, DO NOT BETRAY ME, I don't understand how much I love these idiots??????

Sadly, making this list has mostly only been a productive time-waster rather than anything helpful.


In conclusion: i'm watching you, square
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I'm hugely amused by this, because I did exactly the same thing. 'I really love these four boys! Clearly I must analyse the endings of all the Final Fantasy games I've played in a desperate effort to determine whether they're going to get a happy ending.'