jecca_mehlota: (blah blah blah)
( Apr. 23rd, 2012 10:58 pm)
I am so. Tired. Work is actually killing me. Also I have joined the ranks of my coworkers in possession of a doctor's note limiting what work I can do, though mine at least has nothing to do with lifting. My back hurts so much. I am having muscle spasms near the middle. They have been going on for a little over six weeks. I mentioned them in an earlier entry. Basically: pain. Pain forever. I do not want to talk about work, though. It makes me angry. Also I am an emo twit who hates herself.

I did a bunch of other stuff in XIII-2 and had some final thoughts but oh my god I cannot be bothered to dig out the word document. Also, I no longer have it. I sent it on to its owner. It was a very sad day. Also game related, I got to play a little of the Diablo III open beta last night, and now I am sad the game is expensive, 'cause I actually had a lot of fun, and now I kinda miss running around smacking hellspawn to death.

So. They put the first season of Prime up on Netflix, so what the hell, I went and watched the whole thing, and then found season 2 on youtube, so I am actually all caught up! Actually, it was really exciting. We decided to spring for television (we have not had it, obviously), and the local provider has updated their stations listing since last I checked, which means we now get The Hub in Vermont, and also that I now get it in my bedroom. Haha! So Saturday, it was super exciting. First, I woke up and watched Korra! (... is anyone else watching that? I have not seen one single mention of it, though I admit I've been missing a lot lately on account of EXHAUSTED AND SORE. If you are not watching Avatar: Legend of Korra, YOU SHOULD BE, because it is amazing and wonderful and Korra, herself, is fantastic and oh my gosh) And then I tottered around a while and then I got to watch My Little Pony! And it ended up being two episodes, but that was okay because I didn't have to work until 2:30, so I have just enough time to make it in on time. AND THEN I got a ride home, so I got to watch TF: Prime! So it was a very exciting television day for me. Three shows! In one day! I cannot remember the last time I ever did that.

ANYWAY, the real point of this entry, BotCon is in like three days somehow (oh god, I still need to arrange transport from/back to the airport and find a place to stay Sunday night), so on Thursday I will get on a plane and fly down to Texas to be murdered by a tornado. (Actually, death by tornado is unlikely, if only because it might be somewhat of a blessing at this point.) I know most people I know are not going this year, so does anyone want me to look for anything for them? I'm not really shopping for myself this year, anyway.

Also, does anyone have an interest in any of the box set figures (aside from Soundwave, who's spoken for)?