okay I went back to FFXIV for a few days because NEW MSQ and, you know, the expansion is coming out mid-June, so I definitely need to hurry to finish the Heavensward storyline. ONLY GOT TWO AND A HALF MONTHS.

(It was good, even if it did smash Onion head-canon into tiny little pieces. NO ONE TOOK IT SERIOUSLY AND WHO COULD EVEN COMPLAIN cutscene it did call back to End of an Era maybe a little too much but whatever, most characters don't still have lingering trauma from that, sorry Rana.)

Back to this again now. Since this is so (comparatively) short, it doesn't get to be part two.


I've just been told that Chapter 3 is sort of the equivalent of XIII's chapter 11, so no wonder it's SIDEQUESTS FOR DAYS over here.