jecca_mehlota: (Leap!)
( Mar. 19th, 2017 07:30 pm)
Okay, y'all, it's like this: XIII-3 is apparently too stressful for me to play without a game buddy. I don't know WHY I am incapable of dealing with it solo, but I am, so until I can find someone to actually sit with or who wants to hang out in a voice chat with me, I'm just giving up on it. I LET YOU GO, GUILT.

What this is leading up to is that, you remember that PS4 I bought back in, you know, November? It's finally up and running, and I watched the Brotherhood shorts and Kingsglaive (I could not stop seeing MCU's Pepper Potts in place of Lunafreya oh my god what), and I've knocked the FFXV demo out of the way, gimme dat atomic squirrel.

Carbuncle was actually not atomic in the demo. Very cute, but not glowing. CONFLICTED FEELINGS.

Also I was super bad at it, the major downside of playing FFXIV on controller is that not every other game uses the same button map, NOCT WHY AREN'T YOU JUMPING I'M HITTING TRIANGLE FGSSDFJKFDSSSssss.... right, it's X.

So yeah, bro'd trip. Let's see how we fare.

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AAAAND that's a wrap on Chapter one (plus a little, really), so let's call it a night. My brother's asking me to run a dungeon in XIV, anyway.

BTW, I streamed today's play, who knows if I'll do it again, but, tada. It will mostly me walked around, getting lost, fighting badly, and listening to these idiots be stupid at each other. I did not save the first round. I am not sure I will save future ones! But if you are bored then maybe I will be playing something badly and you can watch.

(Oh man I can't wait for Uncharted and all the cliff-falling-offs.)

Also I apologize for any missing H's the key keeps sticking on my keyboard uuugh.